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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tobacco Companies Raise Prices BEFORE the Tax Increase

Here we go again! Washington punitively taxing tobacco for "the children" and (I'm not making this up) to stop Terrorist Tobacco Smugglers!

What this is really all about is using the hated tobacco user as a Guinea Pig to develop the system to tax ALL internet purchases! Follow the money.

We're in a Depression, Sales Tax revenue is down, so lets go to the well again and suck tobacco users dry (except cigars: the cigar tax was LOWERED!). At the same time, use tobacco users to develop a system to tax ALL internet purchases. The States have wanted that since ecommerce was invented.

Ask NY passed a law to force them to collect and pay sales tax on every sale made to NY. Amazon appealed to the NY Supreme Court....and was slammed into the mud. Damn the Constitution, New Your needs MONEY!

And Big Tobacco? They've got a very Machiavellian strategy of their own. It started by Raising Cigarette Prices a MONTH before the Tax Increase takes affect! How's THAT for rewarding brand-loyalty?

First they came for the Cigarette Smoker's Money. I did nothing. Then they came for all tobacco users money (except cigars). I did nothing. Then I went on the internet to buy a computer made made and sold a thousand miles away from me........and the State took MY money. But by then it was too late.

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