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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camel SNUS ?? Dear LORD, We have Work To Do!

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It's a Camel.  That's it; just a Camel!

I was tinkering with The Unloading Zone's underbelly the other day and ran a report on the Keywords that were bringing my readers here. I was AMAZED and DISGUSTED by the amount of times "camel snus" came up!

Fellow Swedish Snus Lovers, it worse than you thought out there in America! I googled "Camel SNUS" and was horrified by the numbers of articles PRAISING it!

And the comments: They were enough to make you cry. Look at what these misbegotten naive souls are saying about CAMEL SNUS:


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much Camel is ripping us off! I used the store finder in your snus facts post and there is a tobacco store a little drive away that sells General Brand Swedish snus. I'll be heading over there this week to buy a can and compare.

Anonymous said...

"I like Camel's Spice snus. Not necessarily as snus per se. Kind of like Velveeta. I know it's not really cheese, but I still like it sometimes."

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

LORD, my heart is BREAKING!

It just goes to show the power of evil (and from the folks who invented Eclipse, too!) corrupts both innocents and Big Business alike!

LORD, just give me the strength (and some cash would help too) to go on teaching the wonders of Swedish Snus in this American wilderness! I'm battling SATAN himself on this one! Please give me strength!

Anonymous said...

I placed an order using the link on your blog to on Monday evening and I received my delivery today (Thursday)at noon. I chose the Swedish Post delivery option. Amazing! I ordered DVD's of 5 seasons of Star Trek Enterprise 3 weeks ago and am still waiting for them to arrive. They supposedly shipped on June 2. I recommend and the Swedish Postal Service without reservation.

Anonymous said...

I love your website, and have been reading up. I used to enjoy Snus from Sweden when living in Greece. I forgot about the form of tobacco all together until a friendd showed me the Camel Snus a week ago. I was disapointed to say the least, however it gave me a desire to get real snus. I live in Minnesota and was wondering how likely you thought it would be for me to find snus at a tobacco store in the United States.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Swedish Match (the largest Swedish Snus producer in Sweden) has begun limited marketing of the General and Catch Brands in the United States.

If you go to my FAQ for Folks New to Swedish Snus, you'll find the Store Locator link for US tobacco shops selling their product. I hope MN is on it! If not, you've always got the mail-order option from Sweden. I recommend Click on one of their banners on my Blog and first time buyers get 10% their first order. Good luck!

fie said...

You are kind of a douche.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Fie! (no pun intended)

I don't mind your post but it would be a lot more valuable if you were more specific.

If you could specify in what WAY(S) I'm "kind of a douche", I could address your points specifically.

In fact, I can't tell if you're talking about me or the person who commented above you?

"Douche" I'll publish: F--k, S--t, and words like that I won't so if you do come back, keep your language civil, specify your issue(s) and I'll be happy to post and address them.

And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to....kind of..comment. I appreciate it!


Mr. Unloadingzone

Anonymous said...


Camel snus is perfect for us gals who are learning to snus. I ordered some Swedish snus and found it to be a bit bitter for my liking. I ordered a mixed roll and I think they are stronger than my liking. I prefer a milder taste. I had to spit a lot as well which to me defeats the purpose.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Anonymous Gal!

There are a lot a gal Swedish snusers who would disagree with you but I understand your point.

Were you a cigarette smoker before you started snusing or a tobacco virgin prior to starting with Camel?

If this is your first experience with any tobacco product, then Camel SNUS is definitely the mildest in flavor and bordering on tasteless when it comes to tobacco flavor.

If this is the case, I honestly suggest you don't do any snus, even Swedish. Nicotine addiction is no fun and each Camel SNUS mini-portion is the nicotine equivalent of one cigarette.

As time goes on, you will start getting nicotine cravings and using more snus until you reach a certain level. And with Camel SNUS only giving you 15 of their pouches with .6 grams of SNUS for, here in Dallas, $5.50 a can, it will become an expensive habit as well.

If you are or were a cigarette smoker switching over to snus, it may have been the Swedish ones you tried you just don't like. My first order of Swedish snus was 20 different cans/brands/flavors/strengths.

One almost made me sick and a couple I just couldn't bring myself to finish the can.

There are well over 200 different brand/flavor/strength combinations and there are some I just don't like at all...and there are many others I love. It's all personal taste and everyones tastes are different.

But all Swedish Snus, by law, is made to be the least harmful form of oral tobacco on the planet.

Camel SNUS is not, and has never said it was a reduced harm tobacco product. Their marketing IMPLIES that all snus is snus. But it's not true.

