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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I originally wrote this article in July of 2007. A lot has changed since then and a lot of information has become available that wasn't then.

Instead of just doing some editing on this piece, I've decided to write an entirely new and comprehensive version called:

How to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for Dummies, 2008 Edition.

When I've completed it, I'll turn the above title into a hyperlink which clicking on will take you to the new version. UPDATE: Actually the update turned out to be so comprehensive that I'm splitting into a Two Part Series. Here is the Link to Part 1. I'm still working on Part 2. (Aug 2008)

Until then, I ask for your patience and apologize for the delay. But the new 2008 Edition will be MUCH MORE comprehensive, much easier to implement, and much cheaper to implement. The USA will actually make a profit just by passing the necessary legislation. And that's the key to all this: new legislation at the Federal Level.

And as this Presidential Election cycle has shown, Washington politicians see illegal aliens as VOTES. And by 2060, the majority racial group in this country will be Hispanics.

So we MUST ACT QUICKLY.....Challenge the candidates running for the House and the Senate in Washington on their stance on illegal immigration. Don't let them talk out of both sides of their mouth: REALLY pin them down on the new laws and policies needed which will be outlined in the 2008 Edition.

Forget political party, forget liberal or conservative: MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR WHICHEVER CANDIDATE will have the backbone and the conviction to pass the new LAWS necessary to virtually eliminate Illegal Aliens from the United States.

BE VOCAL: there are many organizations and web sites dedicated to preventing the United States and the Unique American Culture from being turned into a bi-lingual, balkanized group of migrants. These are not racists or wackos (98% of them, at least)....THEY ARE PATRIOTS! THEY ARE AMERICANS! JOIN THEM! HELP THEM. Because if we fail, our children and grandchildren will live in a very different America than what we've known: and it will definitely NOT be a CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

This country was made great by a Controlled, Legal Immigration policy and the Melting Pot method of assimilating new immigrants into our culture....while their enthusiasm and DESIRE to BE Americans kept this country fresh and vibrant.

We must bring that back or by the 22nd century, we will be a second class nation that OTHER countries outsource their Call Centers to. We'll be a source of cheap labor with rusting nuclear weapons. There will be no Middle Class: the majority of 22nd century Americans will be Poor and the rest will be the Super-Rich. Nothing in between. It's happening already and we must act to stop it while there is still time.

So, until How to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for Dummies, 2008 Edition, is on line, start getting involved NOW. Then I'll tell you how we actually DO it!


Mr. Unloadingzone

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Lance said...

You let me know when you decide to run for President and I will back you 110%!!

My idea was actually to build a fence (40,000 volts). This would eliminate the need for border patrol agents and the bodies would only end up on Mexican soil.

As for the ones that are already here, why not issue a complimentary 24 hour notice to leave the country? After that, round em up and shoot on sight.

It's time we took back our country!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of uneducated REDNECKS you are. Do you NOT realize that you yourselves are IMMIGRANTS to America! Most Latin Americans are descendants of the natives which are PEOPLE OF THE LAND!!!

Maybe the US should put its billions to better use than to fund SHIT!!!

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"