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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. Unloadingzone Endorses "Citizens for Immigration Reform"

Citizens for Immigration Reform is a Dallas, TX group founded in 2003 by 71 year old Jean Towell. It is dedicated, to quote Mrs. Towell, to "preserving American culture, fighting illegal immigration and changing birthright citizenship for 'anchor babies'", or as I call them, 'border babies'.

Mrs. Towell's group has been very active: they walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. There are very few groups that I will publicly endorse but Citizens for Immigration Reform is one I have no hesitation of endorsing. This is not the so-called "hate mongers" or "racists" group that the liberal media are so eager to spotlight....when they can find them. Even the liberal Dallas Morning News was forced to admit this in their story.

No, Mrs. Towell and her group share my belief that American culture is unique unto itself. That, through the melting pot, legal immigrants add new life and energy to America and that legal immigration is a positive thing. We also agree the melting pot falls apart when you add 15 to 17 million Illegal migrants, with over 10,000 a day still coming, into the picture. We are simply refusing to let the unique American culture be over-run and trampled into the ground by those illegally here who, quite to the contrary, see themselves as Mexicans living (and leeching) off America. They have no desire to become Americans and have no respect for our laws. Citizens for Immigration Reform (and myself) are not content to sit by and watch hundreds of years of American culture wiped clean.

Because of my support of this group, you will find below their latest newsletter. It contains links to fascinating stories, starting with Citizens for Immigration Reform's appearance on the front page of the Dallas Morning News yesterday. I encourage you to keep reading: you'll be glad you did. And once you're done reading, visit their site and support this very worthy organization.

Sincerely, Mr. Unloadingzone


Activists represent opposite sides of Irving immigration fight

Monday, November 26, 2007 - Stories by Dianne SolĂ­s / The Dallas Morning News

Rev. Pedro Portillo
Irving minister Pedro Portillo offers to bridge gap between police, immigrants
The Rev. Pedro Portillo moves around the altar and the pews like Dr. Phil. Organ riffs of Ave Maria reach the rafters. Then, the Salvadoran-born pastor plunges into the Ten Commandments. Fast forward a half-hour into the service and he adds this thou-shalt phrase: carry a passport, a driver's license, a Mexican identification card. The preaching is a little out of the ordinary, but Mr. Portillo, a former Catholic priest, said his experience as an advocate for the poor in El Salvador has prepared him well for his current mission in Irving.
The following article in the Dallas Morning News has been a boom to CFIR. Our website is experiencing more hits than ever, we have had several telephone calls and emails from people who are standing with us and some membership and donations. So far, we have received 1 hate mail so I would say that speaks well. The letters to the editors may not be as kind to us. So we will see.

On the whole, the article was as fair as could be expected. There were points that were left out that would have been more encompassing as to where we stand. Even so, the DMN has done us a great favor!
Dallas resident Jean Towell says illegal influx threatens 'American culture'
Jean Towell has rallied North Texans to cram phone lines at the U.S. Senate and fight "amnesty" for illegal immigrant college students. She's led others to do the same at Dallas City Hall, to oppose the opening of a proposed office of immigrant affairs. Her latest cause is supporting Irving police, who are assisting federal immigration agents in a crackdown against illegal immigrants. And she's behind a series of boisterous rallies in the suburb of 200,000, where one out of three persons was born outside the U.S. and where more than 50 languages are spoken
Islamic terrorists target Army base -- in Arizona
By Sara A. Carter
When Texas came close to giving driver's licenses to immigrants

By Steve Taylor
WESLACO, November 23 - Judging by the furor that erupted when New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced plans to allow undocumented immigrants in his state the opportunity to apply for a driver’s license, one might imagine the idea would never be popular in Texas.
November 22, 2007
Border Crossings
Western Union Empire Moves Migrant Cash Home
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 — To glimpse how migration is changing the world, consider Western Union, a fixture of American lore that went bankrupt selling telegrams at the dawn of the Internet age but now earns nearly $1 billion a year helping poor migrants across the globe send money home.

Migration is so central to Western Union that forecasts of border movements drive the company’s stock. Its researchers outpace the Census Bureau in tracking migrant locations. Long synonymous with Morse code, the company now advertises in Tagalog and Twi and runs promotions for holidays as obscure as Phagwa and Fiji Day. Its executives hail migrants as “heroes” and once tried to oust a congressman because of his push for tougher immigration laws.
Departments weigh agent training plan U.S. program teaches local officers to fight illegal immigration
12:00 AM CST on Sunday, November 25, 2007
SAN ANTONIO – As state and local governments across the country have taken the fight against illegal immigration into their own hands, a federal training program for local police agencies is growing in popularity.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Revives Controversial Border WebCam Program The Fox News, November 19, 2007,2933,312230,00.html Washington, DC -- A popular, but controversial Web site set up so anyone with Internet access can help keep watch over the porous U.S. southern border is scheduled to be back up and running early next year.
Giuliani says border fence is unnecessary
GOP hopeful tells Rio Grande Valley leaders virtual barrier can work
12:00 AM CST on Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Mexicans Stroll Unchecked Through Border Ports( - A video made by the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows a stream of Mexicans strolling across the border into the U.S. as federal Custom and Border Patrol agents sit staring at “information on computer screens.” And it may not be an isolated incident, a government investigator said...
Citizens for Immigration Reform - - 214-261-5373


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