If you like, comment back or email me with the Swedish snuses you tried and what you thought of each.

I or some of the other readers may be able to suggest some brands or flavors that you haven't tried.

If you're going to use snus, then you owe it to yourself to use the least harmful and get the best value for your dollar.

Camel gives you 9 grams of snus for $5.50. For considerably less money in some cases and for at least under $5 in almost every case, you can get 20-24 grams of regular portion Swedish Snus.

Think about it and if you want some guidance, that's what we're all here for.


Mr Unz

Anonymous said...

Instead of converting snus'ers like me to the potentially much nicer Swedish snus, you alienate us by making us think Swedish snus'ers are a bunch of pompous pricks.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Dear Confused Anonymous,

Did you actually read this article? I was having some fun but the facts are the facts. Let's straighten some stuff out first:

1. I'm an American AND a TEXAN, served my Country in the US Air Force and very proud of all the above (truth in disclosure: I've only been a Texan since 2000...I'm originally from New Jersey).

2. I smoked Camel and cigarettes made EXCLUSIVELY by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco for over 30 years. I also knew the risks (I thought).

3. I switched to Camel Lights because light cigarettes, we were told, had less tar and were a little less dangerous.

Last week's news was THAT's A LIE! Maybe in a carefully constructed mechanical test inhaler, they measured less tar, but REAL LIFE STUDIES now with REAL cigarette smokers show "Light" cigarettes are NO DIFFERENT than Regular Filtered cigarettes regarding the amount of tar the smoker inhales.

I'll skip over Eclipse so-called reduced harm cigarettes from RJRT as I switched to them after lights and the only negative I'm aware of so far is that they have considerably more carbon monoxide than conventional cigarettes. And RJRT told me that up front. In a few years, studies will come out with all the facts, one way or the other.

3. If you read my first article on snus, you'll find I started with CamelSNUS...the original that contained only 0.4 grams of product! Because I was BRAND LOYAL.

4. They tasted..OK and as you apparently have, I would have gotten used to them because they are 8mg of nicotine. But CamelSNUS was STILL expensive. So I went Internet shopping: there wasn't much on CamelSNUS as they had just "invented" it, but there was a lot on Swedish Snus since it's over 200 years old.

5. Lucky me, the Dallas area of Texas was, and is, still one of the only places you can buy CamelSNUS, Marlboro snus, and Swedish Snus over-the-counter....all within 5 minutes of my house.

6. That first article describes my nervously opening the tin and seeing something that looked completely different than the CamelSNUS. There were more portions, it was cheaper than CamelSNUS, the pouches looked different.....BUT THE TASTE!!!!
Filet Minion over Dog Food!

7. What you are suffering from is a new problem which I've written about and not going to repeat again except to say that nicotine, which is more addicting than heroin, will over-ride your taste-buds. Whatever you get very used to in taste becomes your basis of comparison.

If you look at the older comments in this and other posts and compare them to more recent ones now that CamelSNUS has been out longer, the more that "base taste" sets in. People have a tougher time adjusting from dog food to steak. Because of the nicotine.

The few times I tried to stop smoking cigarettes, I would smoke fine cigars. Huge taste difference! Cigarette tobacco is the cheapest sweepings off the floor in the tobacco world.

And when I eventually went BACK to cigarettes because I am nicotine-addicted, the first one tasted TERRIBLE...but by the end of the week I was back up to a pack and half to two packs a day. Because of the nicotine.

Why do I mention Camel more than other "American" snus?

Two reasons: they're in the most markets and if you read my first article on Triumph, you'll understand the Susan Ivey of Reynolds America knows that whomever sets that "base taste" first has the big advantage.

Unlike Europe, Americans ARE uniquely brand-loyal when it comes to nicotine containing tobacco products. She knows that too.

But, taste aside, once I REALLY began educating myself to the expert level on ALL products calling themselves snus, or in the case of Camel SNUS, I realized one very important fact:

When I smoked regular Camels, I knew the risks. The Surgeon Generals report was already out. It was a personal decision motivated by nicotine addiction.

Camels were a little less expensive than Marlboro's, I liked their "Taste" better, and was a loyal customer for over 30 years.

When they told me light cigarettes were less harmful, I believed them and switched. Turns out they LIED TO ME!

When they told me Eclipse were the "least harmful" cigarette on the market, I believed them.

In fact, prior to my discovering snus, you will find NUMEROUS articles praising Eclipse.

