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Friday, May 16, 2008

Swedish Snus News & Swedish Snus Reviews for May 2008

Hi Swedish Snus Fans!

I'm enjoying a Goteborgs Rape White portion as I write this. So far, it is maintaining its standing as my #1 favorite Swedish Snus. My second choice is still the General white portion, but I'm thinking of experimenting with something new with my next order from

Last order, I tried a can of the Elixyr Power Energy portion. I need that extra kick in the morning with my coffee I used to get from cigarettes and this looked like the most eye-opening snus I've ever seen. It contains strong portion snus which has a higher nicotine level, taurin and caffeine!  Not the best tasting but does the job.

Combining this with my morning French Roast coffee, I admit I was a little concerned my heart would explode. I'm happy to report it didn't. Since I'm still alive, here are my thoughts and the details on the Power Energy and more.

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Shann said...

Is the Marlboro snus anything comparable to the Camel stuff? (Kind of like an overpowered breath mint with no nicotine content?)

I, too, purchased the Offroad limited Edition when it first came out, only the peach struck me as anything tasty. I guess you can't beat the original General - although Nick'n'Johnny comes close!

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

I have 3 cans of Marlboro they keep giving my wife as free samples.

I'm afraid to try them even to verify how terrible they are compared to Swedish Snus because the guy at my tobacco store said he and a friend tried Marlboro and they both got headaches from it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the General White Portion being one of your favorites. I enjoy it as well. However, both it and General seem to be very heavy on the salt (White Portion seems less salty). I'm a bit concerned about that spiking my blood pressure. Are the other brands less salty tasting? I have not ordered any other brands yet, but have been buying General at my local tobacco store. Funny thing with this product - I lived in Stockholm for 2 years and never tried them there. I guess I didn't know what I was missing.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

To anonymous:

That's the fun with snus: every one's tastes are different! I also taste the salt in the Generals but it doesn't taste excessive to me like RoadKill; I'm sorry, Offroad does.

All snus recipes I'm aware of include some amount of salt as a preservative so you're never going to get away from it completely.

That being said, you may want to try a can of Grovsnus White, Ettan White or Skruf Portion. On the lower end, I seem to remember Knox as not being too salty either.

Nick and Johnny (the original round cans) wasn't too salty. I just got my latest order in today and had them throw in a Camel-shaped can of Nick and Johnny East. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't rate it for you. I also (very nervously) bought a roll of Philip Morris 1847 and a roll of Jakobssons Ice-Fruit Snus.

I usually test new snus by the can but both the Philip Morris and the Jakobssons were recommended highly and with having free shipping up until last Friday, I took a gamble. Sweden to Texas in 4 business days once again!

When I've finished my two open cans (General White and Goteborgs Rape'), I'm going to try all three and I'll write a review with my thoughts on them.

In the meantime, hope the other suggestions help, but purchase a can or two of each; not a roll, until you find the ones you're happy with.

Happy Snusing!

Mr. Unloadingzone

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Damn you, anonymous! I just popped in a General White portion and now it tastes salty to ME! :-)

I guess I'll be opening the Philip Morris a little earlier than I planned.....

Sincerely, Mr. Unloadingzone

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Damnation! Sorry - I didn't mean to turn your taste buds on to the saltiness. I plan on ordering next week and will include your suggestions in my order. Keep us posted on the Phillip Morris. I might even give that a try. I ran out of General today and had to stop and buy Camel Original at the 7-11. I couldn't even leave it in for 5 minutes. Quite a foul tasting concoction it turns out to be. Sort of like Diet Coke watered down with a bodily fluid - not that I've ever tasted that.

Now the big question - do I tell my wife that I've picked up this habit? I've managed to be smoke-free for 5+ years but seeing the Camel Snus on sale brought me to your website and beyond my will power. Damn you, Mr. Unloadingzone, - you've turned me on to something that I really enjoy. I feel like a teenager sneaking a smoke, but it's just my little secret now. If I could just get my hands on a can of General right now. I'm stuck in a city/state where that's not available for a few more days. Let this be a lesson to you - don't run out. I've decided to just wait until I can get back home and pick up my General. The Camel really is that bad.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

It's OK, anonymous. I was looking for an excuse to try the Jakobsson's Ice Fruit early and you gave it to me. I'll save my comments on it for the next review.

