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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Camel SNUS and Marlboro Snus: U.S. Tobacco Users Being Made FOOLS of by Big Tobacco: Part 2 of 3

NOW it's time to take a hard look at the tobacco industry and ESPECIALLY Philip Morris USA, who embarrassed America to snus lovers world-wide with their current so-called snus product, Marlboro snus and their original, even worse debacle with Taboka ....I can't even stomach putting the word "snus" after it.

And the cliff-hanger about Philip Morris USA and snus I promised in Part One of this series is contained right here in Part Two! DON'T READ'll spoil it for yourself!

And we'll bring RJR Tobacco and Camel snus into the picture to foreshadow Part Three! But first lets start with America's perception of tobacco.



The Snus Guru

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Chris D. said...

I have only ordered once but it I ordered 5 various tins and the shipping cost around $2.50. My total order was $22.50 and it offers standard mail which is 5-6 buasiness days and I received it in exactly that much time.

I have quit smoking now for 3 weeks thanks to Snus and my throuat nose lungs chest have never felt better. I turn 30 this year and have been smoking for 14 years. Its been too hard to do it cold turkey and this has been a great alternative to keep me from going back to smoking.

Your article was awesome by the way. A lot of really good information.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Thanks, Chris!

Isn't Swedish Snus great? I don't miss cigarettes at all to the point of I don't even think about them anymore! I could have never stopped smoking (and I did try) without it and I've been smoking "a little" longer than you.

Thanks on the article. I've been in contact with Swedish Match recently (they make General, Ettan, Goteborgs, Nick & Johnny, Catch and more: they're the largest Swedish Snus manufacturer around).

In fact, their new General Sterk (which was announced RIGHT AFTER I put in my last order with is FIRST on the list for my next order!

I've received their permission to publish a couple of the emails I received from them in response to questions I had (the other emails are top secret): they've got GREAT information in them! Coming soon..........

And isn't it nice not to have to stop what you're doing to go find a "legal" place to smoke when the nicotine urge kicks in? Swedish Snus is wonderful!

Keep in touch and give me YOUR reviews on the different Swedish Snus's you bought! I'd love to get your opinions!


Mr. Unloadingzone

Rick said...


I just wanted to send an e-mail to kind of introduce myself and say that

I am a new snus user and have enjoyed reading your opinions and reviews on snus.

I also live in the DFW area and did not know what snus was until an employee of mine showed me some of the Marlboro (wants to pretend its) snus. At the time we didn't know anything about snus. In fact we thought you use it like snuff and we were spitting.

I, being curious to know about snus, began searching the internet and found out we didn't need to spit and more importantly found out that it origianted in Sweden and that the Swedish snus was supposedly much much better than what big-tobacco was trying to push.

I also came across your opinions and reviews on snus.

I ended up purchasing a portion try-out box from and received it in less than a week (and that included the 4th of July weekend). I got a whole assortment of snus that I have only begun to try. At first I planned on trying only 1 can at a time. I started with Ettan portion. I wanted to know what true unadulterated Swedish snus tasted like. I have to say I came to enjoy the Ettan quite a bit.

I also purchased the limited edition Offroad snus which came with 2 cans of wild strawberry, hot honey, eucalyptis, orange, and brandy alexander. The list of flavors excited me and I wanted to try a can of the Offroad as soon as I finished the Ettan. I tried the brandy alexander and after about 2 minutes or less had to immediately spit it out. Just down right horrible and to me tasted extremely too salty. I have also tried one of the wild strawberry and one of the eucalyptis and though not horrible, they still taste too salty to me and I am not sure I even want to try the rest of the flavors (but I will at least once).

I decided to open up a can of Grovsnus portion and so far I like it much better then the flavored Offroad cans. Now I have 5 unopened cans of different flavored Offroad snus that I will probably end up disposing of if I can't pawn them off. I read a few of your comments on some other Offroad flavors and was curious if you have tried the limited edition flavors at all. Did the Offroad cans you sampled taste salty to you?

Anyway, keep the snus articles and reviews coming. I enjoy them.


Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Rick, I started out trying Swedish Snus pretty much the same way you did. I bought 20 or so different types and manufactures and flavors.

And like you, I was excited by the OffRoad selection of flavors. Fortunately, I only purchased four different cans/flavors on my first order.

Unfortunately for me, there was no Mr. Unloadingzone type to give me taste advice.

My experience with OffRoad is exactly the same as yours: terrible. You think they taste salty used correctly? I accidentally bit into one and almost choked on the salt!

I thought the flavor (when you could taste it) was artifical, weak, salty, and terrible. With the vanilla all I could taste was salt and paper. I even tried putting two portions in my mouth; then I could almost taste a little vanilla...I think.

That's why I affectionately call OffRoad "RoadKill". I ended up throwing most of it out.

I must say in fairness though, that both yours and my tastes are just that: our tastes.

I've visited some snus forums where lots of people LOVE OffRoad!

So whenever taking anyone's advice on the taste of a particular snus (even my advice) remember that taste is in the mouth of the beholder...or something like that.

If you're curious, by a CAN and make sure you like it before you buy a roll (10 cans). Frankly, I hate throwing anything away.

Most of those 4 cans of OffRoad I threw out was a tough thing to do. If I had bought a ROLL? I would have thrown it out.....and then killed myself.

Billy E. White said...

Greetings. I like BOTH Swedish AND American SNUS. I am not saying American SNUS is REAL SNUS but I like it as a tobacco product. Swedish wise, I like Roda Lacket Loose & Prima Fint Loose. I tried and like Skoal Dry Menthol. I have Camel SNUS Frost & Spice coming in the mail. But I want something else.

ATTN: Austin, TX residents. If anyone is interested in setting up a deal with me where you can send me some Marlboro SNUS products, I will pay for everything and also buy you a satisfactory amount of whatever tobacco product you like. It is pretty much like getting free tobacco for going to the store and by the post office for me. I will mail you money ordered and a package to mail back to me. All I want is several Marlboro SNUS products and I will exchange a FAIR DEAL with you. If you are interested please e-mail me at:

Thank You.
-Billy E. White

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"