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Saturday, August 11, 2007

TNG Enterprises Named by Entrepreneur Magazine as #182 of the 500 Fastest-Growing Businesses in America

The below is a press release about TNG Enterprises. Why should you, or more importantly, why should I care about TNG Enterprises? Well, it turns out I'm a satisfied customer of theirs. If you scroll down the center column of this blog under "Websites and Blogs I Like and YOU SHOULD TOO!, you'll come to a site called It's where I get my darling nieces and nephews their birthday and Christmas gifts. I don't have kids, don't want kids, and don't even really like kids but for some reason they like me. That's why I'm glad I live at least 1500 miles away from the little darlings.

Scroll up the column two listings and you'll share my incredulity that , another TNG website, actually sells the world's largest jigsaw puzzle called "Life". You can't have much of one yourself if you can assemble a 24,000 piece jigsaw puzzle!!!!! And people actually buy this! It was on their "Deal of the Day" page for $220 this past Friday. It's regularly $300! And according to the counter, five people bought it! Shut-ins? Convicts? People with less of a life than I have? Amazing.

I did learn a few things from the press release. TNG is launching three new websites shortly that I'm sure I'll be patronizing: will come in handy when my sister-in-laws inevitably start popping out more babies; where maybe I can find something for ME; and my favorite: My brother and sister in laws haven't seen the inside of any church in decades, let alone their kids. Won't they hate me but be unable to complain when I start sending Christian-themed toys and gifts to their kids! Well, somebody has to at least make the effort to bring them to Jesus. It might as well be me.

Anyway, like I said, I'm a satisfied customer. They have a huge selection at great prices, ship quick, and gift-wrap. All I have to do is press a few credit card is on file, and I'm done with my kid shopping. So as a thank you to TNG Enterprises, I'm posting your press release. By the way, another thing I learned is that they have offices in Dallas. All the bills I received listed New Jersey. I wonder if they pay a decent salary? Yea, right...the guy who hates kids selling toys. That sounds like fun! Well, here's their press release and best of luck on the new websites, guys!

TNG Enterprises Named by Entrepreneur Magazine as #182 of the 500 Fastest-Growing Businesses in America

Marlboro, New Jersey, August 10, 2007 — TNG Enterprises Inc., announced this week that it has been recognized for its innovative approach to e-commerce by Entrepreneur Magazine. TNG was named #182 of the top 500 private companies in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot 500” list of the Fastest Growing Businesses in America.

"The entire team at TNG is honored to be acknowledged by Entrepreneur Magazine for our success in e-Marketing and Product Fulfillment.” said TNG Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Richard Yoss. "We have been very quick to adapt to the online multi-channel marketplace and have developed technology and processes to help us fulfill and process orders rapidly with an extremely high level of service.”

TNG Expands Dramatically in 2007

The core of TNG’s retail business has been its three flagship websites:, and “We were an early adopter to e-commerce and on-line retailing. We focused on the niche products which were mostly overlooked by the big guys” Yoss explains. TNG is now turning its efforts to retail fulfillment for manufacturers either without a retail web presence, or who find that maintaining that presence takes too many resources away from their core logistics of moving product by the pallet load, not the piece. TNG has been an integrated drop-shipper for over two years and has expanded that model and added variations to service half a dozen product manufacturers.

TNG also launched, a business IT sourcing company and, a nationwide seller and installer of digital message centers for business. Both these companies have their own outside sales forces.

By 4th quarter 2007, TNG will have launched three new websites:, and

Asked by Entrepreneur to define success, Yoss answered “Profitability and growth of course, but we measure true success when we exceed our customers’ expectations and we see repeat customer orders.

About the Entrepreneur “Hot 500”

The Hot 500 rankings are compiled with the help of the Corporate Research Board, a research organization. Entrepreneur and CRB started with CRB’s database of more than 10 million U.S. businesses and considered only those business that met the following criteria: Must have been founded no earlier than 1998 and no later than 2002; Company sales in 2002 must be $1 million or greater; 2006 sales must not exceed $1 billion; Must have positive job growth between 2002 and 2006; Must have a minimum level of sales growth or a sales growth quantifier of 1 or higher between 2002 and 2006: the growth quantifier is a measurement that combines percentage and absolute growth.

To be eligible, the founder must be actively involved in the company, the company cannot be a spinoff or a division of a larger company, and the company sales for 2006 must be at least $1 million. From this list, the “Hot 500” was selected.

About TNG Enterprises, Inc.

TNG Enterprises and its subsidiaries currently maintain office and warehouse space in Spotswood, NJ and Dallas, TX. The company was founded and financed by Lynn and Richard Yoss in February, 1999. Sales for 2006 were $3.7 million.

Press Contact:
William Van Jahnke
phone: 214-951-7922
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