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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Senator John Cornyn Sells Out to Karl Rove on Immigration Reform

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) created a furor in Washington a few weeks ago by (gasp) refusing to meet with two protesting students because they were illegal aliens! Of course, he didn't do the next logical and correct thing by having the two students arrested and deported, but by Washington standards, he was heroic.

All that went down the toilet during the East Texas Immigration Summit in Tyler, Texas, sponsored by the Texas Employers for Immigration Reform. Also in attendance, Representative Ralph Hall (R-TX) who has proven himself to be a public servant, and Karl Rove, Bush confidant and friend, and the brains behind George W. Bushes two successful election campaigns. It was at this serious venue that Senator Cornyn completely caved and aligned himself with the "it's too big a problem to solve" crowd.

He advised State Government officials to basically stay out of the Federal Government's territory. He explained that passing tougher immigration laws which were focused only on the enforcement of our immigration laws would have, if you can believe this, a negative impact on the economy.

He was obviously taking his talking points from Carl Rove, an evil Republicans and Democrats alike thought was dead and buried, who told the Houston Chronicle "one out of 20 workers in America is here illegally....if you think we can take 5 percent of our workforce and throw them out, your kidding yourself. We would suffer serious economic damage. There is a moral cost. There's a practical cost.

I hardly no where to begin in refuting Mr. Rove. Yes, there is a moral cost, but its to the American Citizen and the LEGAL immigrants who work hard and play by the rules, only to be dismissed by the likes of Mr. Rove and Mr. Cornyn. Let me make this perfectly clear: we have NO obligation, moral or otherwise, to ANYONE who enters this country illegally and breaks our laws.....EXCEPT to immediately deport them........PERIOD.

As to the practical cost, Mr. Rove: you sound like a zero-sum Democrat. First of all, we do have a 5% unemployment rate in this country and that number only reflects those looking for work, not those who have given up. And no one said we should stop LEGAL immigration. We may very well have to raise the quotas to replace illegals. But we should raise the quotas intelligently. Do away with the 1960's quota guidelines that give preference to illiterate third worlders. Lets encourage the BEST and the BRIGHTEST from ALL nations to come and participate in the American Dream. Look to Poland and the former East Bloc countries, Asia, and anywhere/anyone else who WANTS to be an AMERICAN; not just live in America for a time while sending their non-taxed illegal wages back to their home countries to build a better permanent life for themselves and their families THERE.

What is the practical cost in terms of crime by illegal aliens in this nation? What is the practical cost to both public and private institutions of converting every single document, sign, automated phone director, and website into English/Spanish? Why are we doing this in the first place: we've never done it for any other immigrant group in our history?

What is the practical cost of providing free, and in many cases bi-lingual K through 12 education to illegal alien children whose parents do not pay taxes?

What is the practical cost of effectively supplying free universal health care to illegal aliens, courtesy of the American Taxpayer? What is the practical cost of offering the lower in-state tuition rates to illegal alien college and university students? What is the practical cost to homeowners in terms of lower home value in areas taken over by illegal aliens? What is the practical cost of illegal aliens wiring $60 billion dollars of non-taxed money back to their home countries each year?

What is the practical cost of restoring the "pristine" ecological systems in our desert region polluted by tons upon tons upon tons of leave-behinds by illegal aliens taking the desert route across the border? We've kept the "pristine" wilderness of the oil-producing areas of Alaska clean at the cost of denying ourselves billions of barrels of oil. Cleaning up our southern border wilderness and then keeping it "pristine"will cost billions of dollars. Don't the citizens of those states deserve the same consideration the Caribou got in Alaska?

I could keep going, but I think I've made my point. Mr. Rove, your contention that the American economy is static is a fallacy. Your failure to look at the other side of the economic equation shows the weakness of your argument. Admit it, Mr. Rove, this isn't about economics as much as it's about politics. About not offending the growing Hispanic voting block. Give up trying to take over America, and lets build a BETTER America. We don't have to settle for what we have now.

And John Cornyn, our short-lived Semi-Hero? He summed it up with a page right out of the political double-speak handbook (the version edited by Hillary Clinton) when he called for a "cooling down" of the rhetoric in regards to illegal immigration. He claimed that the only way to solve the problems of illegal aliens is through a "consensus" of people coming together in Washington and by "reasoning".

There's no other way to say it: what a load of crap! What Senator Cornyn is saying is we should talk the problem to death and DO nothing. Well Senator, if you've looked at the polls recently, you'll see you don't need your "consensus": a MAJORITY of the American people want ENFORCEMENT to be our TOP priority. They want the illegal aliens GONE!

Why are State and Local Governments; why are the American People, taking this matter into their own hands? Because they're TIRED of the Federal approach of talking the problem to death. They want ACTION. And if the Federal Government is too cowardly or self-interested to actually do something, then from the ground up, we will do your job for you. Just come up with the money and then you can go back to "reasoning".

And Senator Cornyn, on a personal note, you just make me sick. I'm a Texan and I can assure you that ANYONE who runs against you in your next election will have my vote and support. You have lost your spine, sir, and are simply a career politician trying to stay on the public dole. You have my disdain.

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