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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SnusCENTRAL Islay Whisky Snus News Seminar!

Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States Larry Waters takes a comprehensive look at Islay Whisky Snus and its creator, Conny Andersson.

He also unveils new Islay Whisky Snus versions coming out this year, other new snuses Mr. Andersson is designing, and yes, he even addresses the issue of fire-cured tobacco and TSNA's.

This insider's look into the world of snus is a must-view for any serious Swedish snus user around the world.  The HOME of Everything Snus Related Add to Digg DiggIt! Reddit Reddit Stumbleupon Stumble This Google Bookmarks Add to Google Bookmarks Yahoo My Web Add to Yahoo MyWeb Technorati Add to Technorati Faves Slashdot Slashdot it

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