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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Bi-Lingual Outrage (and Joke) of the Day!

Every day something new seems to go bi-lingual. I've posted before about Lowes and Home Depot moving to bi-lingual signage and product info, the local Walmart not only going to bi-lingual signs, but taking it a step further and making the most customer-friendly-facing signs Spanish ONLY, while English or bi-lingual was on the harder to read side. And is there anywhere left you can call which has an auto-attendant that doesn't babble something in Spanish which translates to "press 2 if you're too lazy or are anti-American enough to not learn English". But what I discovered TODAY takes the cake!!!

As a stress-reliever before blogs came along, I took up entering sweepstakes. In the center column of my blog where I have my favorite links, you'll see one for On-Line It's the best sweeps site out there. Anyway, I go to enter a sweepstakes at for a $10,000 Grand Prize and a new laptop as a First Prize. The entry page is in English. Then I look to the bottom where the link to the sweepstakes rules traditionally are posted and I see two links: one that says "Sweepstakes Rules" and one that says "Sweepstakes Rules in Spanish".....but it says this in ENGLISH.

At first I was outraged that they would pander to the alien invaders to the point of translating the rules into Spanish. But then, I took pause. How did the person get to the Sweepstakes page if they can't read English or even know there was a sweepstakes? How would they know what information to fill in the entry form if they couldn't read the field descriptions? And how would they know to click on "Sweepstakes Rules in Spanish" if it's written in English??????

Even if they do figure all that out, the English version of the rules (at least) says "Legal Residents" of the USA could enter. That knocks out 12 million+ potential entries. On the other hand, will they accept a phony social security number over the phone as proof of legal status? And since Hispanics, especially the illegal ones, don't follow or care about our rules or laws, why even bother posting rules in Spanish. They're not going to read them anyway.

Ironically, CompUSA, once one of the largest computer retailers in the country which recently closed half it's stores in the USA (not Puerto Rico, of course), is owned by a Mexican company which is owned by Carlos Slim Helu, the man who just replaced Bill Gates as the Richest Man in the World. And the top management of CompUSA are now all Mexicans as well, so I guess this outrage/joke was inevitable. But if Best Buy, Circuit City, and Fry's follow suit, then we'll know for sure we're accelerating even faster down the slippery road to becoming a 3rd world nation.

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