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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Epson CX6000 Horror Story Continues

The Epson CX6000 is the worst inkjet printer on the market today. They advertise "approximately" 245 pages per cartridge. I didn't even get 50! In my first post on this printer,Epson CX6000 Drinks Ink: What a Disappointment, I detailed what an ink-guzzler it was. I went on to say the heck with DuraBrite ink, the only way I could get any printing done without taking out a second mortgage was to buy "compatible" ink cartridges.

In my follow-up post,Epson CX6000 Guzzles Ink and NOW Blocks the Use of Compatible Cartridges! I detailed my experience with "compatible" cartridges which Epson has made INcompatible in the latest version of the CX6000 and it's Vista drivers. I called Tech Support at a few other ink distributors and they confirmed that Epson had "changed" something and the formerly "compatible" cartridges no longer worked.

My last option was the "remanufactured" ink cartridge. This is an actual Epson ink cartridge that has been refurbished and filled with ink. Surely that would work!

I called, one of the largest internet distributors of remanufactured ink cartridges for all brands. The person I spoke to assured me that their cartridges would work with the CX6000, although sometimes you had to "reinstall the cartridge" to get the printer to read it. That was not encouraging, but I had an e-coupon for 25% off their already low prices so decided to risk it. Imagine my surprise when all the CX6000 compatible cartridges came up as Out of Stock.

This either meant Inkjet 123's cartridges DID work and everyone was buying them or that they were pulling them off the shelf because they didn't work. Then I looked down to the bottom of the page and saw their Cartridge Recycling Program. Since they remanufacture factory cartridges, it makes sense they would want the empties. I wondered how much they paid for them......and then I saw in bold letters "We Do Not Take Any Epson Cartridges". The only logical reason they would say that is they can't remanufacture an Epson cartridge. "Out of Stock" really meant "Out of Luck".

So what are my options now? I printed one page with a color logo and all my color cartridges went from just under a quarter of a cartridge worth of ink left to a big ! symbol. I paid $79.95 for the Epson CX6000 less than 2 months ago. This past Sunday, the CX6000 was advertised new in the box with ink for $40! It would cost me well over $40 just to replace the ink and it's now a used printer to boot.

As I've said in the past, now is not a good time financially for Mr. Unloadingzone. If it was, I would have bought the color laser I wanted in the first place. I just can't bring myself to throw out a virtually new printer and don't have the money to buy a laser after throwing away the $80 on the CX6000 plus another $16 (plus 8.25% sales tax on both) for a black ink cartridge. And now this printer expects me to buy it three color ink cartridges at Epson's prices? For a capacity of LESS THAN 50 PAGES PER CARTRIDGE??????????

I guess it's time to blow the dust of that old HP laser printer WHICH STILL WORKED AFTER 10 YEARS AND DIDN'T EAT TONER and write this off as a painful lesson learned.

But PLEASE: Learn from my mistake....DON'T BUY AN EPSON ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tags:, , , , , , , , , , , ,
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have the same experience with this piece of trash, very disappointing! Even if you do not use the colored inks you have to change them because for some reason it dries out and it wont print unless all the ink cartridge have ink on them. Such a waste!

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"