They did make the cigarette odor go away so I'm grateful for that and one day I'll find out if they really were safer or not.

But as the Snus Guru...and if you can read and comprehend FACTS, the truth can not be denied:

-CamelSNUS being as reduced harm as Swedish snus is a LIE!

-Why on the website, the OFFICIAL RJRT Website, is the animated spokesperson named "Olga", wearing tradition Swedish Clothes, standing in the snowy mountains you will NEVER see in North Carolina where CamelSNUS is made...

Why does "Olga" have link buttons for Travelling information in Sweden?

RJRT is not a travel agency, they don't sell CamelSNUS outside the fact they sell it in less than 20 states as of today.

Why is CamelSNUS; and Marlboro snus with their "Invented in Sweden, Perfected in Marlboro Country" always trying to associate itself with Swedish Snus?

It's like saying "An old Ford Pinto, a new Rolls Royce: they both are cars so they are both the same thing."

Swedish Snus is NOT the same as SNUS or snus or Snus made elsewhere. The Swedish Government makes sure of that.

There is a HUGE difference in taste, health risks, cost, quantity, quality, and variety.

And add insult to injury, in this case the "old Pinto" costs MORE than the "Rolls Royce" AND was extremely unsafe (exploding gas tanks for those of you too young to remember).

If you even took the time to read this article (and yes, some of quotes were pompous...and even incorrect: that's what I was illustrating...the amount of LIES and MISINFORMATION, some from stupidity, some deliberate; all over the Internet.

Those FACTS I mention in just this light-hearted little piece, let alone if you'll take the time to actually read some of the other articles like the ones that go line by line through Camel's and Marlboro's website FAQ's AND EXPOSE how they border on false advertising.........

In fact, RJRT visits my blog daily. I see it in my reports. They actually CHANGED the CamelSNUS website based on what I pointed out.

But a major reason I use them, aside from CamelSNUS being the obvious and most aggressive of the new American snus manufacturers is this:

I Was a LOYAL CUSTOMER for over 30 YEARS and they LIED to me the whole time!

They created "light" cigarettes to MAKE MONEY and not lose market share, Period.

If they had told me there was no practical health difference between Filtered Camels and Camel Lights, I still would have smoked Camel Cigarettes. I knew the risks.

BUT THEY LIED to make sure I didn't go to another company selling "light" cigarettes.

If you take the time to READ the difference between most American "snus's" and REAL Swedish Snus, the health difference is SO GREAT that their "marketing tactics" are going to KILL PEOPLE unnecessarily!

And to top it off, they're going to rip you off at the cash register! Not just Camel: Marlboro and Skoal are even worse.

But I was a Proud Camel Customer with my Camel Lighter, my Camel hat, and all the other Camel stuff they gave away OR let you "earn" by buying enough of their cigarettes.

I was Brand Loyal to them for over 30 years and it turns out they were making a FOOL of me the whole time!

With cigarettes, you know the risks. But ALL these so-called "snus" products showing up are SO MUCH MORE DANGEROUS than Swedish Snus, and Camel in particular, has gone so far in their marketing to associate themselves with Swedish Snus that it was just too much.

Am I passionate about it? Your right.

Because THIS TIME, American smokers DON'T know the risks, they ARE NOT making an informed decision about their HEALTH, or the value they get for their money.

Because THIS TIME people who WOULD NOT have otherwise gotten cancer WILL! AND pay more for the privilege. And it's documented.

So much so, and so important is this FARCE by American Tobacco in general that shortly, I'll be taking the subject of snus OFF
this blog....and putting on the biggest, most feature and information packed website dedicated to snus on the PLANET! Very soon...sooner if I stopped responding to comments, especially going on this long.

READ MY ARTICLES, VERIFY the SOURCES, and when the new website is up, READ ALL the studies.

Then if you want to keep using CamelSNUS, or any other American snus, at least you'll be an educated user. In America, we still have some freedom of choice.

But don't blindly follow misleading marketing to an early grave and an empty wallet. BE AN INFORMED TOBACCO USER!

4. As to trying to convert you, if you'd like to know more about Jesus Christ, I would be happy discuss Him with you. But that concerns your immortal soul.

American "snus" concerns your very mortal health and financial health.

I may get passionate, but my point is to give YOU the FACTS and INFORMATION that sadly you and many others didn't see.

And there are 46+ million cigarette smokers still in America....

GREED OVER SAFETY: in this case, the difference is so night and day that it CAN'T be ignored.

