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Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You for Chewing our Nicotine Gum!

Anti-Tobacco groups hate any type of tobacco but embraces Big Pharma with their nicotine gum, patches and high failure rate.

Ironically, kids may be the most likely to use nicotine gum! It's sold openly in stores like Walmart and with great flavors like Cinnamon Surge, White Ice Mint, and Fruit Chill, what child or teenager could resist cramming in a mouthful of 4mg/nicotine Nicorettes?

Those flavors go great with Power Drinks. Just what under-age Gamers need to keep them sharp!

The only thing sillier is the link to the website where they use LASERS for Smoking Cessation...and teeth whitening...and weight loss. Must be some laser!

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J. DaCapo said...

Nicotine gum sounds like a great chewing tobacco alternative - I mean, after all, it's chewed EXACTLY the way chew tobacco is.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Except nicotine gum is not marketed or designed to be a replacement for chewing is a pharmaceutical product strictly designed for smoking cessation programs lasting 12 weeks. Right? Big Pharma would NEVER try and slip something like that past us, would they?

If it was marketed as an alternative, Congress would have to try and ban it like they are Camel Orbs and Sticks....or electronic cigarettes for that matter.

Plus it would have to be hidden behind the counter, be taxed at a higher rate, and real tobacco users would never use it as a replacement.

Even as a smoking cessation tool, nicotine gum and patches have an 80%+ failure rate.

But CHILDREN???????

Children LOVE gum! And that's especially what FDA oversight and even the PACT Act are designed to stop.....

Let's many pieces of 4 mg. nicotine chicklets can an ambitious child get into their mouth?

60 mg/nicotine is toxic to adults. I'm willing to bet an 8 year old would find a much lower amount toxic.

Replacing Chewing Tobacco, Moist Snuff or Snus isn't even the issue. They're all at least 98% less harmful than cigarettes.

Helping nicotine addicted cigarette smokers find a virtually harmless replacement is what this is supposed to be making sure smokeless is taxed, of course.

But since Philip Morris literally wrote the legislation, the only one getting the big win in all this is Marlboro cigarettes...the number 1 brand and especially entry level cigarette brand in America.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"