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Monday, December 3, 2007

OH NO! Illegal Aliens Threaten to Stay in Mexico after the Holiday Break!

Mexico gave us an early Christmas present this year, reporting in a third quarter survey a potential 30% drop in the number of Mexican citizens who planned to "work abroad" in 2008. They attributed the drop to a slowing US economy (particularly in the hard-hit new housing market), increased border security enforcement by the US, raids on US businesses that generally employ illegal aliens, a growing hostility towards illegal aliens, especially Hispanic, by the American people, higher fees charged by "coyotes" coupled with the increased danger of sneaking across our border, and comments by former Mexican President Fox stating that 1 million new jobs had been created in Mexico.

The prediction was based on surveys conducted by INEGI, the Mexican National Institute for Statistics and Geography. Unfortunately, some are questioning the validity of the survey. Dan Lund of the polling firm Mund Americas isn't accepting INEGI's numbers. He sites the fact that despite former President Fox's assertion, there is no hard evidence that 1 million new jobs have been created, that the Mexicans taking the poll are likely to be "less honest" in their answers given the increased obstacles of entering the US clandestinely.

News media interviewing Mexicans returning home for the holidays are hearing stories like those of Raul Reyes, who had just crossed the border into Cuidad Ju'arez from El Paso (without being arrested?). He had spent the last two years working in the US oil industry but said he may not cross back after Christmas. "The coyotes are too expensive, the crossing is more dangerous than ever and the hatred is scary." Reyes has been sending the bulk of his illegal earnings back to his parents in Chihuahua City to start a ranch. "The gringos will have a hard time without our cheap labor. I think they will see through their own hypocrisy."

No, Mr. Reyes, we will see the hypocrisy of people like you who come to this country illegally and funnel most of your non-taxed wages back to your true home country, Mexico. You are like locust that descend in a swarm, eat everything in your path, and then leave. Despite your cries for "rights" in the US, you have no intention of becoming Americans and assimilating into the American culture. You can earn 10 times the salary here that you can make in Mexico. The US is just a way to jump start your life back in Mexico.

Another returning illegal alien, this time interviewed in New Mexico (and not arrested) on his way back to Guanajuato, Mexico with his two illegal amigos, said none of the three were planning on returning to the US to pick crops as they had in previous years. "The employers are asking for Social Security numbers, proof of ID, stuff they know we don't have. I could get some fake papers, but when you don't feel welcome anymore, why return to a place where they close the door on you?"

Why indeed? I agree with you totally. Goodbye!

He concluded by saying "the United States is not the wonderful country (for illegal aliens) that it was. The people are hypocritical and don't value our sweat."

It's not your sweat we don't value, sir, it's your very illegal presence. We not only don't value it, we don't want it. But we are a compassionate people, so we wish you a safe one-way trip back to Mexico.

A projected 30% drop in illegal immigration in 2008 and we haven't wasted money building one inch of a border fence. Our fearful political leaders in Washington haven't come up with anything resembling enforcement of our existing immigration laws or providing the funding to do so. In fact, the federal government has been going out of it's way NOT to enforce existing law by denying increased funding to ICE and Homeland Security. They're too busy spending billions of dollars abroad on a war we should have never started in the first place.

No, it's been the American people, finally sick and tired enough to speak up, demand action, and take action. It's state and local governments enforcing (or trying to if the Feds and activist Judges would let them) Section 287G of the Immigration and Nationality Act (a federal law), CAP (another federal law), and trying to initiate state legislation to block illegal aliens from getting the lower in-state tuition rates at our colleges and universities and local legislation to prohibit illegal aliens from renting or buying property in their towns.

Pro-illegal aliens activists call these actions racist, but the true racists are the politicians in Washington who are afraid legal Hispanics immigrants will vote against them if they enforce the law. This isn't a war on Hispanics: this is the American people standing up against illegal aliens of all races and nationalities. Hispanics just happen to make up the largest single group of illegal aliens so they get most of the attention.

As I listen to the Presidential candidates for 2008 talk out of both sides of their mouths on this issue, I just shake my head and ask "don't they get it?" If we don't vigorously enforce our EXISTING laws right down to class C misdemeanors, then no law matters. Why should any American spend, in some cases, thousands of dollars a year for auto insurance, let alone bother getting a drivers license, if the 17 million or so illegal aliens don't bother to and are only given slaps on the wrist when caught? Why should legal American citizens and businesses bother paying taxes when 17 million or so illegal aliens don't and still get their children educated for free at tax-payer expense? Universal Health Care? Illegal aliens already have it. They don't pay a dime for free medical care at our hospitals. The American tax-payer picks up the tab for them.

I'm sick and tired, as is the majority of the American public, of hearing of how "hard" it is for Washington to come up with "comprehensive immigration reform". Well, here's an eye-opener for you, Washington: we don't NEED comprehensive immigration reform! What we need is the political will, the funding and the resources to enforce EXISTING immigration law.

A projected 30% drop in new illegal immigration just based on the anger of the American Citizen and the efforts of a few state and local governments. Imagine how big a drop there would be if the Federal Government stood up and DID IT'S JOB. If our Senators and Congressmen would worry more about upholding the Oath of Office they swore to than winning the next election. Then America would have a fighting chance of winning this war against illegal immigration. And all without some silly multi-billion dollar fence.

THEN we look at immigration reform. Reverse the quotas of the 1960's which gave preference to illiterate 3rd world immigrants and start looking for the best and the brightest all around the world who WANT to BE Americans; to BE the American Dream; to LEAVE an America for their children BETTER than the one they found. All without regard to race, color or crede. America is in danger of going the way of the British Empire. We need to prioritize what is in AMERICA's best interests going forward and it's NOT being the world's policeman and it's NOT wasting billions of dollars on unnecessary wars. It's time to worry about AMERICA for a that WE can leave our children and grandchildren a better America than the one WE found. After all, that's the American way.

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