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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Should it Take Over 12 Years to Try and get a Green Card?

Readers familiar with my feelings on Illegal Immigration may at first be taken aback by this piece. With all the focus on Illegal Immigration today, here is a story about a man who has been in the United States trying to follow the legal procedures to become an American....and after 12 years, still doesn't have a Green Card. This wife has a Green Card so he was eligible 10 years ago. He still doesn't. If INS, USCIS, or whomever they are this week, can't take care of a Peter, HOW are they going to handle Amnesty or a Path to Citizenship as the Presidential contenders are endorsing. Focus on the bureaucratic bungling, indifference, and arrogance more than on the fact Peter is illegal....and don't worry, I'm as anti-illegal migrants as ever!

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