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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dallas Morning News: The Propaganda Machine against Illegal Immigration goes on the Attack

The Story attached to this post I wrote on It's a News Story, not a blog piece, but the Dallas Morning News went too far this time. This is what I couldn't say on because it's MY feelings, not factual news.

In a front page, Metro section column, Steve Blow of the Dallas Morning News does a "sympathy story":Immigration hard-liner watches her issue fizzle". Of course, the Dallas Morning News also named "The Illegal Immigrant" as 2007 "Texan of the Year". Thus revealing the next agenda of the mainstream press: to marginalize Illegal Alien opponents.

Mark my words, around the country in the so-called mainstream media, those that oppose illegal immigration are the next targets. Should have saw it coming with the way they (didn't) cover Tancredo and Hunter.

They, the walking-in-lockstep Big Media propaganda machine will be marginalizing, ignoring and painting as quacks anyone who opposes their pro-illegal alien agenda. Just like this hit piece they did today on Citizens for Immigration Reform and Jean Towell in particular today.

Jean was the Dallas Morning News's favorite "go-to" when they needed a quote from people that believe in our immigration laws. Apparently, they don't need her anymore, as they made her look confused, disappointed.....a 70 year old Great-Grandmother who should just sit home.

I'm glad is out there. Citizen Journalism, not blogging, but putting eye-witness FACTUAL stories which contradict the "mainstream" media spin. The TRUTH from Citizen Journalists...everyday people who see and can write, show photos and videos of the REAL News.

Now I know why Citizen Journalism is so big in Europe and Asia. Their "news" is censored and scripted, and they know it.

But it's not the days of Walter Cronkite in America anymore. Big Media is Big Business and they have an agenda. People write off bloggers because we express our opinions...we're editorial writers, if you like.

Citizen Journalism sites like are News Sites....but the REAL NEWS from REAL PEOPLE around the world. I use Neaju because they are the only TRUE Citizen Journalism Site as the exercise NO Editorial Control. They fact check and ban pornography and advertising, but they physically can't edit one word of your article....and neither can you once you click submit! (I always do mine in Word first to spell-check)

The Dallas Morning News article said no one is interested in immigration anymore. I posted pictures of a packed room. FACT. NEWS. Where are YOUR pictures, Steve Blow? All I saw were weak arguments not backed by Neaju story has the FACTS. Not some weak quotes from a hack pollster. FACTS.

Citizen Journalism is going to become a lot more important and necessary going forward because as much fun, and sometimes accurate (I do like to express MY opinion here) as Blogging can be, in the United States, it will never be taken seriously against the New York Times.

Neaju is a CJ News Site: there are other CJ Sites, but only Neaju doesn't exercise ANY editorial control. So CNN putting up a CJ site is like......CNN. They'll edit it, censor it, or kill it. On Neaju, it's untouchable (unless I violate the few restrictions they have...). And even then, they can't edit it: they can delete it and me. That's it.

I'm going to keep blogging....I love it. But when I have first hand facts, or photos and video that shows Big Media for what it really is: a propaganda machine for their corporate masters, I'll put it on Neaju...and then DIGG it and blog it of course. I'm proud of my work and even if I write it on Neaju, it's going to end up on my blog.

CLICK read more below and you'll be taken to my article on (and please digg if you like it). There's also a link to the Dallas Morning News on the Part of a News Story Linkin my Neaju article, so you can compare.....and meet the enemy.

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