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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Epson CX6000 Guzzles Ink AND now Blocks use of Compatible Cartridges!

In my last review of the Epson CX6000 and how it drank ink like a race car drinks fuel, I told you that I refused to buy their DuraBrite Ink and would buy "compatible" ink cartridges for a fraction of the price. Like a bad dream, Epson screwed me again.

After doing a little research, I ordered a 5-pack of CX6000 compatible ink cartridges (3 color and 2 black) for, with shipping, $28 for, also known as Let me state categorically that all my dealings with them have been outstanding and I highly recommend them IF you don't have an Epson CX6000.

The cartridges arrived very quickly and I went to my CX6000 to replace the "empty after less than 50 pages" black ink cartridge. The instructions on the box were straightforward but did warn if the printer did not read the cartridge as being installed, to reinstall it again until it did.

After reinstalling the cartridge 25 times, I began to wonder if maybe I had a bad cartridge. I opened up the the other black ink cartridge and tried to install it......25 more times. No luck. The CX6000 just wouldn't "see" them.

The next day, I called Atlantic Inkjet on their clearly posted toll free #. The woman at Atlantic explained that they had suddenly begun receiving a rash of calls from CX6000 owners complaining that their compatible ink cartridges were not being recognized by the printer. The best they could figure out at this point was that Epson, in their Vista printer software, blocked the installation of non-Epson ink cartridges!

They gave me an RMA, told me not to even bother sending the cartridges back, and credited my account. Again, they were a pleasure to deal with. I emailed them that if they ever solved the problem, let me know and I would happily shop with them again.

Epson, on the other hand, is another story. Having no other choice, I went to my retailer with the best price on DuraBrite cartridges: CompUSA, and bought 1 black ink cartridge for $16.99. I have a question for you, Epson: why does the black ink cartridge cost $3-$4 dollars more than the color ink cartridges when they all hold exactly the same amount of ink???? Could it be because people use more black ink and you're profiteering?

I installed the Epson black ink cartridge which the printer instantly recognized but wasn't printing black. I went through the charging and cleaning the heads routine a few times and it worked. Then I looked at my ink levels. Printing four little color grids as part of the head cleaning process had drained my three color inks 25%!!!!

I checked my receipt to confirm I was past the return period. I was. Even if I wasn't, Best Buy (and pretty much all retailers) charge you for the ink cartridges if opened when you return a printer. In the end, it would probably cost me more to return the printer than to throw it in the trash where it belongs.

Epson, where do you get off blocking my use of non-Epson printer cartridges? If I use one that breaks my printer and voids my warranty, that's my problem and I accept that. But who are you to DICTATE that I MUST use your over-priced ink cartridges?

In a recent landmark legal case concerning an individual who hacked the iPhone so he could use it on a non-ATT carrier, the court ruled Apple had no inherent right to dictate what carrier the iPhone could be used on. The could set it for ATT, but if someone who legally purchased the phone was able to hack around that, Apple and ATT had no recourse. I hope the courts go after printer manufacturers next.

I understand the "give away the razor to make money on the blades" theory of marketing, but if someone else makes a blade that fits that razor and can do so without violating any patents, then too bad for you! I ask again: Who are you to DICTATE that I MUST use your over-priced ink cartridges....especially since you advertise 245 pages per cartridge and I can't even get 50!

I bought an inkjet instead of a color laser based on light projected use and the fact that my old Canon BJ100 used to run eight months on a single ink cartridge. I should have bought another Canon or an inexpensive color laser. But your ink-guzzling CX6000 was on sale at Best Buy, the reviews I read didn't mention ink-guzzling, and (shame on you, Best Buy) the only printer "expert" in the store was out to lunch.

So I warn you all: LEARN from my Mistake! Don't EVER by an Epson CX6000! In fact, if you want to use 3rd party ink, DON'T EVER buy an Epson printer!!! What they did with the 6000's software they will probably do with all the other models (if they haven't already). In fact, I would exhort you to BOYCOTT ALL EPSON PRODUCTS!!!!!!! There are MUCH better alternatives to anything they make out there. It's too late for me but not for you. Let the buyer beware! Tags:, , , , , , , , , , ,
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heidimom said...

Is that even legal?

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Mrs. Unloadingzone
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