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Sunday, August 10, 2008

How to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for Dummies: 2008 Edition; PART 1 of 2


In my Introduction piece on my whole illegal immigration topic, I talked about the strategic error Ronald Reagan made when he gave amnesty to the million or so illegal Mexican migrants in this country back in 1986. The consequences of that mistake are evident today as the illegal alien population is estimated to be at 12 to 17 million.

What I was NOT aware of in the first printing of How to Stop Illegal Immigration for Dummies was the bureaucratic nightmare of actually IMPLEMENTING Reagan's amnesty was then; and has geometrically grown since the creation of that monster of red tape, The Department of Homeland Security.

This is going to STUN you: TODAY, the summer of 2008, Homeland Security is STILL PROCESSING the illegals Mr. Reagan gave amnesty to in 1986....22 years ago! This information was courtesy of the Dallas Texas Regional Director of ICE, Nuria T. Prandes, at a presentation for Citizens for Immigration Reform (CFIR) I attended in March, 2008.

And in Washington, members of both Houses; of both Parties; and especially Barack Obama, but to an extent John McCain too (although he also wants "strong borders"), ALL are talking about some kind of "migrant worker" to flat-out citizenship for up to 17 million illegals (plus 10,000 new illegals crossing into the United States every day as of last year).

How many hundreds of years is THAT process going to take to complete? Most, and their children and grand-children, will have died of old age waiting to be "processed"!

Twenty-two years and Homeland Security has STILL processed less than a million illegals from the Reagan Amnesty. How much taxpayer money money has been spent SO FAR on this since 1986? How much will it cost to process another 12 to 17 to 20 million MORE illegals?


Texas and the United States as a whole was once known for having one of the finest public education systems in the world.

Up until 1977, Texas law held that the State and Taxpayers of Texas were NOT obligated to educate children living in the United States illegally. But in a landmark case, the then very liberal Supreme Court struck down that law. And ever since, we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, trying to comply with that ruling.

Educating children in the US illegally did not just mean building more schools or hiring more teachers. No, on a regular basis, activist judges would add MORE requirements: bi-lingual education, better bi-lingual education, more programs specifically for Hispanic children.

In July of 2008, the Associated Press reported that a federal judge on Friday gave the state of Texas until the end of January to come up with a plan to improve education programs for secondary school students with limited proficiency in English, criticizing the state education agency for "failing to ensure equal education opportunities in all schools."

U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice said the Texas Education Agency is violating the civil rights of Spanish-speaking students under the federal Equal Education Opportunity Act.

Furthermore, the state's monitoring of programs for students with limited English-language skills is "fatally flawed" because of unqualified monitors, under-counting of students with limited English proficiency and arbitrary standards, Justice said.

The 1981 Bilingual and Special Education Programs Act, a measure passed by the Legislature that staved off court action addressing discrimination in Texas schools, has not improved the schooling of secondary students with limited English proficiency, Justice ruled.

Today, approaching the 2008-2009 school year, Texas is ranked among the worst States in the nation on quality of education. The High School drop-out rate is higher than it's ever been and climbing.

English speaking children are becoming bored, confused, and not learning as accommodations must constantly be made at all grade levels to accommodate non-English or limited-speaking Hispanic illegals.

Texas no longer even "teaches" in the traditional sense. Teaching consists not only of knowledge, but how to critically think, how to creatively think and how take what knowledge they have learned and be able to not only apply it in the real world, but to advance it and keep America at the forefront of knowledge and technology.

Texas now teaches to the TAKS test. TAKS is a series of tests given at different grade levels to determine if a student has "learned" anything. The problem is, the students haven't been TAUGHT anything.

Texas schools now operate like Kaplan and similar institutions whose single goal is to prep you pass a particular test. It may be the SAT's, the LCAT, CNE, Series 6 or 7 insurance and securities licencing, real estate licenses or a host of other specialized certification, licensing, or admissions tests: they are, and it is their mission to, prepare the student to pass a single or series of TESTS.