Learn the FACTS: then do what you want. Right now, YOUR comment is the uneducated, pompous one...just like the guy I quoted in the article.



Dennis Neal said...

I went ahead and tried some of your hyped-up Swedish snus. The stuff smells like tea bags that a dog took a leak on and that were shut up in the dark for a week, and the taste is miserable.
I vastly prefer the clean tobacco smell of Camel snus and the satisfaction it gives in the nicotine department. I went into the Swedish snus with an open mind and anticipation, but as stated above, find the product miserable and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and followed the links to the Swedish snus and tried a sampler pack with an open mind and anticipation.
Let me say this: the stuff smells like tea bags that three dogs took a leak on and that have been shut up in a dark warm place for a week. The taste is miserable.
I vastly prefer the clean tobacco smell and satisfaction provided by Camel snus over the putrid mess that they are selling in Sweden. Thanks for trying to hype this product, but it is just miserable and probably unsanitary.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Dennis, all I can say is thank you for a good belly laugh after a long day!

I did post your numerous near-identical comments on all my Camel Snus articles you submitted them for.

How long have you been working for R.J Reynolds...or are you interviewing with them and your incredibly silly comments all over The Unloading Zone are part of your resume?

If the latter is the case, I truly wish you good luck. The job market is VERY bad nationwide and any port in a long as it's legal.

Camel SNUS is still legal..for now. As are cigarettes...for now. So good luck with the interview and I hope your repeated comment lands you the job! Honestly!

If the former is true and you do work for R.J. Reynolds, say Hi to Susan Ivey and the gang for me. I really do admire her vision, if not her solution.

She was way ahead of the pack on this one. I still can't figure out Camel Orbs though..unless they are a throw away to keep that disgusting, can't taste any tobacco, over-priced, have no clue what's in it, made me physically ill, Camel SNUS.

I really shouldn't address your comments but I'm still laughing and my General Ekstra Sterk snus is still going strong..after an hour (unlike Camel SNUS whose website accurately states it lasts "up to" a half hour.)

I'll pretend to take your comment seriously and address some of the points you try and make.

#1: Someone with your last name living in Norfolk did buy a Swedish Match Tasting Kit on January 9th so I'll assume it was you or for you. Hmmm. Hurts my "employed by R.J. Reynolds" argument it seems. On the other hand, your blog profile states you are in Government Public Affairs. The tobacco industry does have a huge lobby in Washington.

On the other hand, like so many Americans sadly, your palate may have been spoiled by long term use of Camel SNUS. I mean that seriously; read my article on (not .com) about the secret to the "American Taste" in snus. It's sugar, just like cigarettes. Anywhere from 8% to 18%of a cigarette is sugar. I describe the effects in detail in the article, but that's why American Snus is so sickly sweet. Sugar. And lets not forget nicotine addiction. American Snus manufacturers have a documented history of manipulating nicotine levels to keep you using their products.

2. Swedish Snus is regulated as a Food Product by the Swedish Government. It is the most sanitary, Government-monitored, tobacco manufacturing process on the planet. That is documented and no one on the planet disputes it. Not even R.J. Reynolds.

To this day we have no clue what is in Camel SNUS, how it is made, how high the carcinogen level is, or how safe it is.

I do know two things: Camel is emphatic on the website that you must not EVER swallow the pouch. Why? What is it made of? We don't know.

You are correct in calling the Swedish snus portion a tea bag. It IS a tea bag. Same material. Not advisable to swallow, especially on an empty stomach, but not dangerous. I have no idea what the Camel pouch or any other American Snus pouch is made of. They won't tell us.

I know from experience if I break a Camel Frost pouch in half, what comes out looks more like dirt than tobacco. More disgustingly, when I did break it in half, it was as if someone sprayed room freshener in my face: The smell was choking and lingered in my office for about 5 minutes. Try it. What do they flavor Camel SNUS with anyway? We don't know because they won't tell us.

3. You are correct Swedish Snus smells entirely different from American Snus. What you forget is Swedish Snus is REAL snus with a 200 year history. Camel SNUS was only invented 3 years ago.

What you call a "clean smell" is to a real snus user, clean as in scented air freshener. To a real snus user, American Snus smells artificial and choking.

Especially Camel Frost. I don't know which SNUS you prefer; I used Frost because it's their most popular.

I wish you had visited our Snus and Smokeless Tobacco Information and Social website,, before buying your snus.

Assuming you are legitimate, there is plenty of advise for American Snus users on how to transition to real snus. You could even go on the Forum and ask for advice from the Members...and read their introductions. A good many of them, like myself, discovered Swedish Snus through Camel SNUS so you would be in good company.

