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Thursday, June 12, 2008

ICE is Trying but they are Fighting a Losing Battle

I really do feel sorry for the Agents and Employees of ICE. Everyone of them I have met has been dedicated; is frustrated by the bureaucracy that is Homeland Security and the politics that is Washington DC.

These folks REALLY want to do their job and they have had some wins. By themselves, these wins seem pretty significant. Just this month alone, ICE has announced the following wins:

  • More than 1,800 criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and immigration violators were arrested across the nation in May.

  • Mexican smuggler Rufino Valdez-Lopez found guilty in Phoenix of violent smuggling-related hostage incident.

  • ICE, working jointly with Caribbean Border Interagency Group seizes approximately 567 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of more than $17 million.

  • Three week long, state-wide fugitive operation enforcement effort nets more than 900 arrests in California.

  • 306 workers of those arrested on administrative immigration charges at Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville, Iowa, have been charged criminally.

  • Within days of INTERPOL’s call for assistance, ICE identified and arrested a suspect in the production and distribution of child pornography.

  • Week-long joint law enforcement operations in Arizona arrested illegal aliens, 7 of whom had criminal histories.

  • ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers announces Operation Armas Cruzadas, a U.S.-Mexican effort to identify and disrupt trans-border weapons smuggling.

    • As I said, ICE is TRYING. And the above wins are significant....unless considered against the background that:

    • It is estimated that 10,000 illegal aliens successfully cross from Mexico into the United States EVERY DAY.

    • That ICE's primary focus is on Criminal Illegal Aliens. While of course ALL illegal aliens are criminals, ICE is going after the felony-committing illegal aliens. While that is certainly a good way to prioritize, it means the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens who are not felons are ignored, or worse embraced by the American business community.

    • Criminal Illegal Aliens are not just deported: first they are tried and incarcerated in American jails at taxpayer expense.

    • It means more stores and businesses have bilingual signage, more and more job ads REQUIRE bi-lingual English/Spanish language ability, wages are plummeting along the border states as illegal aliens will take much less than the minimum wage: it's still four times what they could earn in Mexico. And there is a ripple effect up the wage chain. A recent article defined "poor" in Texas as $16K and "rich" in Texas as $124K. And the middle class is vanishing.

    • It means that more and more illegal immigrant children are being educated in US schools at taxpayer expense. And more schools are having to be built at US taxpayer expense.

    • It means free health-care for illegals at US taxpayer expense: Parkland Hospital in Dallas along receives $300-$500 Million dollars in reimbursements from the Federal Government each year.....while American senior citizens are told to work until they die because Social Security and Medicare is going broke. Americans can't afford health-care or their medications, yet these illegal aliens don't pay a dime.

    • It means that car insurance rates in the border states are among the highest in the nation because illegal aliens don't bother with either car insurance or drivers licenses. Many times, they'll just run away from the scene of an accident they caused leaving the injured party's insurance to pay for the damage. And so the car insurance rates go up.

    • The media embraces illegal aliens. The Dallas Morning News is in the middle of a five part, front page series on the "trials and difficulties" "immigrant students" face in the classroom.(they don't call them illegal, but all the ones they talk about were born in Mexico and somehow ended up in American schools).

    • Politicians at the Federal level embrace them because the babies these illegals spit out at a prodigious rate are automatically American citizens......and future voters. The census bureau states that by 2060, Hispanics will be the largest ethnic group in the United States. Neither party wants to alienate a group of voters that size.

    • And it can't hurt to mention (aside from birthright citizenship) what is the driving force that keeps Mexican and South American illegal immigrants flowing across our border: American Greed. Business's that want cheap labor; Americans who want their lawn mowed and handy-man jobs done cheap. WE are the demand side and it's going to kill us as a nation.
      • I was having a conversation with an anti-illegal immigration friend of mine and she mentioned that her husband drove down to the "illegal congregation site"; in our town a gas station and coffee shop, and picked up some illegals to build his new fence. I told her "then your husband is a criminal." That didn't sit too well with her. She couldn't argue with me either.

        The police monitor the site but owners of the coffee shop have given permission for the illegals to collect in their parking lot.....because the illegals buy coffee and food from them while waiting for a job.

