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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bill Godshall Strikes Back at Anti-All-Tobacco Zealots on WIBA radio

Bill Godshall is a 30 year outspoken anti-cigarette activist.  Where Mr. Godshall differs from from most others of his type is that he is rational.  First of all, he knows that telling nicotine addicted tobacco users of all kinds that they must quit cold turkey and forever is a no-win and cruel strategy.

While still fighting hard against cigarettes, Bill gets that other nicotine delivery systems don't harm those around you and are much less harmful than cigarettes. 

Today, he supports smoke-free tobacco of which Swedish Snus has the least potential risk.  Swedish Snus is 99% less harmful than cigarette smoking.  Forty years of studies and the living laboratory of Scandinavia prove this. 

In 1970, the Swedish Government began regulating Swedish snus as a food product.  This has resulted in products with only 1% the harm potential of cigarettes....and Sweden has the lowest rate of cigarette use in the world at only 11%.

Godshall is also a big proponent of Electronic Cigarettes; commonly know as e-cigs, vapor tobacco, and other catchy names.  Bill will fight to the death to stop cigarette smoking, but will also fight for the rights of tobacco users and the nicotine addicted.

Bill did an interview on WIBA radio recently.  He pulled no punches when it came to the anti-all-tobacco lunatic zealots.

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