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Friday, April 18, 2008

Maher Maso clearly the superior candidate against scandal-ridden Matt Lafata in Frisco Mayor's Race

With all the public outcry over scandal plagued Frisco Mayoral Candidate Matt Lafata, his opponent, Maher Maso, has gotten less mention than deserved.

Maso, former Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman until term-limited out, is clearly the superior choice in ability, performance, vision and knowledge. But Lafata know Marketing.

Will the deluge of late-breaking allegations against Lafata be his undoing?

Maher Maso versus Matt Lafata: Substance over Style.

Will proven abilities, proven successes and superior abilities beat out slick marketing? Ordinarily, absolutely. But with 40,000 new residents in Frisco since Maso stepped down due to City mandated term-limits, will the truth get out to them in time?

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