        Our City is still growing and the consensus on the City Council and The Mayor is that "we don't have the money right now to fight all the lawsuits that arise from the ACLU and their ilk by getting aggressive with this issue. Irving and Farmers Branch (two Texas cites who tried to fight back) have all their infrastructure in place. They can afford to try."

        And Activist Judges are doing everything they can to; use any weak excuse they can find, to overturn or suspend local and state anti-immigration laws. The Federal Government, who should really be dealing with this head on, is ducking and weaving and avoiding ANYTHING that could anger that growing Hispanic voting population. In fact, they talk of different "legalized" status options which could be put in place.

        Why aren't they talking about something simple and fundamental like, oh, a child born in the US is a citizen of the country their parents came from; NOT an automatic American citizen? Oh the outrage that would explode in the American mainstream press! The ACLU would be locking and loading as they read the articles! And the mass protests of ILLEGAL aliens; none of whom would be arrested, of course.

        The problem and the reason I focus primarily on Mexican illegal immigrants is that "home" is a hop, skip, jump across the border. They have no reason to assimilate, to learn English, to even pretend to be Americans. To them, America is a place to work, wire money home with the hope of someday returning permanently themselves. They have no loyalty to this country or it's laws: many still believe we "stole" THEIR land in the Mexican-American War and they are taking it back.

        And with sheer numbers, they are succeeding. Whole sections of towns and cites; starting with the poorer ones, but working their way up, mirror any neighborhood in Mexico. Bi-lingual signs? A major store opened recently in NORTH Dallas where there are NO ENGLISH SIGNS at all! Three years ago, there were no bilingual signs in SOUTH Dallas (the poorer section).

        Supply and Demand. It fuels the economy, it fuels drug trafficking, it fuels human smuggling (from Mexico to the US, a $5 Billion a year business!)

        On the Supply side, you have a corrupt Mexican Government so mismanaging it's potential oil wealth, that it is actively EXPORTING (to the point of giving out hand-books on how to sneak across the border into the US) it's criminal and lower class citizens instead of solving their own problems.

        On the Demand side, Big American Corporations, Little American Business trying to survive, and bargain hunting Americans; who complain when their school taxes and auto insurance goes up, but turn a blind eye on how they're getting their lawns cut so cheaply, the pools cleaned so cheaply, and have no hesitation on picking up what could be an axe murderer from Mexico on a street corner, if he'll do some menial or back-braking work on their home at a third the market rate.....for cash, of course.

        On our current course, by the 22nd century we will be a completely bi-lingual country. In fact, the "progressive" town of Bedford, TX just instituted mandatory SPANISH immersion classes for ENGLISH speaking students! From K to grade 7. And the newspaper report was just gushing over how WONDERFUL the program was: it was a full page article! They did let slip through two little statements, though (the Editor must have been taking a bathroom break).

      • The parents wouldn't see it when the children were home and able to speak English, but the K through second graders would become extremely frustrated in the class-room which would probably cause "psychological problems" in the future.

      • Even students attending the entire program would, after finishing 7th grade, would NEVER speak Spanish like a native.
        1. And while you rant and rave about "all you hear is Spanish", and "look how they have destroyed this neighborhood" and the famous "Why don't they go back where they came from?"; remember Supply and Demand.

          Then go look in the mirror because the face staring back is more than likely part of the problem.


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          Karen said...

          The "mandatory" spanish classes in that Bedford, TX school is actually the Hurst Euless Bedford ISD. The classes are a choice, not mandatory for all students to take. If you select to be in that curriculum, you know you will have to speak Spanish in class.
          [22:45] Karen: When I took a foreign language in high school, decades ago, our second year we knew we had to speak only that language in class.
          [22:45] Karen: This is an optional program, certainly not for all students.

          Mr. UnloadingZone said...

          When I took a foreign language in High your key phrase. This program is aimed at K-7 and is described as Spanish Immersion from day 1.

          The DMN article described it as Bedford only. If it includes Hurst and Euless, that's even worse.

          And why only Spanish? When I was in High School, we had the choice of 4 languages we could take..and again, that was High School, not K-12.

          If the program is optional (that was not indicated in the article), I wonder how many parents were crazy enough to sign their babies up "future phycological damage?". And if not enough sign up, what do you want to bet it's mandatory within 2 years?

          Thanks for visiting, Karen

          Mrs. Unloadingzone

          Mrs. Unloadingzone
          "The Girl of my Dreams"