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Friday, November 23, 2007

ICE Tells Irving, TX: STOP Detaining Most Illegal Aliens

Sometimes you read a news story that is just so unbelievable that it leaves you at a loss for words. It's taken me 2 days to write this post because the subject is so stunningly insane, I couldn't figure out how to describe it without four letter words.

Here it is in a nutshell: The Federal Government long ago surrendered to the invasion of Mexican illegal aliens. The Bush administration that continues to approve the use of the illegal alien Matricula Consular Card as "official" identification in this country.

President Bush and his insane liberal bedfellows keeps pushing for, lets call it what it is, an amnesty program for the 12-15 million illegals already here, a number growing by an estimated 10,000 per day. At a cost of billions of dollars, we provide free medical care, free assistance, bi-lingual publications, forms, and phone-prompts. English speaking Americans are unable to get certain jobs they are easily qualified for because the jobs now require bi-lingual language ability.
Consumer electronics giant Best Buy announced that all it's stores were going bi-lingual: signage,
staffing, and a Spanish-only website. I wonder when Best Buy will begin firing long-term loyal American employees who "only" speak English.

Illegal Aliens openly march in street protests carrying the Mexican flag. The Mexican Government gives out booklets on how to sneak across our border. The local Mexican Consul publicly warns illegal aliens to avoid Irving for fear of arrest. Two illegal alien students whose education is paid for by the American taxpayer travelled to Washington for a protest and were outraged that Senator John Cornyn refused to meet with them because of their immigration status.

Washington may have stuck it's head in the ground, but many State and Local governments have not. Using the Section 287g of the Immigration and Nationality Act, CAP, and other Federal laws that somehow slipped under the radar and were signed, they have tried to do the Federal Government's job for them by detaining and deporting Illegal Aliens. Farmers Branch, TX and towns in Pennsylvania among others overwhelming passed ordinances prohibiting the rental of apartments to illegal aliens.....only to have it struck down by activist Federal Judges, usually the liberal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Irving used Section 287G to confirm the citizenship of people stopped for other offenses, and if illegal, turned them over to ICE for deportation. Or so they thought.

ICE has now (I'm still stunned) told Irving that ICE will stop detaining MOST ILLEGAL ALIENS arrested for Class C misdemeanors, saying they don't have the manpower to handle the increased number of referrals!!! This by Dallas ICE Spokesman Carl Rusnok, whose office covers 128 Texas counties and all of Oklahoma. He said that this will allow ICE "to allocate our law enforcement assets in the most effective manner possible to address public safety and national security threats."

Irving Mayor Herbert Gears was incensed. "We're cooperating in all the ways that we can to help them (ICE) and it's obvious they don't have the resources to get it don system-wide.

"The first thing I think it tells you is how many people who are here illegally break other laws, other than just being in the country illegally." said Farmers Branch Mayor Pro Tem Tim O'Hare.

Texas State Representative Ken Paxton was equally frustrated. "If we've identified illegal immigrants, especially if they're committing crimes, it need to be dealt with."

Another Texas State Representative, Linda Harper-Brown, went even further. "This is an epidemic, and it's costing taxpayers million of dollars. There has to be a process to turn them over. I don't know why the feds are choosing to ignore the law."

Of course, illegal Hispanic leaders were jubilant over ICE's change in policy. I'm so sickened by their comments I can't even bring myself to repeat them.

So while President Bush continues to throw tens of Billions of dollars away on Iraq; as Congress continues to waste more Billion of dollars on pork-barrel projects to insure their reelection; as the leading contenders for President of the United States in 2008 continue to dance around the issue or focus on some ridiculous fence along the border, America is being swallowed up, foot by foot, by illegal invaders with no respect for ANY of our laws....but why should they? The Federal Government doesn't care either.

I emailed Mr. Paxton today with what may seem like (and may what be) a naive question: If someone is identified as being in this country ILLEGALLY, regardless of whether or not they have committed any other crime, why can't we stand them in front of a Judge, have the Judge rule they are in the United States illegally, and IMMEDIATELY drive them to the nearest airport and put them on a plane to Mexico City? We could and should bill the Mexican Government for this.

They certainly have the money. We buy as much oil from them as they let us (which has been less and less of late). Six months ago, they confiscated $205 million at a meth lab in Mexico City. The richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu, lives in Mexico. They are a corrupt nation of the super-rich and the desperately poor. And instead of addressing the needs of their own poor citizens, they have a national policy of exporting them along with their criminals to the United States.

Former Mexican President Fox, on his recent American book tour, said that American needed a "woman President" (read Hillary Clinton) so that America may "regain it's immigrant soul". We are now being LECTURED on OUR "immigrant soul" by the former leader of a country that has some of the STRICTEST immigration laws in the world.

We're at war with Mexico and President Bush doesn't even know it. Forget Iraq; he should have invaded Mexico! They are the "clear and present danger" to the United States. He should have followed Bush 41's policy of containing Iraq, not destroying it. They were an excellent Sunni buffer between Shiite Iran and Syria. Iraq was actually a stabilizing force in the Middle East. Without them, regional war is inevitable and THEN where will we get our oil from?
How are Americans going to afford to drive to work (if they can find a job) when oil hits $200 a barrel or $400 a barrel, as Warren Buffet predicts?

Sure, Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator, but lets be honest: take away the oil and most of the Middle East is living in the 13th century. As soon as Saddam was gone, Sunni neighbor attacked Shiite neighbor; they burned each other's mosques down and both practiced ethnic cleansing. They aren't ready for democracy and we should have never tried to impose it. We should have dealt with Iraq the way we deal with North Korea. And occasionally, a miracle like Libya will come along.

This country is falling apart and for all the cries of it's right-thinking citizens, Washington continues to live in post-World War II fantasy world. And in fairness to Mexico, our politicians are generally as corrupt and depraved as theirs are, so who can blame Mexico for not taking advantage of the situation?

The newspaper article that started this all was published by the Dallas Morning News on November 21st. You can either click HERE to read the article of click on the title of this post. Me, I'm going to go throw up.

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Vadim said...

So there are so many of these illegals that break the law, that we cannot handle it? We cannot handle them crossing the border and breaking our law the first time, and then we cannot handle them breaking our laws on continual basis?

Fantastic. Let's invite more.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
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