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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Three Benefits I'll Bet You Didn't Even Know Illegal Aliens Receive

We all know there is a plethora of social services and benefits like free health care and free public school education which ILLEGAL Aliens receive in this country, courtesy of we the tax-payers. In reviewing the highlights of the Texas 80th Legislative session courtesy of Rep. Ken Paxton, three more horrors came to light.

  1. ILLEGAL Aliens receive In-State tuition rates for attending our state colleges and universities! Mr. Paxton's bill to repeal this failed.
  2. ILLEGAL Aliens received Medicaid! Mr. Paxton's bill to require proof of US Citizenship failed.
  3. ILLEGAL Aliens can VOTE in Texas! Mr. Paxton's bill to require proof of US Citizenship failed.
Are you as stunned as I am? Even if you're not from Texas, odds are your State has similar laws. And as all these bills were failing in the Texas legislature, my Senator, Kay Baily Hutchinson, was trying to push through the DREAM Act, which thankfully failed in Congress yesterday.

Do you know what my DREAM is, Senator? I nation that enforces it's immigration laws, that puts the rights and the pocket books of American Citizens over those of people ILLEGALLY in our country: CRIMINALS! Every single illegal alien is a law-breaker and a criminal just by virtue of their being here.

Your colleague, Senator Cornyn, made the "courageous" stand of refusing to meet with two ILLEGAL Alien students who were in Washington in support of DREAM. If Senator Cornyn was really courageous, he would have had the Senate Sergeant-of-Arms ARREST the two teenage CRIMINALS, drive them to Ronald Reagan Airport, and put them on the first plane to Mexico City!

Who pays for that? Send the bill to the Mexican Government that encouraged their parents to sneak into this country ILLEGALLY in the first place! Then track down their CRIMINAL parents and put them on a plane to Mexico City too!

About 6 months ago, the Mexican Government seized $205,000,000 in Mexico City; the proceeds of Methamphetamine sales. That would buy a lot of one-way plane tickets from the USA to Mexico City.

One bill did pass, however: Senate Bill 11, and was signed into law by Governor Perry. This legislation, quoting Rep. Paxton, "among other things, allows for the creation of the Border Security Council, which will oversee the distribution of $103MM that will primarily be used for the suppression of drug trafficking and criminal activity".

GREAT! They created yet ANOTHER committee, no doubt to be filled with political friends and family, supported by OUR TAX DOLLARS, to decide where OTHER money should be spent.

And so the bureaucracy grows, our tax dollars are wasted, no one in Austin or Washington has the integrity or will to enforce our existing immigration laws and put tough new ones in place. And as I write this, how many Mexican Citizens are sneaking over our border or "over-staying" their tourist visas.......ILLEGALLY????

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1 comment:

housewifeinhell said...

Why don't we all just move to Mexico? Then we can sneak back in and get all these benefits. Oh, thats right, Mexico doesn't allow illegal aliens in their country.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"