If you are a Camel SNUS user for any amount of time, the Swedish Match tasting kit would have been like going from a White Owl cigar straight to a Cuban Cigar. The taste would be too strong for you.

First of all, the kit you bought consists of Regular/Large snus's. While much cheaper than Camel SNUS, they actually weigh almost twice as much: 1 gram as opposed to Camel's 0.6 grams.

Notice I said weighs and not "has almost twice as much snus in it". Why? Because we have no idea how much tobacco is in Camel SNUS. We both know that it is dry while the Swedish snus is moist...Swedish snus is generally 47% to 50% water.
And that's how snus is SUPPOSED to be.

I would have recommended you start out with a flavored Mini Portion.

Swedish Match makes a Mini Portion specifically for the American market called General Mini Mint. We can't carry it because our Snus Store is based in Sweden.

It is available over-the-counter at 12 tobacco stores in Virginia and 2 in Washington DC.

The Mini Mint is the same weight as the Camel SNUS and is much sweeter than I personally like, but you would probably really enjoy it. Mini Mint was designed to be an upgrade for Camel Frost users.

It's under $5 a can. If you're interested, email me at and I'll give you the addresses of all the tobacco stores that carry it in your area.

Perhaps your...angry, inaccurate, yet colorful comments stem from feeling cheated out of the price of the tasting kit you purchased, I can relate. I've thrown out some Swedish Snus's I just didn't like the taste of and wasn't happy about it. But unlike Camels three take it or leave it SNUS choices, there are well over a hundred different Swedish Snus's. Experimentation is to be expected.

Conversely, I threw out every brand of American Snus I tortured myself with in order to do the taste test on American Snus. In fact, I still have three cans of Skoal Snus; all three flavors they make, that I just can't bring myself to put in my mouth.

I may change my mind years down the road and that's OK. Skoal and Marlboro snus do not require refrigeration, do not have expiration dates, and are designed, I believe, for nuclear war survivalists. The Skoal Snus will taste the same 10 years from now as it does today.

If this is not yet another R.J. Reynolds propaganda attempt, then I do owe you an apology and I really do feel for you. When I did the taste test of Camel Frost, I spit out the first portion in horror. But I forced myself to keep using it and only it for the taste test. No Swedish Snus.

Nicotine is insidious especially when combined with sugar to induce a glucose high as well. While the first portion was disgusting, by the 6th portion it wasn't quite as bad.

True, I had to chain-snus it to keep my nicotine cravings satisfied and because it pooped out after about 15-20 minutes, buy I actually began thinking if the PACT Act (HR 1108) was re-introduced in Congress this year, passed, and I was cut off from imported tobacco of any kind (except cigars), that I could survive on Camel SNUS. That was until I had a bad reaction and became very ill.

It was then I realized I was putting something in my mouth which consisted of something of which I had no idea. I'm diabetic: maybe it was the sugar. Maybe it was a coincidence. But I never experienced that feeling before and I never did again as I immediately stopped using the Camel Frost. Who knows? Because THEY WON'T TELL US WHAT'S IN IT.

Arrogant? Corporate disdain for their brand-loyal customers? Absolutely. Read my interview with the SVP and General Counsel of Lorillard where he outright refuses to confirm, deny, or discuss the nicotine levels of Triumph Snus and the information I had that they were manipulating the nicotine levels.

Unfortunately, mega-corporations from the banking industry to the tobacco industry still feel they are exempt from ethics.

I'm a conservative and no fan at all of Big Government (sorry, nothing personal) but I am totally disgusted with corporate irresponsibility and a Republican Party that veered left of me a long time ago and is reduced to pandering for votes.

Americans who, like me, never heard of snus until Camel and Marlboro began test marketing are being duped. Having no frame of reference, American Tobacco is attempting to lead us down a health, financial, and taste road built on lies and slick marketing. In short, as of today, American Snus is a sham. A Scam. It's not criminal but it should be.

And as a loyal Camel SNUS user, you should be careful what you say about Swedish Snus: Camel goes out of their way in trying to link SNUS to Swedish Snus on Didn't you ever wonder why? Don't ask R.J. Reynolds: THEY WON'T TELL YOU.

Hoping to receive your email soon, I remain,

Sincerely yours (if you're not scamming me),

Mr. Unloadingzone here; Mr. UNZ; Activist Snus Guru, at (and .com)

Dennis Neal said...