They are not there to teach knowledge; it's understood you have that already. The role of these institutions is test preparation. Period. And there is a place for that and it's valuable to many people.

But the public school system is NOT one of them. Today's children struggle through classes slowed by non-English speaking students, to learn how to take TESTS. Then they are sent home with bulging backpacks full of the information they SHOULD be learning in school are are often up until 1 or 2am trying to cram it all in.

Parents, concerned over these late hours, are not just helping their children: many are splitting up the work and doing it FOR their children. Is this how children learn? No.

Are the parents partially to blame because in Texas, participating in extracurricular activities: especially sports and particularly football are so ingrained in the Texas culture that children get a late start on their homework as well? Yes.

But it is the overburdened Texas School Systems, catering to non-English speaking Hispanics, needing SOME way to measure a student's progress, that resulted in our TAKS-based education system.

The result? Children don't learn not only the information, but the critical thinking abilities necessary once they graduate. Hispanic drop-out rates continue to rise. Alarm bells are going off around the State: College and University Administrators report a marked increase in the number of students forced to take remedial courses because they are not prepared for college level courses.

Business leaders, especially in the high tech and skilled professions are warning that the graduates of today lack the knowledge and skills to keep Texas, not at the forefront of emerging technology and science as they once were, but even to compete and contribute in those industries.

HR Managers report receiving post-job interview thank you emails such as: "thnx 4 ur time2day."

In Texas and many other border states, the public education systems is falling apart because millions of n0n-English speaking Hispanic "students", being educated at tax-payer expense (of which their illegal alien parents don't pay). We've sunk to TAKS: to teaching to a test instead of knowledge, just so we could have SOME kind of yardstick to measure "progress" with.

And who suffers? The tax-payers with or without children whose school taxes keep increasing, the children who are ill-equipped to prosper or even function once they graduate, and America, because as we are dumbed down, we will lose our prosperity and intellectual value.

We will become a bi-lingual nation of low paying service industry jobs and the majority will have a lower standard of living than their parents enjoyed. That's why, using Texas as an example again, the recent report I did an article stating that the gap between rich and poor is growing: poor being defined as $16K per year and RICH being defined as $124K per year, is so disturbing.
In many parts of the country, especially the North East, upper middle class is more than 124K a year. And $16K a year? Don't you get more than that on welfare? They must be shocked with these numbers.

But Texas and the Southwest is just a harbinger of things to come as our increasingly balkanized, bi-lingual, diversity-centric, culture spreads north.

Florida is another example where, once known as the retirement state for senior citizens, young and seniors alike are fleeing as crime and quality of life deteriorates...especially if you are not bi-lingual.

Last year, more people LEFT California then moved there: the first time they ever experienced a net population loss. America is changing and not for the better. We ARE a nation of immigrants, but we ALSO have a unique culture. I was offended by a recent blog post I read from India where the author said America HAD no culture. But if things continue as they are going, we won't.

My friends up north are scornful of what I am saying: I MYSELF would have been 8 years ago before I was relocated to Texas. But as I said before, as a border state, we are the harbinger of things to come to all of America.

We see it happening already: in the recent Presidential Primaries, practically all the candidates from BOTH parties were tripping over each other trying to score points with the Hispanic community. You don't think this affects the disastrous legislation Washington is trying to push through? You don't think Obama and others advocating Driver's Licenses for illegals was so shocking that even liberal New York balked and Governor Spitzer AND Senator Clinton had a "sudden" change of heart?

America has immigration quotas for a reason. We as a nation simply can't physically assimilate and integrate that many people into our uniquely American society. Along the border states, and increasingly throughout America, WE are being assimilated into a foreign bi-lingual America that was never intended to be.

