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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Dream and Drive: the road gets harder.....

The life of Wilma as told on takes another turn for the worst as she totals her car, is banged up pretty badly, and learns some more unpleasant news. Economic Depression 2009 rolls on...and over Wilma.

Wilma's situation is not unique...she is just one of the few willing to talk about it. Her humor and courage hide an incredibly sad situation as an over-qualified, unemployed woman and her dog fight for survival every day.

Don't pity Wilma and her dog Timmy. Look in the mirror and then help her if you can. Or draw strength from her if you can't. A supportive email wouldn't hurt either.

At least visit through a proxy server if you must. It's a great read. When was the last time you called your mother, anyway? Or gave food to a food pantry.......

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