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Friday, December 5, 2008

Codename Uber-Snus Prevue Launch for YOU Next Week!

You've Waited Long Enough................

The Team at the "Uber-Snus" site decided we have so much content and think up so many new options for you that if we wait until the new Super Snus Site is done to our never will be.

So NEXT WEEK (could be Monday, could be Friday: Depends on how much General Ekstra Sterk we have left....isn't that a great snus?), we will be opening up the site in Beta mode just for you!

I've even got articles posted that you've NEVER seen because they're not posted here! And even with the content loading still incomplete, there is more snus information on Uber-Snus already than what's here on The Unloading why wait any longer?

We have three major pieces of coding to finish. After that, enough of the site will be complete so that you can enjoy it.

Uber-Snus will be an ongoing construction project so there will be new things there for you all the time!

And during Beta-Testing, If there are any features you don't like, you would like that aren't there, questions on how to use the site, things that don't work right, things you absolutely love......SEND US A COMMENT FORM!

We Built this for YOU, we want you to LOVE it, we want it to be your Snus Home away from Home!

Give us your feedback! No later than next Friday, it's all yours! And what you see is only the beginning..............

So keep checking back: The NEXT POST on The Unloading Zone will be the REAL Name, URL and some quick tips on using Uber-Snus!

I Sincerely Thank you for your patience and for your long-time visiting us here. I know that Uber-Snus will make the experience even better!


The Snus Guru

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1 comment:

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Uber-Snus has been revealed as

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"