Sorry for the double post; I am not used to moderated blogs -- they run against my libertarian grain. I thought my post had just disappeared.
Anyway, no, I don't work for R.J. Reynolds (or any other tobacco firm) and am not fishing for a job for them. I was just being honest about my impression of Swedish snus versus Camel snus.
If you can point me toward some decent Swedish (portion) snus that doesn't smell like dogs leaked on it (yes, it was me who ordered the Swedish Match tasting kit ... what ELSE do you know?) I might be persuaded otherwise. I'm just a non-smoker trying to indulge an otherwise pleasant habit, and disgusted by American dip (and so far, Swedish snus.)

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Thanks for coming back, Dennis!

A Libertarian in Public Affairs? Well, that's certainly refreshing. If you scanned any of my non-snus articles, you know that I've never been accused of being a liberal.

In fact, that's one of the reasons I decided to move the Snus topic to it's own website: I didn't have anywhere to write political, gadget, or articles about other things that interest me. I am passionate about snus since it allowed me stop smoking after 30+ years.

I do hate the bill of goods being sold to the 46MM Americans who still smoke by Big American Tobacco. I do hate that for 30 years, I thought it was purely my choice to smoke and that I knew all the risks. I am angry and feel betrayed about what I have since learned, especially about RJ Reynolds since I was a Camel cigarette brand-loyal customer since the early 1970's.

It became a mission for me to educate the nicotine-addicted so they could at least make an informed choice. If I didn't live in one of the few cities where Swedish snus was sold over the counter, I probably would never have stopped using Camel SNUS. I would have been overpaying for less of an inferior product which was a snus in name only..if not with Camel, with another American Snus brand.

As for comment moderation, I don't censor comments...obviously. I have almost 180 articles on The Unloading Zone going back years. Without Comment Moderation, I would never know you or others had taken the time to comment. I not only want to read your comments but to respond to them in most cases. As a general blogging rule as I'm sure you know having your own blog, the number of comments compared to the number of hits per post is a small percentage. I value each comment.

As to what ELSE I know, rest easy that I'm only assuming you have a blog since you have a Blogger Profile. You don't list the name of your blog or have a link to it in your blogger profile. You used your Blogger profile in your last comment. Otherwise, I would have no idea what your name was or the information you do have in your profile.

As to your Snus purchase from my Snus AND are my sites. It's no secret and I've talked about it on The .com site covers my costs. I have a Snus Store because my vision; as published on the home page of the .org site, was to be able to offer a full service website for everything snus. I have news, commentary, reviews, a free classified section for the Members to trade snus, research studies,videos, a forum (which I read but is unmoderated) AND a Snus Store.

Since is my Snus Store, I receive copies of all orders as well as all correspondence to the site. If there ever is a customer service issue, I personally make sure it is taken care of over and above what is required. I value my customers too.

Since you generously did provide your profile and did not hide behind Anonymous, it occurred to me half way through my original response that I could validate or debunk your comment by seeing if you did, in fact, purchase a Swedish Match Testing Kit from me. It turned out you did. I could have deleted the first part of my response but decided against it. I don't edit myself either, even if it stops me from looking like a complete ass.

RJ Reynolds is a regular visitor to my site and have in the past had numerous people who didn't realize my analytics could drill down to the server name, leave propaganda comments.

Even knowing they were bogus, I still published them. I did respond to reveal they were plants however. The only comments I don't publish are spam comments with links to Viagra, pornography sites and the like. I respect my readers too much for that.

The downside is I admit to a bit of paranoia when it comes to American Snus comments that are so far out of left field that seemingly the only explanation is propaganda. I've been wrong before and as I said, an apology may be in order in your case. I do apologize.

As a Blogger and having been hired in the past to perform the proof of concept for a Citizen Journalism site that was soliciting VC funding.... and being an American; I HATE propaganda. Honest debate I welcome; lies and deceptive marketing I don't. I don't like politicians who have sold out either (meaning pretty much all of Washington to me). As it says at the top of this page, The Unloading Zone is all about my opinions and thoughts :-).

When you asked what ELSE did I know, I know what you're really asking. As is published on the .org site, I intentionally do not have access to credit card information. We don't keep that.

If you would like to see what information I do receive concerning an order, I would be happy to forward you your order copy.

With all that out of the way, lets talk about Swedish Snus, Camel SNUS, and you.

Since your a non-smoker and hate American dip (I share your feelings on American Dip and Chew. I wrote about it once; don't remember the article), then you are one of the people like Brandon in the middle of the above comments who I advise not to use any kind of snus and try Altoids or another similar product.