The Mexican illegal aliens, in an overwhelming majority of the cases, DON'T WANT to be assimilated via the melting pot theory we've lived by for hundreds of years. They DON'T even WANT to be AMERICANS. They see themselves as Mexican Citizens...migrants, not immigrants, working in (and leeching off of) America.

Working for cash below the minimum wage, they can make four times as much money working here as working in their home country of Mexico....the country they wire their money home to; the country they hope to be able to return to one day....or they will live here, refuse to assimilate, refuse to learn English, refuse to obey the laws, and effectively BRING MEXICO HERE!

During the Dallas Regional Director of ICE's presentation to CFIR, when asked questions on jurisdiction;, who does what, who is responsible for what, her honest answer was "I don't know".

It's not because she's incompetent: far from it. She and her associate, ICE Field Officer Tina Tucker, and the majority of their co-workers around the country are frustrated.

Frustrated by a huge hastily created bureaucracy called Homeland Security, where few know where their job stops and someone else's begins; few who can even figure out who is responsible for what; many illegals go free because the Agency at Step A does what they are supposed to do, the Agency at Step C is waiting to complete the process, but there was no mechanism to let the Agency at Step B to know it was their turn. And the illegals slip through the system.

Homeland Security is an unyielding beast of different departments and agencies thrust together with little planning or thought; all with their own opinion of where they should be in the pecking order; all with their own agendas. The Department of Homeland Security is it's own biggest problem.

Entering this country illegally has risks, but is relatively easy. Deporting an apprehended illegal alien, is another matter entirely. First you have to establish which country they are actually citizens of (of course they never lie). Then ICE has to go to the Consulate or Embassy of that country to get a VISA to let the illegal back into his/her home country.

Some countries are very cooperative: others are not. And ALL of them want proof that the illegal is actually a citizen of THEIR country. So THEY investigate, check records in the home country and IF they are satisfied, they will issue a Visa. This takes on average 26 days for non-criminal illegals. That's 26 days in jail at US Taxpayer expense, or much more likely, a release with an order to return for deportation. Almost none ever come back to be deported.

So with, as of the end of 2007, 10,000 new illegals entering this country every day, ICE is proud of the fact that they increased the number of criminal illegals they are holding holding an average of 600+ per MONTH. Believe me when I say there was stunned silence in the room of over 100 attendees.

So who do we have to blame?

The Department of Homeland Security?

Activist Judges?

American Politicians?

American Immigration Laws?

The Mexican Government?

Law-breaking Mexican Citizens?

The American Employer?

You and Me?

The answer, sadly, is YES to all the before mentioned.

Is integrating immigrants into our uniquely American society a good thing? ABSOLUTELY!

They bring new blood, new energy and new ideas, all of which flow into the Melting Pot that is supposed to be America, and they invigorate America.

They are what made us and has kept us a Superpower, not through nuclear weapons (which Americans originally from Germany invented), but by their enthusiasm! It motivates the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th generation Americans, who often take what this country offers for granted because it's all they've ever known, and lets us view America through new eyes and a new perspective.

How many of you parents have commented how you see the world differently looking at it through the eyes of your child? Controlled immigration by people not only wanting the American Dream, but to BE Americans is what has kept us from falling the way of the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese empires before us.

Is this the first time America has had to deal with immigrants NOT wanting to be Americans; NOT wanting to assimilate? No. It's gone on throughout our history.

Teddy Roosevelt, over a 40 year period, had a speech on immigration that he would give in various forms but true to a central theme. His speech from 1907 is in other articles I've written on this subject. But here is what proved to be his last speech on the subject, delivered for him in 1919 as he was too ill to travel and would soon die.

The Chicago Daily Tribune, p. 4, 7 January 1919

NEW YORK, Jan. 6. -- What was the last public statement by Col. Roosevelt was read last night at an "All-American concert" here under the auspices of the American Defense society, of which he was honorary president.

