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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Dallas Morning News Picks "The Illegal Immigrant" as "Texan of the Year"!

At first I couldn't believe my eyes: the Dallas Morning News (DMN) had picked THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT as the 2007 TEXAN of the Year? How could this possibly be?

At a very basic level, you should have to be a TEXAN to be Texan of the Year. Illegal Aliens are not Texans....they infest Texas. They have no Texas State ID Card, no Texas Drivers License (unless forged or stolen). They are not even United States citizens! They are here ILLEGALLY. They are Mexicans from Mexico who invaded this country illegally. They are Mexican Citizens. Let them go back to Mexico and be Mexicans of the Year: they don't belong here and they certainly don't deserve to be honored.

Out of either shame or false humility, there is no by-line attached to this article. I have to assume it represents the views of the entire editorial board.

I've just re-read the article for the third time and I'm still aghast at some the statements made....especially the ones which are truthful.

"Antonio resented any suggestion that he should consider returning home or that illegal immigrants don't belong here. He seemed to regard his presence here as exercising a right."

That statement is right on target. Illegals DO feel it's their right to come to the US regardless of any of our laws to the contrary.

How about this one: "Marty owns a North Texas construction company. He has come to view American workers as undependable, lazy and arrogant, while he finds illegal immigrants motivated and reliable.

"I'd rather employ them than Americans," he confides. "In my line of work, I need the Mexicans, and I am for them being here. I need them because I can't find anybody else to do the work." "

Ah yes, the lazy, slothful, undependable, always high on drugs or alcohol, low skilled (yes, you can read that as primarily African American, especially in South Dallas) poor to lower middle class worker EXCUSE. Perhaps if poor black and white Americans were given the opportunity to learn a trade and get paid a FAIR wage for it, they'd be a more reliable workforce. As the DMN article correctly states, "There is no such thing as a job that natives won't do,"........."Instead, there are jobs that natives aren't willing to do at the going wage".

The article correctly describes illegal aliens as 3rd worlder's coming to a 1st world nation where working below minimum wage is in-fact a huge pay increase.....four times on average. I'll bet if you offered the before mentioned "lazy, slothful American Workers" the equivalent of four times the minimum wage, they would be outstanding workers!

Of course that's not going to happen and it's not economically practical for it to happen. But it does explain the situation better than the DMN article, which holds up illegals as almost saintly when it comes to a work ethic.

I can give you some real-world feedback, however. As a Management Consultant, I facilitated the opening of a new warehouse and facilitation center in South Dallas. I hired exclusively through reputable temp-to-perm agencies to ensure the proper criminal and immigration checks were performed.

Despite their screening, I caught an equal number of Blacks, Whites and Hispanics stealing, loafing, coming in late, and all the other HR issues you deal with when paying $8 an hour. In 6 months only 2 members of the original 20 brought on remained and we had an ongoing significant turning over of staff.

One real eye-opener for me was the tension between the Black and Latino workers. We were an employer of choice for Black workers, as they told me under their breath that at least we hired a decent amount of Blacks. One of our best workers left a higher paying position as a forklift operator because he felt so alienated among the Hispanics who rarely spoke English. And the Hispanic workers were constantly "turning in" black employees for everything from "suspicious activity" to leaving the toilet seat up. At times the tension was palatable. That does not speak well for how Blacks and Hispanics are meshing and opens a whole new can of issues.

When my work was done, we had a Hispanic female replace a White male as warehouse manager, a Black male replace a White male as Lead, and I had asked a total of about 50 people of all races and genders to leave. Performance and reliability was all that counted and it's easy to be color-blind about measurable like those. Bottom line: in the end it was a wash. No one racial or ethnic group stood out: only individuals. But one thing I knew for sure: everyone in that warehouse was in the United States legally.

Not to forget the Dallas Morning News, the article goes on and on (7 pages on my printer) pretending to present both sides of the issue; instead leaning heavily on all the "positive" aspects of illegal immigration. I can not list them here because I will become violently ill all over my keyboard. If you have the stomach for it, you can click on the title of this article and be taken to the Dallas Morning News "Texan of the Year" endorsement.....after you're done reading my comments, of course.

One GLARING omission fr0m the DMN endorsement is the negative aspect of illegal aliens. This my come as a shock to the DMN editorial staff, but not EVERY illegal alien that comes here is like our TV friend, Juan Valdez......gentle, caring, hard-working, stoic during 14 hour/7 day a week shifts. A LOT of criminals are among these "gentle migrants": drug dealers, murderers, gang members, and thugs.

In structuring their Texan of the Year article, the authors broke it down into sections: The Economy, Politics, Culture, Identity, and the Future. They seem to have left out CRIME.

The Mexican Mafia is taking over large areas of Southern California, the Southwest, and stretches all the way to the East Coast. They are violent, vicious, and kill with little provocation. Ironically, many of their targets are other illegal aliens since they don't use banks and are afraid to go to the police for fear of deportation.

Garland, Texas...once an upper middle-class desirable community is now falling into decline because as Hispanics moved into Garland, the gangs followed them and the existing residents no longer feel safe....and for good reason.

The DMN also states a few other "facts" such as "we just can't deport 12 million people".

WHY NOT? Once a Judge establishes that a person is here illegally, just put them on a plane or bus and send them back to Mexico (billing the Mexican Government, of course). No sitting in holding cells waiting for ICE to show up some day, no Order to Appear Warrants that just go in the trash (if we're lucky) when the illegal walks out of the Court House. Just send them back IMMEDIATELY. You'd be surprised how quickly we could deport 12 million people and the discouraging effect it would have on those waiting to come over.

If they're criminals, even violent ones, who cares? Put them on a plane for Mexico City and let Mexico deal with it. Sadly, we have enough of our own criminals to squeeze into overcrowded prisons without Mexico's help.

In the end, the article presents a very slanted "view from both sides", highly favoring the illegal aliens. There was one paragraph, though, that had a ring of truth. In discussing assimilation (or the lack thereof), the DMN makes the following statement:

"If critics are correct, we could be seeing the advent of the kind of fractiousness that bedevils public life in Canada and other nations where peoples who speak different languages, and come from different cultural backgrounds, live together only with mutual suspicion and unease."

Is that the America we want? What makes America different from those countries is that our culture has been built around the melting pot theory for hundreds of years. It has worked to form a unique American culture which is the envy of the world. Are we willing to risk balkanization and an end to America as we have known it over political correctness? I hope not.

Again, you can click on the title of this article and read for yourself the twisted logic, omissions, exaggerations, and outright....stretching of the truth to near breaking.

Sincerely, Mr. Unloadingzone

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Mr. UZ; that's crazy of the Dallas Morning News doing that. It's almost hysterical if it weren't so laughable! And these daily newspapers are screaming because they are losing readership and subscribers.... DMN, LA TIMES, New York Times and the Hearst publications like the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle San Antonio Express and so forth they have all taken a heavy hit in loss of readership and subscribers in this past ABC Audits, it ain’t surprising though they don’t and never represent their readers and the American people as a whole.

Good story!



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