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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

OPINIONS: The Illegal Immigration Crisis in America Today

This blog is not exclusively about illegal aliens. I like to write about technology, shopping, dogs, snus (what's snus?), God, Jesus, Citizen Journalism (what's that?), Gadgets, local to international politics and a host of other things!

But the Illegal Immigration issue is so important to America today that I'm keeping a running Index to key articles on Illegal Immigration on this Blog for your convenience. Some are informative, some are strident, some are detailed and logical, and some come close to hysteria. But it does make for interesting reading that really makes you think we want America to be in the 22nd Century.

THE ISSUE: The Illegal Immigration Crisis in America Today

First, read an INTRODUCTION To the Issue

Lets Start with Illegal Immigration............

Immigrant Hispanics and Compassionate Racism in America.

We Can't Afford your "Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses" Anymore!

Why Stop with just Drivers Licenses for Illegals, Hillary?

How to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for Dummies, 2007 Edition

KUDOS to ICE and Shame on the DFW-Area Police!

The Bi-Lingual Outrage and Joke of the Day.

The Bi-Lingual Outrage and Joke of the Day UPDATE.

Does Hillary Clinton Represent Americans or Illegal Aliens?

Hillary Endorsed by Former Mexican President Fox!

Three Benefits I'll Bet You Didn't Know ILLEGAL Aliens Receive.

It's Time to Meet the Challenge.

Is the AAA Auto Club now the MAIA Amoble' Club?

Best Buy: the First to Sell Out for Pesos.

A response to Camille on Why Illegal Immigration is a Hot Button Issue for "people like me".

ICE Tells Irving, Texas: STOP Detaining Illegal Aliens!

Mr. Unloadingzone Publicly Endorses "Citizens for Immigration Reform" (CFIR).

OH NO! Illegal Aliens Threaten to Stay in Mexico After the Holiday Break!

Senator John Cornyn Sells Out to Karl Rove on Illegal Immigration.

To Assimilate or Not to Assimilate: THAT is the Question.

The Selling Out of America by the Three Top Democrat Presidential Candidates.

The Dallas Morning News Declares "The Illegal Immigrant" is the 2007 Texan of the Year!

What if 20 Million Illegals Suddenly Vacated America?

Why are people scared to speak out again asylum?

Backroom Negotiations Forcing Immigration Reform 'Lite'.

Illegal Alien Crisis Fueled By Mexican Arrogance.

Obama, Drivers Licenses for Illegals..But WHY?

First TX Legislatures Committee Hearings on Illegal Aliens at UT Dallas

Rep. Tancredo sets Mexican President Calderon Straight!

Should it take over 12 Years to get a Green Card?

Voters Ask: Why are American Voting Ballots Bi-lingual?

Dallas Immigration Officials Cracking Down on those who ignore Deportation Orders.

The Big Media Propaganda Machine Goes on the Attack against Anti-Illegal immigration Groups.

Income Gap Growing it Texas, Group Says; Illegal Aliens and a Spineless Government the Cause, I Say!

ICE is trying but fighting a Losing Battle

How to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for Dummies, 2008 Edition; Part 1 of 2

An email from a snus fan....on Illegal Immigration First-Hand.

How to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for Dummies, 2008 Edition; Part 2 of 2 (Coming Soon!)

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Anonymous said...

You nailed it! Those illegal bastards have no place in America. Let them apply and get in legally!

Camille... said...

Can I ask why this is such a hot button issue for you (and the previous comment)? It always interests me to hear what other people have to say on this matter. Why and how does it affect YOU?

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Happy to answer for myself; can't answer for Anonymous.

It affects me in a great many ways. From the 1 foot level, I'm locked out of many jobs here in Texas because they require bi-lingual ability. As we go up a few levels, it affects me as a tax-payer. My school taxes go up every year because the Supreme Court ruled in 1977 that a Texas law prohibiting the public-paid education of illegal aliens was unconstitutional. It affects my car insurance rates every year since illegal aliens don't have drivers licenses OR insurance so the other driver's insurance company has to absorb the loss. It affects me as large groups of illegal aliens move closer to my development, bringing the Hispanic gang problem and crime with them. It affects the cost of my health insurance since illegal aliens, especially the pregnant ones hoping to have border babies, clog our hospitals in Dallas at a cost of over $300MM a year...because, of course, illegal aliens don't have health insurance. It affects me because illegals don't pay taxes, don't invest in America: they wire billions of $$ "home" every year. It affects millions of lower income American citizens who can't get jobs or are forced to use government taxpayer subsidies to survive because illegals used to making a dollar a day in Mexico are overjoyed to work for below the minimum wage.