"I cannot be with you and so all I can do is to wish you Godspeed," it read. "There may be no sagging back in the fight for Americanism merely because the war is over. There are plenty of persons who have already made the assertion that they believe the American people have a short memory and that they intend to revive all the foreign associations which more directly interfere with the complete Americanization of our people. Our principle in this matter should be absolutely simple.

In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birthplace or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact and American and nothing but an American.

If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn't doing his part as an American.

We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile.

We have room for but one language here and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, and American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people."

Now that speech and similar ones Roosevelt made throughout his life is as true and topical today as it was then. He's talking about the danger of "diversity" resulting in the balkanization of America.

What's different today are the sheer numbers involved and the politics of embracing of illegal immigrants by Washington. This inspires a feeling of impotence in dealing with the problem and don't under-estimate the political aspect these huge numbers bring with them.

The US Census Department estimates by 2060, Hispanics will be the majority racial group in the United States. Washington translation: a huge voting block to be courted; not offended even today. Because while most politicians in Washington today will be dead by 2060, the Democrat and Republican parties will still exist. And both want the Hispanic and post-2060.

So we know where the blame lies. It lies with The Department of Homeland Security, Activist Judges, American Politicians, American Immigration Laws, The Mexican Government, The Illegal Alien, The American Employer, and lastly, with You and Me.

We know the motivation: greed. Cheap labor. From the factory owner to the home owner. Cheap labor. We Americans love a bargain, and in this case, in these numbers, we're selling the American soul to get it. And the people who are supposed to protect us: our elected leaders? Votes and campaign contributions from the people benefiting from the cheap labor.

And all America cries out "you just can't up and deport 12-17 million people! How would you do it? What would it cost? How long would it take?" And they're right: it's simply not practical, cost effective, or even really possible to do. Not with 10,000 more illegals coming here every day.

So what's the answer? We encourage them to leave on their own. We take away the things that brought them here in the first place: jobs, social services, education and birthright citizenship.

Will it Work? It already has: we have Proof of Concept of a Key Component: It's the Economy, stupid! (Bill Clinton's Campaign Strategy against George H.W. Bush)

On July 31st 2008, Dianne Solis and Stella M. Chavez of the Dallas Morning News published a front-page story entitled "Illegal migrants flocking home" in the printed version of the paper. The title on the web version was changed to "Illegal Immigrants returning home in large numbers". I guess they figured the more easily offended (who can read English) use the newspaper, not the Internet.

Every single American knows the country is in deep economic trouble. Every single American EXCEPT Washington politicians and the Federal Reserve know we are and have been in a recession: one that will get worse before it gets better. And it probably won't start getting better until the END of 2009. Illegal Aliens know that too because, like American citizens, the job market is suffering at all ends and prices of gas and food have gone up.

Especially in the case of illegal aliens, the near-collapse of the new housing and construction market has severely affected their ability to find work.

So it should be no surprise that the Dallas Morning News reported a mass exodus of over ONE MILLION illegal aliens headed back to Mexico last year!

Not surprisingly also, Mexico's Central Bank reported that "remittances", i.e. money illegally earned in America, not taxed US dollars wired back to Mexico by illegal aliens has "slowed" after many years of increase.

In the City of Dallas alone, over 500 Mexican Illegal Alien families went to the Mexican Consulate to the first half of 2008 to obtain documents necessary to enroll their children in Mexican schools. That's TWICE as many as ALL of 2007.

Quoting the Dallas Morning News Story, "The last time Mexico – the country that sends the U.S. the most legal and illegal immigrants – saw a repatriation of significant magnitude was in the 1950s.

This time, the drivers appear to be concerns about the job market and stepped-up enforcement of immigration laws, said Roberto Suro, a University of Southern California professor who formerly directed the Pew Hispanic Center in Washington.

"There is every reason to suspect there is some response to the enforcement efforts that have created an atmosphere of fear," he said, "but knowing what number to put on it is very, very difficult."

Continuing with the Dallas Morning News story "The Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank, did put a number on the migration: 1.3 million over the last year.

