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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snus FAQ for Folks New to Swedish Snus

I'm working hard on Part 2 of my Swedish Snus Review.....just for you, of course. I'm not enjoying it a bit. Ha!

In the meantime, I wanted to answer some questions readers have left or emailed me about. Swedish Snus is still not that common in the United States yet so there is some confusion.

First of all, Swedish Snus and the new American Snus's only share a few very broad common similarities:

  • They are an oral tobacco product which requires no spitting; thus very discreet.

  • Unless labeled nicotine-free, both Swedish and American Snus contain some amount of nicotine; although American Snus is usually much lower in nicotine to encourage cigarette smokers to use BOTH products: not REPLACE cigarettes with snus.

  • Both Swedish and American Snus are available in some sort of pouch. Most Swedish and a few American Snus's also come "loose".

That's about it. From there, Swedish and American Snus's diverge significantly, to the detriment of American Snus (and American Snus users).

This is very important because, unlike cigarettes which all basically have the same risk factors, what you DON'T know about the differences between Swedish Snus and American snus CAN KILL YOU.
Now on to your specific questions:

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ammundsen said...

I used to dip American snuff, Kodiak and Cope. When I learned about snus I gave it a try. And now I love it. The flavor is in many ways more subtle, but also more complex. If you are used to the strong wintergreen of Kodiak then snus might disappoint at first. But if you keep with it you'll find it is actually a much more sophisticated tasting product.

I like General snus. Lately I've been ordering Ettan, LD Original (very inexpensive brand), and Offroad Wintergreen. Their are some nice liquorish flavored snuses that are fun every once in a while.

As for ordering I've used and been fairly happy. I order 4 rolls at a time. Shipping is around $45 plus $10 to clear customs. I freeze some of the snus to keep it fresher since I order so much.

Francis Pounds said...

Sir, Wow.

Snus is amazing. Purchased Wise and Lucky Strike. Wow.

James said...

Hello, I am college, former smoker and a beginning snuser. I try to put in my upper lip but the pouche wouldn't hold. Some people like like me don't have the lip size to do it. So I would put the snus pouche in my lower right jaw and same on my left jaw. I heard some crazy ideal to prevent mouth cancer is to clean your teeth and mouth regularly for prevention after use, because are mouths can heal faster than our lungs. It is bad way to snus? Please give your best opinion on snusing.
Thank you.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi James!

So long as we're talking about real snus; not chewing tobacco and not Marlboro "snus"; Real snus is pasteurized during the manufacturing process which virtually eliminates the TSNA's (carcinogins). Long term studies have shown Swedish snus users have the lowest oral cancer rates in Europe. Mouth cancer is an issue with "chew" or "dip" tobacco because they are high in TSNA's. To be clear, I'm not stating snus is "safe".....just that it has the least, if any, TSNA's of any other tobacco product. In part one of my series on Marlboro and Camel snus, I give links to sites containing many of these studies. Check them out.

As to the cleaning, snus actually lowers the ph in your mouth which is good. I've never heard that additional brushing or cleaning prevents any kind of cancer. Your gums will recede a bit from using snus. It doesn't hurt to alternate the side of the mouth you put it in.

If you want to do place it in your upper lip and are using regular size portions, you might want to try mini's. I don't know much about the pros or cons of using your lower jaw. It's not a common practice but I also never read anything negative about it.

And remember, the above applies to Swedish snus or snus made the way the Swedes do only. Enjoy your SWEDISH snus!

Mr. Unloadingzone

A.A. said...

Wow! Thank you for the quick and personal reply!

I just got my shipping confirmation, and my snus should be here in about a week. I got Offroad's 10 pc. pack (I am dying to try the honey and strawberry flavors), and also two each of the CatchDry mini portion flavors.

Your blog is favorited... and you can bet when I move back to Pennsylvania in a month I'll be passing it out to my smoker friends who are up in arms over the new non-smoking laws.

Thanks again!

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

My pleasure!

If you like flavored snus, you may want to try on your next order the Goteborgs Rape' or Rape #2, The Probe Whisky, or one I was really surprised I liked so much because I'm not a big mint fan, the Jakobssons Ice Fruit. Subtle mint and a hint of blueberry too!

Swedish snus is great! It tastes great, there's a huge variety, virtually no carcinogins, but nicotine!

You can use it anywhere, no one notices, no odor, no spitting.....I love it! Which means they'll make it illegal soon. I hope NOT!!!!!!

Enjoy and thanks for the kind words about my blog!

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"