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Monday, October 13, 2008

Triumph Snus Still a Go, According to Lorillard

There has been speculation of late the Lorillard is having second thoughts on their Triumph Snus product.

Product quality certainly isn't an issue: Swedish Match makes it for them in Sweden to at a minimum, the strict Swedish Government Standards, and at best, to GothiaTek® standards.

Taste? This so-called American versus Swedish taste preference issue? It never existed until RJRT aggressively went after the American market with Camel SNUS.

They are still test-marketing, but are in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Oakland, Orlando, Portland, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC and even in select Sheetz stores. That's 19 Cities plus the Sheetz stores, wherever they are.
Triumph Snus is STILL only in Ohio and Georgia.
RJRT put up a very web 2.0 site dedicated to marketing Camel SNUS; blurring it in with Swedish Snus where ever possible.

Lorillard's website, which looks like a weak 10 year old Corporate website, doesn't even mention Triumph Snus everywhere I looked.

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Sean said...

They use flash (and lots of graphical eye-candy), but not anywhere close to 'web 2.0'. Mostly post-backs. Web 2.0 is primarily ajax. To gain some opertunaties you really need to hang low on all the hatorade. (you really sound at times like an unpleasant angry old man, even on the snuson forums as others have commented) Please check your grammar and spelling on each post. With all the "activity" your blog gets, I may be the only one that comments.. You need to be more a little more objective to get return activity, and actually make some money from all the time you are investing in this... Other than that, good job my fellow Texan.

Neal said...

Great point about the whole "American taste preference" idea. I've heard of so many new American snus products talking about how their products are tailored to unique American tastes.

Bottom line, as you said:

Americans can and will appreciate traditional Swedish snus for its taste and quality.

Furthermore, traditional Swedish snus offers a variety of flavors and formats that offer enough variety to cover the American market.

Also, by emulating the flavours of American dip, American snus manufacturers may be limiting their target audience.

Keep up the good work on this blog. Thanks.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Neal!

Thanks for visiting and your comments! Swedish Snus is everything you said (and I said). I just hope too many people new to snus don't get sucked into the "American snus/American taste" propaganda. For their sakes.



Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Sean!

Thanks for the feedback: seriously. I don't have a proof-reader, spell/grammar check software is far from perfect, and I've got so much going on, I'm apparently proof-reading too quickly. Sadly, I'm also human too.

I do feel a little guilty about one thing though. When you critiqued my spelling and grammar, I noted with some amusement that
your comment was loaded with spelling errors.

I thought about fixing them, but I don't practice editorial control on reader comments. If I post them, I post them as you wrote them exactly.

If your intend was to highlight my spelling errors, I would have sanitized that. If you were just careless, then your comment is posted exactly as you wrote it.

On the web part, I assume you're talking about Camel even though this comment is under the Triumph article. You have to admit, though, that the difference between the Camel Snus site and the Lorillard site is night and day.

As to the "hatorade"'s called strong opinions. I'm something of an activist at heart. I don't like injustice and what Camel SNUS is doing, for example, offends me at a visceral level. I express that. If you don't enjoy what I write, then by all means don't read it.

Forums and Blogs are two completely different animals with two different purposes.

Professional Forums excepted, I'm a Blogger.

I don't censor MY opinions in my writing to be politically correct or what would be the point in writing them in the first place?

My views may change over time (like on OffRoad of late...I think V2 is going to clean up in the American market and I'm even rethinking the formerly-hated iPhone!) but as of the date-stamp of any post, I'm saying how I feel and/or what I've learned and do so in my own "special" way.

To change that to be politically correct? In the Northeast where I'm originally from we would call that being a hypocrite.

I haven't been on your forum in quite a while except to respond to messages. Much too busy. Say Hi to everyone there for me.

I was never concerned with making money with this ugly, badly SEOed blog. I love to write and as the heading says, about whatever interests me at the time. It was my stress reliever.

And like you, people don't always post their comments under the article in question. Look at my first snus post as just one example: I wrote it almost a year ago because it interested me. It has over 40 comments on it, some as fresh as a week ago. And many relate to other posts.

That post also regularly appears on page 1 of a Google search on Camel SNUS...sometimes right underneath Most of my other snus posts rank high on Google searches too....which amazes me considering it's SEOed as a "any and all subject blog". I also get a ton of email which I respond to also.

There's a lot of interest and curiosity about snus right now and I DO love Swedish Snus... and HATE the misinformation, more than a little of it intentional, populating the Internet trying to dupe especially Americans, who are largely unfamiliar with Swedish snus (I was or I would have quit cigarettes for Swedish Snus years ago).

So it's a win/win/win: my current and new snus articles plus a LOT more things related and of interest to Snus and Snus users will be on the uber-snus site. Snus is getting the proper home it and especially my readers and the public deserve.....and the uber-snus site is going to absolutely awesome! I think even YOU will be impressed :-).

Oh, uber-snus is the code name; not the domain name so don't be distressed if you don't find it.
I'll publish the real site name and address once I turn it on.

The Loading Zone I plan to re-do in WordPress and get it back to it's original mission as a general subject blog. I have lost a lot of readers who visited because of my political, gadget, and other topics articles. And I miss writing about them too.

For example, I got to play with Google's Android wireless phone last won't be on the market for a few days yet through T-Mobile and Sprint...and speak with one of the developers. But I don't have the TIME to blog a post on it!

As to the ROI, I love to write, which is why I started blogging in the first place. In the process, I've learned a lot about website design. I've made some great friends, learned new things, and have had a blast. It is absorbing more of my time than originally planned, but that's just temporary until I get everything reorganized.

This is FUN and started as a STRESS RELIEVER for me, not some "get rich quick" scheme site.

The day it STOPS being fun is the day I stop posting.

If other people enjoy or find value in what I write and how I write about it (on any topic) that's really gratifying and icing on the cake. But again, if you think I'm selling "hatorade" (catchy word...I'm going to use it in the future), don't read my work.

In the case of Swedish Snus, if in some small way, I can combat some of the snus propaganda certain people, groups, and companies are vomiting out, all the better.

If you haven't already, read my post on "Code Deficit Disorder". It's funny, but there's a lot a truth into the origins of this blog and especially its "unique" look.

Again, thanks for the feedback and good talking to you again! Give everyone at your forum my best.

Take care!


Aaron said...

I realized that Triumph Original is sweetened Röda Lacket white portion in star formation!! Röda is a favorite of mine, and Triumph is good, but too sweet for me now that I have had my Swedish indoctrination LOL. but seriously, I cracked Triumph original and smelled Röda, but RL is a step in the right direction

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Yep, Swedish match makes them both, only changing the flavoring for Triumph.

I learned something from Swedish Match about another difference with the Triumph which is little less positive...I want to try and confirm with Lorillard before I talk about it...but it has nothing to do with safety: Triumph is made to SM and Swedish quality standards.

Sincerely, Mr. UNZ

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"