It affects me because the American Dream has always been build a life better than the one you have so that your children will be better off. I applaud the legal immigrants from India, Japan, China,Pakistan, the Philippines, and a host of other countries who come here, work incredibly hard, instill respect for learning and the American Dream in their children...Immigrants who WANT to be Americans and live the American Dream. This is the new blood which will continue to make America strong and revitalized going into the future. It's the melting pot theory.

I decry illegal migrants who have no desire to be Americans, learn the language, and become part of the American culture. Instead, they balkanize America, carry Mexican Flags in parades, and have no aspiration higher that to take as much as they can from America and then return "home". The locust comes to mind.

I decry illegal migrants or immigrants because their very presence here is a violation of our laws and they don't care. It's all about "them" and what "they" want. To hell with our laws; immigration, work-related, driving,'s all about them, and unfortunately, we as a nation enabled them. It started with Ronald Reagan's amnesty program back in 1986 to bi-lingual phone prompts, documents, even voting ballots! Aside from the billions of dollars it costs to duplicate everything into Spanish, why are voting ballots bi-lingual? Only citizens are allowed to vote and to be a citizen, you must be proficient in English.

It also begs the obvious question: why bi-lingual English/Spanish? What about all the other languages spoken in this country? Are we saying Hispanics aren't bright enough to learn English so the entire country has to make special accommodations for them? How condescending of us or are the Hispanics Mexico is exporting here just not bright enough, are too lazy, or just don't care enough to learn English?

I decry the fact that the corrupt and very wealthy Mexican government, instead of taking care of it's own sub-class, is actively exporting it to America. The Mexican government gives out hand-books on the best way to sneak across the border. Their Consulates warn illegal aliens to stay away from certain towns like Irving TX, where Section 287g of the Immigration and Nationality Act is practiced and illegals are arrested and turned over to ICE because they are here illegally.

We have immigration laws for a reason. There are only so many people of any nationality we can absorb at any given time without losing our AMERICAN identity. I have no respect, no pity, and advocate no mercy for those who do not respect our laws.

And finally, Camille, I would ask you, what part of the word "illegal" don't you understand. It always interests me how people can skim over that word in this discussion. These people are in this country ILLEGALLY. They should have no rights, no recourse, and should be deported as soon as they are identified. No trial, no order to appear, just drive them to the airport, put them on the next plane to Mexico City, and bill the Mexican government for the cost.

It galls me that the same Mexican government which is actively exporting it's criminal and poor to America instead of dealing with them in Mexico has some of the strictest immigration laws on the planet. I hope you don't aspire to be a Mexican citizen, because aside from having to be fluent in Spanish, there are so many hurdles you would never make it and NEVER be able to own land in Mexico.

How does it affect ME? How about looking beyond yourself and to your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. America has 12-15 million Illegal invaders (I won't call them insults legal immigrants like my grandparents)here today growing by 10,000 per day. According to the US Census bureau, Hispanics will make up the majority racial group by 2060. Do you want your descendants living in a nation of science and progress and innovation or in a nation of gardeners, and menial workers where we have two classes: the super-rich and the poor. We are on our way to becoming a second-world nation. If China can clean up it's manufacturing and copyrighting corruption, THEY will be the premier superpower of the 22nd century. All the brightest and best will move to Asia and we will be irrelevant save our nuclear weapons.

And it makes me sad to see the great American experiment of a capitalist representative republic go down the toilet before my eyes. I'll be dead by 2060 so I won't see the demographic hand-off. I just hope the Hispanics are as accommodating to us as we were to them. I hope they are still allowed to speak speak English and say the Pledge of English.

Camille, I hope you come back and read this. I'd be interested in YOUR thoughts on the matter.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Wow, that was a long response. I think I'll turn it into a post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Camille, come out from behind your gated, security guarded community and see the real world!

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"