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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kudo's to ICE and Shame on the DFW Area Police!

I opened my morning copy of the Dallas Morning News and there, staring me in the face on the first page of the Metro Section, was an article entitled "274 Illegal immigrants (I would have said "aliens") arrested in federal roundup" by Holly Yan.

It seems ICE came in for 5 days and (shocker) worked with the local police departments to go after illegal aliens with CRIMINAL HISTORIES. Excuse me, but doesn't the fact that they are in this country ILLEGALLY in the first place make them ALL criminals?

In five days, some 233 men and 28 women were netted with crimes ranging from drug dealing, sexual assault of a child, drug use/possession, drunken driving (how about driving at all since they don't have real driver's licenses?)and of course, robbery and theft.

Ms. Yan goes on to give examples of some of the illegals caught. Like Gustavo Noe Castro, 40 years old, of MEXICO: already convicted of assaulting a family member, possession of a controlled substance, and GET THIS: arrested THREE TIMES on suspicion of drunken driving!!!!!!!!

Why wasn't he deported THE FIRST TIME??????? Why wasn't he deported AFTER HIS FIRST ARREST????????? He is in the United States ILLEGALLY!!

The reason may be, according to an ICE representative quoted in the article, that ICE was NOT NOTIFIED BY POLICE OR COURT OFFICIALS!! WHY NOT? ALL illegal aliens are criminals based on their immigration status and should be IMMEDIATELY deported. Don't waste our tax dollars on a trial and (ha, ha) prison time...just fly them to Mexico City, dump them on the tarmac, and let Mexico worry about it (and the bill for the air fare).

When is the Federal Government going to get it: ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL!!! When are local Police Departments going to get it: ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE NO RIGHTS: they're not allowed to BE HERE in the first case!!!!!!!

This issue is not going to go away regardless of how much President Bush may want it to. It's been simmering for years and now is at the boiling point. Local governments are taking action, only to have activist Judges slap injunctions on them, prodded by lawsuits from the ACLU and their ilk. Well, sooner or later, these injunctions will work their way through the appeals process. Sooner or later, the injunctions will be overturned. Then what, Mr. President? Is it your wish that when history judges YOU a hundred years from now, they deem you the President who nailed the last nail into the coffin of America as we've known it? Will the historians be kind enough to translate their opinions into English so the minorities of blacks, whites and all other non-Hispanics will be able to read it? Or will Spanish be the mandatory national language by then? I'm just glad I'll be dead by then.

You can find the Dallas Morning News and Holly Yan's article at

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