That estimate was based on data collected monthly by the Census Bureau on the number of foreign-born adults living in the U.S. The latest data was from May. And the estimates are based on the assumption that the "overwhelming majority" of the estimated 12 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally are Hispanics who are younger adults with relatively little education.

Other groups were quick to criticize that assumption, and the assertion that the population of illegal immigrants peaked last August as Congress debated legislation that would have provided legal status to those here illegally. Critics of the report also said that a lost job doesn't necessarily force a construction worker to leave the country."

I bolded the sections in the above paragraph for a reason. Americans have short memories in general and we don't teach history in the classroom anymore: just how to take the TAKS portion of the history test.

When Reagan enacted his unwise amnesty program in 1986, illegal immigration immediately started to rise. And every time Congress debates a bill which would give legal status to those currently here illegally, illegal immigration spikes.

Of Course it Does! The key to NOT obeying our immigration laws and gaining legal status anyway is that you have to be illegally IN the United States when/if the amnesty law is enacted!

The ones I feel sorry for are the immigrants who try to comply with our immigration laws. Who run through the maze of bureacracy for years and years......and WAIT in their home country until they FINALLY get approval.

How must THEY have felt in 1986 when "the heck with YOUR laws, we want instant gratification" Hispanic illegal aliens were suddenly granted amnesty? How would YOU feel? Betrayed? Unappreciated? In a word, SCREWED?

The next time Congress brought up an amnesty bill, how many of those applying legally and STILL waiting considered slipping over the border illegally on the chance the bill would pass? How many actually DID?

Repeat the cycle over and over. We have the Elected Federal Government giving false hope encouraging illegal immigration AND the Bureaucratic Federal Government taking years, if not Decades (as I wrote about on to process those trying to become American citizens for the right reasons!

And lets not forget the Mexican government that ENCOURAGES it's poor, unskilled, uneducated, and yes, criminals to illegally enter the United States in the first place! Because that's the Mexican government's "answer" to THEIR problem: sweep it under America's rug.

But Heaven Forbid you try to enter MEXICO illegally from their southern border! And Heaven is where you'll probably end up because they SHOOT people trying to enter Mexico illegally!

THINK ABOUT IT: Just being unable to find work and fear, of all things, the US Immigration Burocracy, CAUSED 1.3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS to leave ON THEIR OWN! How long would it have taken ICE to catch, process and deport 1.3 MILLION ILLEGALS? Fifty years? One hundred years?

ICE is. They have enacted (for non-criminal)illegal aliens, a 90 day period to "get their affairs in order" and LEAVE. It's not enough, but I applaud their trying to be proactive.


THE PROOF, sadly at the sake of our current economic nightmares, is the 1.3 Million who left.

If we push JUST A LITTLE HARDER, 1.3 million can turn into 10 million or 17 million: we don't even know anymore.

And it's not difficult OR inhumane: people talk about the "rights" of the illegal Hispanic Aliens. They HAVE no rights once they are on American soil illegally!

We as a nation, however DO have the Right to make and ENFORCE our own laws INCLUDING the ones on Immigration. The whole system for illegals and for those who wish to enter legally is broken. American voters have the RIGHT to demand Washington fix it.

ONLY after it's fixed. ONLY after the illegals are gone. ONLY THEN is it appropriate to look at the state of our country and, if it is in OUR best interests, to consider implementing a Legal Migrant Worker Program.....or not. But only AFTER the current mess is fixed.

First, we have to get the illegals out. Part Two will bullet-point what steps need to be taken.

GO TO PART TWO: The Action Plan! (coming soon)

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of uneducated REDNECKS you are. Do you NOT realize that you yourselves are IMMIGRANTS to America! Most Latin Americans are descendants of the natives which are PEOPLE OF THE LAND!!!

Maybe the US should put its billions to better use than to fund SHIT!!!