As to your wife, tell her about me. I started smoking when I was about 13 and never looked back. My wife's parents both smoke like chimneys but ironically, she and her 4 brothers and sisters never picked up the habit. She hates the smell of cigarette smoke, especially on my clothes and on me.

When RJ Reynolds came out with Eclipse, the smokeless cigarettes, there was not tobacco smelled a little like burning paper. And I could come in from the garage and actually smoke in the bathroom off my study! It was great...until our genius Governor Perry decided to raise the cigarette tax a dollar a pack. I smoked a carton a week which was now $60!

So I went to off-brand internet cigarettes (you can get used to anything) and it was back out to the garage. And all the other inconveniences the anti-smoking Nazi's put up.

Then I got a free can of Camel Snus (which at least is supposed to made the Swedish way...Marlboro? Who know what their doing?)

Anyway, I had a few portions and with nothing to compare it to, figured it's got nicotine so maybe it will work. I got back on the internet looking for bargains and discovered Swedish snus...and thank God there was a tobacco store 5 minutes away that carried General. I taste of that and the Camel went in the trash and I've never looked back.

Swedish snus is regulated as a food product so there are virtually no carcinogens in it at all. Nicotine, yes, and that won't help your heart, but no carcinogens. And I'm addicted to nicotine. It's more addicting than heroin.

And as to my wife? She likes the way it smells on my breath! She will kiss me when I'm snusing.

Somewhere in my past I stopped smoking for about 5 years but when stress hit, the nicotine cravings came back.

Some people can go months without smoking, go drinking and smoke 2 packs, and then go months without smoking. I hate them.

I am a nicotine addict, I will always be a nicotine addict, and Swedish Snus is the safest, tastiest, and most discrete way to get my fix. With no carcinogens.
I've got the European cancer statistics in one of my earlier posts if you want to show her those numbers too.

Just make sure she understands it's not "chew", it's been pasteurized and is highly regulated in it's production. Who knows, maybe she'll like the smell on your breath to!

If she doesn't like it, tell her it's Swedish snus or Cigarettes: her choice. That should win the day for you.

If you didn't already, make sure you read my FAQ for Folks new to Swedish snus. It will tell you how to take care of it and how to read European expiration date codes.

Austin said...

So I just bought the limited 2008 offroad snus roll without ever trying it before. Ive had camel snus and I do enjoy it and I read some of your stuff about how much better swedish snus is and I had to try it.

I ordered this before reading that you absolutely hate offroad, I will definitely try other brands... but.... is this stuff really that bad? Is it a downgrade from camel, what do you think?

I really just wanted to try the hot honey flavor, I love spicy and I love honey. If you have time let me know. Thanks.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Austin!

Honestly, NO Swedish snus including Offroad is a downgrade from Camel.

Camel and especially Marlboro are about as low as you can get.

When reviewing different snus's (and I probably don't say this enough), the review is based on MY personal tastes. There are a lot of people that love Offroad.

That's why I recommend experimenting by buying different snus's that look interesting by the can: not buying a roll (10 cans) until you decide YOU like it.

For my initial research, I bought over 20 different cans of different Swedish snus's. I now buy rolls of my favorite of the month, but still buy cans of new snus's to try and to review.

Another thing about Swedish snus that is very different from cigarettes. When I smoked, I basically smoked the same brand for years. With snus, you're going to find that your "favorite" is suddenly boring some months down the road. You switch to something else and when you come back to your former favorite, it's a new taste experience!

It's called having a "rotation". For example, I wrote that the Goteborgs Rape was my favorite fruit flavored snus. And it was....for about 6 months.

I switched to Jacobsson's Ice Fruit and love it.....for now. In 4-6 months, I'll get the Goteborgs again and love it as much as I did originally. It's strange, but true. All dedicated Swedish snus users have a "rotation" plus there are new ones to try all the time.

But don't worry, the OffRoad will blow the Camel away!

I'm working on Part 3 of my series on how American tobacco companies are selling substandard product at insane prices compared to Swedish snus. Part 3 is about RJRT and Camel Snus. Keep an eye out or it.

And thanks for visiting my Blog!

Austin said...

I'm thinking I probably will buy that 24 variety pack on the buysnus website and split it with a buddy. I'll definitely keep an eye out for your new blogs, thanks for all the information!


Anonymous said...

Bravo, your idea it is magnificent

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"