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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snus: Letters from Sweden on Swedish Snus #2

Here's the Second Letter from our friend in Sweden, David, on Swedish Snus. Keep in mind that the average snus user in Sweden uses 2.5 cans per week. I use 1-2 cans a week, generally, about a can and a half. David uses 1 can PER DAY! He is at the more exteme end of snus use.

Thank you for reading my long email, it's always fun to see someone bringing the word of our great tobacco to the world, as the EU and the larger Tobacco industries are fighting us every step of the way, they would prefer it not existed at all.

since snus is a big thing in this country, the dentists of sweden know all the facts about snus and what it does to your mouth.

according to my dentist not every one get theese receding gums however most do, for some it takes years, for others it takes months. This depends on how thick the gums are, how much you use, where you use it and the resistance of the gums.

All users get what they call "elefantskin" under the lip, this meens that it gets rougher and harden. now to your question, loosing theeth becouse of snus is an old myth, you can not burn away the gum around the teeth since the snus only hurts the area where you put it.

a point made by my dentist is that it's irreversable, once you fuck up the gums you are screwd, this is why they hate it, but the fact accualy is that the snus users often have better mouth health then none tobacco users.

this is becouse the PH-Value in the mouth lowers and bacterias and (don't know english term, we call it theeth stones) gets a hard time surrviving.

i myself never have drilled or had any dental problems in my life exept the receding gum which can only lead to pain while drinking hot or cold bevreges, ergo you are more receptive to chills and brainfreeze easier, but this is just for a minority.

To sum it all up, your dental health will be improved while using snus, exept the gums and the whiteness of your teeth of course.

What you can do about the receding gums is to switch sides, this is importent if you are a heavy user like me - 1 can a day or more- even though all snus users have thier favorite side it's good to let the gums rest.

Feel free to add the e-mail- i bet it's hard to find answears in english on the webb, so if you have anymore questions you would like me to answear don't heasitate asking, keep up the blogg Mr. Unloadingzone!

p.s if you worry about what snus might cause, what always calms me down is that the general life length of a snus user and a non nicotine user is the same, and no terminal disease can be linked to snus.

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Anonymous said...

I have some gum recession from dipping. But I think it is mostly from brushing. I brush too hard and that will wear down your gums faster than my one a day can of dip (now snus). The worst part is I used to brush more cause I thought I should since I dipped. Truth is dip actually is good for your mouth as the swede points out. It creates a good PH in your mouth.

I might eventually need surgery. Yuck. I'm kinda surprised that there isnt a better solution. I remember reading about a drug whose side affect was to cause your gums to grow. Sounds useful. What about stem cells? I even ready about this medical procedure for a finger. Would this not work on recessed gums?

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Just remember, if by "dipping", you are referring to something like Copenhagen, you're talking about something completely different from snus.

Copenhagen and the like have never been steam pasteurized like snus. They still have all the dangerous micro-organisms and carcinogens.

Snus's only carcinogen is nicotine. All the other micro-organisms have been killed.

While you may have receding gums from dipping, nothing else he said in his letter including the pH balance in your mouth applies. Dip is much more dangerous than snus.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"