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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama, Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens....BUT WHY?

The stories been told: Barack Obama is 100% in favor of issuing US Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens. The BIG unanswered question: WHY?

What POSSIBLE advantage is there to the American public? I can't think of one but I can envision of lot of reasons NOT to.......including the Safety of our Roadways.

This article looks at the ramifications of issuing US Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens....and the ONLY justification Obama could have for supporting it...and it's not pretty.

I originally wrote this as an Obama story for my other blog, ANYONE but Hillary in 2008, but since it's also a major Illegal Immigration issue, I'm posting it on The Unloading Zone too. I don't normally duplicate posts but this one demanded it.


Mr. Unloadingzone

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