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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swedish Match, the Giant of Swedish Snus, gives Mr. Unloadingzone the FACTS combating the RUMORS!

As you can tell from the Marlboro "snus" official FAQ's in Part Two of my Series on "Camel Snus and Marlboro Snus: U.S. Tobacco Users being made FOOLS of by Big Tobacco" there is a lot of misinformation on what snus is, who makes what, and a whole bunch of other related items.

Wait until your read my comments on the Camel "SNUS" official FAQ's in Camel SNUS Part Three!

When you have questions or want to get facts on the best cigars in the world, you go to Cuba.

When you have questions on the best Snus in the world (and to debunk rumors), you go to Sweden and in particular, Swedish Match.

If you've ever tried or heard of of Swedish Snus brands like:
Catch, Ettan, General, Göteborgs, Grovsnus, Kronan, Nick & Johnny, Onico, Piccanell, Prismaster, Probe, Röda Lacket, Tre Ankare , or Vertigo, then you've tried or heard of a Swedish Match Brand snus!

Swedish Match is by far the largest producer of snus in the Scandinavian markets. Their major markets include Sweden, Norway, the US, and South Africa.

Below are excerpts from a series of emails my new friend Asa of Swedish Match and I exchanged. Much has been redacted, as it still isn't public knowledge.....except to Swedish Snus insiders like Mr. Unloadingzone (OK, it would be NICE to be an insider: grant me this one delusion). But what I am publishing answers some very important questions once and for all:

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Snusfully yours,

Mr Unloadingzone
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1 comment:

Colin said...

Mr. U! I was just ordering more snus, and checking my email, and there you were!

I really like the general and LD products.

I'm ordering both of those goteborg products, too
im trying the general sterk, and the LD gold too
oh, and the general onyx

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"