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Yes, we're uneducated; our children at least, because ILLEGAL, NON-TAXPAYING ALIENS are over-crowding our schools with their HORDES of children a liberal 1970's Supreme Court decision forces us to, slowing down the teaching process through your children's lack of ENGLISH skills...stemming in large part because their ILLEGAL Alien parents don't speak English at home.

Yes, we ARE all IMMIGRANTS: LEGAL ones. My Grandparents entered the USA from Europe via Ellis Island.

The 12 to 17 Million Latin American ILLEGAL ALIENS/MIGRANTS....don't you DARE call them Immigrants: It's an insult to the people and their descendants who entered the USA LEGALLY, have no respect for the law, consume enormous amounts of social services, don't bother with inconveniences like Drivers Licenses or Car Insurance and are a general BURDON to American Society.

I guess the 1.3 million Latin American "Immigrants" who went back home to Mexico when the job market collapsed: they REALLY wanted to be Americans. They just cut and run when the gravy train runs out.

You want a better life for yourself and your family? Then do what we did in 1776 and have a revolution to change the country.

Mexico is one of the riches nations in Latin America in oil, natural resources, and general wealth.

Mexico is, and has been for hundreds of years, one of the most CORRUPT Governments on the planet!

Why don't you ask your fellow Mexican citizen Carlos Slim, one of the, if not the, richest man in the World and all his Grupo's to spread the wealth?

Why does Mexico put up with such corrupt leadership for decade after decade? And their solution for the lower class? Encourage them to ILLEGALLY work in America and wire BILLIONS of dollars back to Mexico.

Most Latin Americans are descendants of Spanish Conquerors and the indigenous people they intermarried with...with SPANISH winning out as the language of Latin America.

And your so-called "People of the Land" originally came from Russia over a land-bridge which connected Siberia to Alaska...until it broke away and sank.

I wish the US could put the billions we're forced to spend feeding, clothing, providing free medical care, free education and bilingual signage to better use too.

The 12-17 Million Illegals in the United States are not "entitled" to ANYTHING! If you want to be AMERICANS, then follow the laws and become so legally. If you want what America HAS, then GO BUILD IT YOURSELF IN MEXICO!

Nobody owes you ANYTHING. You have no right to come here because you "want to".

And don't EVEN suggest how we spend our billions: YOU don't pay TAXES, YOU wire 23 Billion of your illegal wages and criminal acts back to Mexico every year; you are not AMERICANS. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS how we spend our money or do anything else.

Unfortunately, because of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, we have to spend billions on; as you so eloquently put it, SHIT: Supporting YOU!

Maybe MEXICO should spend it's BILLIONS on education and job creation, instead of lining the politicians and super-Rich's pockets!

You're a hypocrite. You're lazy. You want America but you're not willing to pay the price OUR descendants did.

All you do is whine and take, whine and take. Just go home already.

In Part 2, I'll tell you how we're going to help you..and spend as little money as possible doing it.

By the way, I moved here from New Jersey 8 years ago so my neck hasn't had time to turn red. But I AM a TEXAN and a genuine CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. And Damn proud of it!

And damn sick and tired of paying for YOU and your Illegal Compadres with my tax dollars.

And give up on this "Land" thing. We kicked your asses in the Mexican-American War, we took all the land that we did, and we're KEEPING IT. It's over. Move on. You can't even make a decent country out of the land you have now!

So stop looking for hand-outs, go back to Mexico, and have your own revolution.

I thought Latin Americans were a proud people. You let your government treat YOU like SHIT. Be a man! Stop whining! Go home! End of story.

The Proudly American, USAF Veteran, and NOT uneducated because I went to school before you invaded us,

Mr. Unloadingzone

PS- sorry for the language, folks. I am just so TIRED of this same story over and over again...and of our politicians who are letting it happen because Hispanics will be the majority racial group in the US in 2042 (it used to be 2060) and OUR politicians only care about VOTES.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"