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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Buy Sells Out for Pesos

Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy announced today that they were going bi-lingual. Not just on store signage as I posted about before, but on store personnel and on-line: They will be launching a Spanish-only version of the Best Buy website.

Best Buy explained the sell-out to changing demographics. "One out of seven consumers are Hispanic and we want to make it a pleasant shopping experience for them. We want to be their consumer electronics retailer of choice".

Translation: Since Hispanics are too lazy to learn English and their population is booming since 10,000 new illegal aliens slip across the boarder every day, we don't give a damn about America and how the melting pot is supposed to work. We want every illegally-earned dollar these 12 to 15 million illegals (and growing) have. So we're willing to sell out and kiss their illegal butts for every peso we can. Besides, since the group we're going after has poor to no English skills, especially reading, we can increase our margins and make huge profits. They won't be able to comparison shop and once we re-do our store's color pallets in gaudy Hispanic colors, they get to speak with our friendly salespeople like Juan (who replaced Peter..."Peter worked here for 5 years but wasn't bi-lingual so we fired him and hired Spanish-speaking Juan. No, I haven't actually seen Juan's Green Card, but I'm sure he's OK. After all, he was top salesperson last month!"), and they can find the bathrooms because they'll be labeled in Spanish, the Hispanics won't care that they're paying $35 for a $2 printer cable the way our American customers do. In fact, we don't care if another non-Hispanic ever comes into a Best Buy. Illegals don't pay taxes, for medical care, or for car insurance so they have lots of disposable income. They also rent their homes for the most part, so the cash-crunch hitting hard working Americans do to the drop in home values doesn't affect them. That means more disposable income for Hispanics to spend at their new favorite amigo, Best Buy!

This announcement will have two possible effects on Best Buy's competitors. They will either follow suit and we'll ALL be subjected to the "Hispanic Shopping Experience" or they will ignore it and pick up the former Best Buy customers who don't feel like asking "Excuse me, do you have a salesperson who speaks English?". Sadly, I think they'll go with the former. We'll have to wait and see.

But one thing I know for sure: My Best Buy Rewards Card is in the trash and I will never shop at Best Buy again.

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