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Saturday, August 25, 2007

LinkedIn Swedish SNUS Enthusiasts Group Page

Home Of The

Welcome to the Temporary Home of the LinkedIn Swedish Snus Enthusiasts Group! Effective August 29th, 2008, LinkedIn is upgrading the functionality of the LinkedIn Groups. This article gives all the details. We now have a discussion forum of sorts to share tastes, suggestions, stories, and news.

And that's just the time of the iceberg...the full-blown website which will DEFINE a Snus Website is under construction. For tobacco industry professionals, snus users, and those interested in knowing more about Reduced-Harm-Tobacco-Products (that taste great!) such as (obviously) Swedish Snus and the very new Swedish-Style American Snus (like Triumph and the possibly vapor-snus Kodiak).

Then there are the snus imitators preying on the 46MM+ cigarette smokers who have, at best, five years with tobacco under FDA control before cigarettes are finally so restricted or outright banned that the nicotine-addicted will turn to snus: real or perceived.

The articles, commentary, and reviews below are in Chronological Order; the LAST being the MOST RECENT .

I discovered more and more as I researched Snus. Add to this both the American market and political landscape is changing very rapidly.

Some new American Snus's are being made either in Sweden for distribution by US Tobacco Companies (Triumph for Lorillard by Swedish Match) or to Swedish manufacturing and health standards (Kodiak Snus by Nordic American Smokeless. (Not Camel or Marlboro, at least yet) This will be an evolving journey for us all!

The first article describes how I discovered snus and fortunately Swedish Snus very quickly there-after which began my love and passion for you obviously share (or are curious about) or you would not have joined the group!

We are also very closely following four Bills in the House and Senate which will but ALL tobacco under FDA control; all smokeless tobaccos including snus will be regulated substances, Internet sales of any tobacco product from outside the US (except cigars) will be a felony, but Washington will still be able to get their generic boxes of ILLEGAL Cuban Cigars......

Below on THIS PAGE are links to all my articles, editorials, reviews, FAQ's and more on snus. Please feel free to leave comments and input at the end of any article or if you have questions or would even like to submit an article of your own, email me at

Suggestions involving either our Group on LinkedIn OR ideas, suggestions....what YOU would like to see; either as a Tobacco Industry Professional, Snus manufacturer, distributor, retailer and most importantly, Snus Consumer would like to See Included on our New Website, should be sent to the Swedish Snus Enthusiasts Group email address on LinkedIn.

We're building this site so ALL of us can interact, get feedback, learn the latest, write your own reviews and articles; all while you enjoy....currently I'm enjoying a General Onyx White Portion Stark. (bet many of you didn't know it was a white portion Stark, even though it's in a black pouch).....your Snus!


-Marlboro & Camel: When it Comes to Snus, you LOSE!

-Snus FAQ for Folks New to Swedish Snus

-Swedish Snus Review, Part 1

-Swedish Snus Review, Part 2

-Swedish Snus News/Swedish Snus Reviews, May 2008

-Camel SNUS ?? Dear Lord, Have We Got Work to Do!

-Swedish Snus News / Swedish Snus Reviews, June 2008

-NEW Swedish Snus from General: General Sterk (high-nicotine) White Portion!

-Camel SNUS and Marlboro Snus: U.S. Tobacco Users being made FOOLS of by Big Tobacco: Part 1 of 3

-Camel SNUS and Marlboro Snus: U.S. Tobacco Users being made FOOLS of by Big Tobacco: Part 2 of 3

-Swedish Match, the Giant of Swedish Snus, gives Mr. Unloadingzone the FACTS Combating the RUMORS

-Camel SNUS and Marlboro Snus: U.S. Tobacco Users being made FOOLS of by Big Tobacco: Part 3 of 3

-Snus and even Camel SNUS Items on ebay! Act Quick!

-American Smokers Beware: You Soon May Have No Where to Live!

-Triumph Snus: Upsetting the American Snus Apple-Cart?

-MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENT: LinkedIn Swedish Snus Enthusiasts Group

">-Snus News and Reviews for August 2008

-Swedish Snus: Banned in the USA???

-Camel Snus: An Open Letter to Reynolds America and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

-Win One of THREE Montecristo Snus Fridges!

-Triumph Snus Manufacturer Swedish Match Reveal Triumph Snus is LOW NICOTINE! Senior Lorillard Tobacco Official Refuses to Confirm or Deny!

-General Ekstra Sterk: A Super-High Nicotine Winner or will my Heart be Broken Again?

And for an Interesting Swedish Perspective, Letters from Sweden on Snus:

-Snus: Letters from Sweden on Swedish Snus #1

-Snus: Letters from Sweden on Swedish Snus #2

Links to Other Snus Information, Discounts, and Snus Accessories

* Gothiatek: Health Studies, Manufacturing Standard, and Snus Data By Swedish Match, the largest Swedish snus manufacturer in the world. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

* For Smokers Only a web site of Professor Brad Rodu, Professor of Medicine Endowed Chair, Tobacco Harm Reduction Research University of Louisville. BIG proponent of Swedish Snus.

*Order Swedish Snus online NOW: 10% discount for new customers

*Collectible Snus & Snuff Tins at eBay Pricing! Huge Selection!

* Tobacco Products & Accessories other than Snus

The below Book is a GREAT GAG GIFT for all those "special" anti-tobacco people in your life who have gone out of their way to lecture you and generally make your life miserable with their condescending and angry anti-tobacco attitudes! And it actually makes some very interesting points.

Imagine the look of "joy" on their faces when they unwrap it! Great for birthdays, holidays & wedding showers (especially if you're the groom).

The Health Benefits Of Tobacco

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