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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Twenty-one years ago, Ronald Reagan made what I consider one of the few, yet most long-lasting mistakes of his Presidency.

There were a million or so illegal aliens living in the US, many working in the farming industry. People needed food, it didn't seem to be THAT many illegals in the scheme of things, and they really weren't that visible, so he decided to take the issue off the table and issue an amnesty.

Today, Homeland Security STILL is processing the backlog of background checks and applications from 1986.

Today, there are an estimated 12-17 million illegal aliens living in the US, increasing by 10,000 per day. While illegal aliens come from many nations, by far the largest and most prolific are the Mexican illegal aliens.

And this rise in illegal migrants has come at a price: Billions upon billions of US Tax Payer dollars to provide free medical care, social safety nets, free K through 12
education and in many states, lower in-state tuition rates at our colleges and universities, and government-mandated bi-lingual education programs, which hurt both Spanish and English speaking students alike.

Car insurance rates have gone up, especially in areas with high concentrations of illegals to cover the uninsured (and without a drivers license) illegal aliens involved in traffic accidents with law-abiding, insurance carrying drivers.

Add to that the cost of converting every automated phone director; every government form (including voting ballots?) and in-store retail signage into English/Spanish.

Our government has made a mockery of our laws by ignoring the existing immigration laws on books, insulted the legal immigrants who went/are going through the legal process of becoming an American, and instead is doing everything possible to enable, embrace, and encourage foreign individuals to openly break our laws and come on in!

This is not about racism. This is about the ridiculous spectacle of Martha Stewart going to jail over a stock tip juxtaposed to millions of illegal aliens not paying taxes, driving without licenses, driving without insurance, illegally being in the country in the first place, and instead of investing in America, wiring $60 Billion/year back to Mexico.

It's about 15 million people who see themselves as Mexicans working in the US as opposed to legal immigrants who WANT to be Americans and part of the American Dream.

It's about the Melting Pot Theory, the cornerstone of our immigration policy for hundreds of years being replaced by balkanization and segregation. There are only a certain number of immigrants we can absorb every year and assimilate into the uniquely American culture.

Today, those numbers are thrown out the window as 10,000+ new illegal immigrants arrive each day.

Today, instead of assimilating, these illegals and their legal and non-Hispanic supporters are marching through the streets carrying the Mexican flag and demanding their "rights".

It's not about racism: it's about saving the uniquely American Culture, a blend of many, many others; from extinction. This is also about our national sovereignty.

Mexico is a corrupt nation divided between the Super-Rich and the Desperately Poor. The Mexican Government has made a conscience decision to export the desperately poor and the criminals to the United States instead of making their lives better in Mexico.

The Mexican Government gives out booklets telling the best way to sneak across the border. The Mexican Consuls in the United States quickly and publicly warn illegal aliens which areas to stay away from (like Irving, Texas) and are at the forefront of the "illegal aliens rights" movement.

Former Mexican President Fox, on his 2007 book tour, accused America of "losing its immigrant soul", met publicly with illegal aliens (who were never arrested) and generally chastised America for not surrendering.

This issue has now risen to the top of the American people's radar. They're not accepting the inaction, equivocations, and evasions of their elected representatives, especially federal. And as they take action at the local level, they are tired of activist judges and non-supportive elected officials and bureaucrats who stand in their way.

This is not about racism: it's about a clear and present danger to American society and the America we have known for hundreds of years. It's about a massive influx of aliens we just don't have the infrastructure to absorb.

It's about America being assimilated instead of new immigrants being assimilated into America.

It's about a divided, balkenized, "diversified" collection of people instead of a nation united.

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