Nicotine addiction is not fun and even with snus, can be terribly inconvenient. Swedish Snus is documented to be 98% safer than cigarettes but there is that other 2% which is primarily because the product contains nicotine.

Since I can't even advise you to use Swedish Snus unless you are already nicotine addicted, I certainly can't encourage or recommend any current American Snus. Klondike and Nordic Ice ALMOST were the American Snus's I was hoping for but have since publicly stating they have abandoned the Swedish Snus manufacturing techniques they previously embraced and now use a process "like" Swedish snus. RJ Reynolds does the same thing. And so does a small Scandinavian snus manufacturer, formerly called Wise; now called Oomph. I don't recommend them either.

The reason I'm so vehemently against American Snus; talking now only about the health issue, is that the consumer has no idea what they are putting in their mouth. Some American Snus's are just as carcinogenic as dip and chew. That doesn't mean that an informed consumer in America today should be prohibited from using it: it just means they should be making that decision knowing all the pros and cons.

American tobacco companies.. the most blatant being RJ Reynolds; go out of their way to, in my opinion, mislead consumers. Read my series on American Smokers being made Fools of by Big Tobacco. If you don't have a day to kill, just read Part 3 on Camel SNUS. Then visit and see for yourself.

Back to you. If you don't smoke, never used dip, and prefer SNUS which has no tobacco taste; I'm not sure if any real snus will appeal to you. At the risk of blowing $5, I would still suggest you visit a local tobacco store which carries Swedish Match and try General Mini Mint. Again, it was specifically designed for the American market only.

If you like that, I, That Snus Guy, or the SnusCENTRAL forum members could suggest the next step. If you don't like the Mini Mint, I think you're out of luck.

ONE THING: Like I did when I was reviewing American Snus and especially Camel SNUS, you can't quit after one portion. It took me 5 or 6 portions of Camel until I started becoming used to the difference versus Swedish Snus.

With Triumph Original, people talked about a peach taste. It wasn't until I almost finished the first can that I could taste it.

The Triumph Mint was much to sweet for my taste until half way through the first can. In fact, if it wasn't for the nicotine manipulation, I was even considering it as a backup bed-time snus (it's in my article on Triumph and Lorillard).

Nicotine and Sugar can over-ride taste-buds and common sense, given enough time.

If you can't do that with the Mini Mint, then don't spend the $5 dollars. If you can, stop using SNUS at least the day before, use the Mini Mint without using the SNUS for 3/4 of the can. If at that point you like it, then try a SNUS pouch and then a Mini Mint portion. If you still are totally committed to the SNUS, then you are a SNUS user.

That's my opinion. You may want to check with the Member Forum as many of them have come from SNUS. They may have other suggestions.

If you are not nicotine dependent yet and can stop SNUS or Snus entirely, then I strongly recommend it. Both also can have a deleterious effect on your gums if you are a heavy user. You are not the demographic with should be using any tobacco product. Reduced Harm (in the case of Swedish Snus) does not mean 100% safe...only 98% less dangerous than cigarettes.

For nicotine addicted cigarette smokers or dip/chew users, Swedish Snus is a God Send.

We can snus at work, in bars, at ball games, on airplanes, completely discreetly.

In American society today, going from cigarettes to Swedish snus is not only a liberating experience, but a very tasty one with as much nicotine as we want or don't want. From a health standpoint, we know what's in it, how it is made, how much nicotine is in it, in most cases what the carcinogen level is, and that all the flavorings are natural.

American snus....who knows?


Mr. UNZ (when talking about snus)
Activist Snus Guru

Dennis Neal said...

Dang, you are one long-winded cuss!
I don't care for the Camel Frost, just the Original ... if I could find a Swedish snus with real tobacco bite that didn't have that gacky Swedish tobacco taste I experienced in every tin of the Swedish Match sampler (and Goteborgs Rape -- accent mark can't be done here) is really miserable.
Got any recommendations for something full-bodied and tobacco flavored with bite, O Snussy One?

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Dennis,

I do go on a little bit, don't I? I'm thinking of turning this thread into an article. Probably a two or three part one.

I used the original Camel Original; not the current. It was very mild to me. I haven't read anything that says that has changed. Your idea of strong tobacco with a bite may be very different from mine. Be prepared.

With the exception of Loose Swedish Snus, all portion and white portion is going to smell very different than SNUS. You are going to either have to accept that, go to loose snus, or not bother. You will get used to it and the Camel will then smell funny to you. You can't just quit after you open the lid or do one portion though. I think I addressed that in my previous long winded reply.

Also be aware that while both Camel and Swedish snus have to be refrigerated before being sold, Camel does not have to be refrigerated after the can is open: Swedish does. It also changes the smell and taste. If you opened the tasting kit warm, that may be part of the issue.

If you do try again, these brands will have to be mail order too. They're not available over the counter in the US. When you receive them, put them in the refrigerator overnight and try when cold. You can keep them in your pocket all day, but put them back in the fridge at night.

These are also all Portion Snus's; not White Portions like the tasting kit you got. They will be moister than the Whites and a huge difference to the Camel which is completely dry. Be prepared.

Here's my idea of strong tobacco with a bite:

Thunder Snus: my review is at

Grovsnus Svart: Review at

Others: Nick & Johnny Portion (the round can; not the ones that look like coffins)

Ettan Portion. That Snus Guy recommendation. To me it was milder than the above but honestly, any of these is going to be significantly more favorable than Camel Original.

That's it! (trying to be less long winded). Let me know what you think.


The Snussy One :-)

Dennis Neal said...

Thanks. I've been using a new brand of American-marketed Swedish snus called "Grand Prix", that is essentially large portion, very like Swedish snus, and packs a hell of a tobacco bite -- to the point of causing hiccups. It's marketed by Liggett out of Mebane, N.C. and produced in Sweden. Still not exactly my cup of dip, but for now it's what I'm using. Know about it?
I'll investigate a couple of the brands you recommend. I wasn't really fond of the Ettan, but maybe the Johnny and Nick (how European and gay is that?) or one of the others.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Dennis!

Grand Prix has been a rumor snus for a while. Very few people have ever seen it. Those that did didn't seem impressed but never having tried it, I'm not going to judge it. The fact that it is made in Sweden is a very good thing although Lorillard found a way to twist that with Triumph Snus.

I suggested Gvovsnus Svart (black)in my last comment. You might also consider Grovsnus Portion. The taste is pure tobacco and strong.

In budget snus's worth considering, I'm trying the Pall Mall Portion from BAT right now. It's tobacco and salt, but nowhere near the salt of the General Portion. For my, it's a little mild, but I like very dynamic Swedish Snus's. Worth considering.

Also the Taboca Portion snus. Stronger than the Pall Mall and tasty.

One of my favorites is the Philip Morris 1847. Great tobacco taste.

Stay in touch and if you get a chance, do a Member Review at on the Grand Prix. I don't believe anyone has tried it yet (or could find it) and it would make interesting reading.


The Snussy One, Mr. UNZ

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say "thanks" for all of the info on snus, I found it informative and interesting. I am a smoker of 15 years and am trying to quit..(again) I decided maybe I could ween myself off of the coffin nails by chewing. Tried both loose and bandit packet Skoal tobacco products, didn't care for the heart burn side effects. Then I saw the Camel Snus at a Tobacco store and inquired decided to try it. At first I thought it tasted good and liked it. After a few weeks I started not feeling so great after I used it. I don't know if it has anything to do with me taking Chantix last year to quit smoking or if it something else. I am interested in trying the "real" Swedish style snus instead but I don't know if it will be better or not. Do you know where I could obtain some sort of samples? I live in southwest Iowa and in case you are wondering - no I don't work for any tobacco companies LOL.. Thanks

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Latest Anonymous!

Thanks for being upfront about your everyone's delight, I'll be able to keep my response relatively short :-).

Free samples aren't big with Swedish Snus as they are with American snus. The most common free offers are the 'buy a roll (10 cans of the same snus), get X amount of extra cans of the same snus free' (usually two or three).

Since you don't know what you like yet, I would not recommend buying rolls yet. If you're going to buy 10 cans, you're better off buying 10 different cans or 2 cans of 5 different snus's. does sell the Swedish Match Tasting Kits. They come in a few different varieties like Portion/White Portion, Loose, and Mini Portion. They're around $28. I'm working with That Snus Guy to create some SnusCENTRAL Tasting kits which include other brands as well as Swedish Match and be directed to Americans new to snus. They're not up on the site yet though.

You can get a 10% discount at by using this discount code during checkout: LV2F8F. That's about the best I can offer.

Stay in touch; either here or at and let me how you like whatever you buy. There are plenty of suggestions over there on the different snus's too.

If you need help, let me know.


Mr. Unloadingzone here;
Mr. UNZ at

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"