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Friday, October 31, 2008

Texas Rep. Ken Paxton, District 70, Endorsed by Mr. Unloadingzone

Ken Paxton doesn't really need my endorsement. He has so well represented District 70 and Texas for the last three terms that the Democrat Party isn't even putting up an opponent to challenge him. A wise move since the time, money and effort to support their candidate would have been wasted come the vote count on Election Day evening.

I'm not in the habit of linking to other news sources, but here are Ken Paxton's positions and answers to the Pegasus News Election Survey.

There are other sources I could have cited, but I particularly liked the Pegasus News Survey because, with only 17 questions, they show you what Ken Paxton the person is all about as well as some of his positions.

He answers questions directly, with no vacillating, leaving no room to later say he didn't really "mean" a statement to be taken a certain way. He is plain spoken and has proven since 2002 to be a politician and a man who can be taken at his word.

  • He's open and honest in his political beliefs and has remained consistent.

  • He clearly understands what his role as Representative of District 70 is and focuses on it. Issues falling under the purview of others he leaves for them to answer.

  • This Country is in economic trouble. Real trouble. That already has and is going to continue to affect Texas. Ken Paxton is and has always been a fiscal conservative. He and his colleagues of the Texas Conservative Coalition are exactly the type of people we need in Austin now.

  • Ken Paxton very clearly demonstrates he understands 100% that his role is to represent the people of the 70th District and by extension, the people of Texas; not any other agenda, and has the track-record to prove it.

With those 17 questions and Rep. Paxton's responses, you learn more about him as a person than reading his extensive legislative record, his voting record, his position on various policies, his ratings by various organizations, his endorsements; and demonstrate why Ken Paxton is so popular with his constituents of which I am one.

If you do want to know all specific details, here's Mr. Paxton's Texas State Government Homepage.

I can make these assertions honestly and from personal experience because Mr. Unloadingzone and Mr. Paxton have had an interesting relationship over the years.

My first article concerning Mr. Paxton was actually not very favorable. It concerned one of his Capitol Steps newsletters he sends regularly, but not anywhere near the point of spam, to people living in the 70th District.

Knowing him better now, I realize in re-reading his words that his intent was to inform his constituents up front on a very sensitive issue of contention not only to myself, but to most Texans: an out of control TTC, TxDot, a Governor with his own agenda, and an insult to every Texan: Toll Roads.

Especially converting State Highways, which are supposed to be (and were originally built with and supported by) the "dedicated" gas tax money of Fund 6; their right-of-ways often purchased with the tax money of the cities they ran through: Turning these "State Highways" into Toll Roads every chance TxDot and Governor Perry get.

Toll Roads are a particular issue in Collin County of which many in District 70 live, since we are surrounded by Toll Roads: the Dallas North Toll Way, then the President George HW Bush Toll Way.

The latest outrage was converting State Highway 121, the major highway from US 75 to Fort Worth, into a Toll Road. When the conversion is complete, it will cost a commuter an additional $1800 a year to drive the length of The Governor Rick Perry Tollway (my name choice: currently it's Toll Way 121). I read Mr. Paxton's statement through politically jaundiced eyes and somewhat cynically took it differently then I now realize he intended.

But I was more than a little upset. I not only wrote my article. And others. I emailed his office. And to my surprise, he responded. I published his response too, if for no other reason to show that Mr. Paxton actually took the time to respond to me.

As time went by, I monitored him, published a number of his Capitol Post Newsletters, of course adding my opinion as a preamble (or I just wouldn't be Mr. Unloadingzone), and we also began an email relationship.

There came a time that another political figure so outraged me for completely different reasons, that I filed a complaint with the Texas State Ethics Commission. In preparing my complaint, I had a question and called Austin. The answer I received was so unbelievable that in my complaint, I described the phone conversation in detail and added that, with names redacted, I was copying Rep. Paxton on that particular section which described the procedural phone conversation.

I was contacted my Mr. Paxton's Chief of Staff personally just to let me know he had read it and I should keep him informed of how things progressed. He understood my concern. She also asked me if I'd like to meet Mr. Paxton. I readily accepted, and she scheduled me in for probably a 15 minute at best "meet and greet."

That 15 minutes lasted an hour and a half. I know I completely threw off his schedule by the way his Chief of Staff, first with subtle, than not so subtle hints, began indicating that I had overstayed my welcome.

I believe she was even kicking Mr. Paxton under the table because once she missed and kicked me. I, having no sense of time or direction, continued passionately onward, and Mr. Paxton never once turned his attention from me or in any way gave an indication that he had a schedule to follow.

He listened (as much as this may surprise you, I did much of the talking) and responded to a whole host of issues I brought to the table. Never once did I feel rushed, as though I was inconveniencing him, and by his responses, showed a genuine interest in what I saying and gave me straightforward answers. He was focused on me. His Chief of Staff was focused on me too but for different reasons.

It was only after I left and glanced at my watch that I realized an hour and a half had gone by! No wonder she was so upset with me!

I felt terrible and emailed them not only a thank you note, but a special email to his Chief of Staff apologizing for completely losing track of time and very likely completely ruining Mr. Paxton's schedule for the rest of the day.

She never responded so I must have REALLY gummed up the works for them that day. But if I had other issues and stayed another hour (unless she had me arrested), Ken Paxton, I am absolutely convinced, would have proceeded, relaxed, focused on me, my issues and not even wince at the painful bruising of his shin by his Chief of Staff's pointed shoes.

Ken Paxton is not a "politician". He is a man who has taken on and greatly respects the interests and people of District 70 and Texas. He honors the tradition of service this nation was founded on. He takes his position seriously, the responsibility of his District humbly, yet doesn't back down when it comes to protecting and representing the people of District 70, and on larger issues, Texas itself.

I'm no one special (aside from my interesting bio picture). Any of his constituents with an issue needing his assistance are and would (if they had no sense of time) been treated the same way.

(Please don't do that to him though! It is not meant as a suggestion and I'm willing to bet Ms. Thompson keeps a police officer on stand-by now thanks to me.)

Ken Paxton: he has no agenda beyond being an advocate for his District and State. None of the usual negative connotations one thinks of when it comes to politicians, sadly with good reason in too many cases, are evident in him at all.

Ken Paxton did not treat me as an inconvenience, rush me, or do anything to give any indication that I had over-imposed on his time. And by his answers to my questions, also indicated he was paying attention and hearing everything I was saying or asking......not just giving the appearance of doing so.

I never met with him again at his office, or even came within a block of it since for fear Ms. Thompson would have me arrested, shot, or both. And for good cause: the Chief of Staff's position is not only a responsible one, but an essential one; be it for a business executive or a politician.

She keeps the wheels in motion and that day I not only put I stick between the spokes, but loosened all the lug nuts as well. Again, I truly apologize ruining yours and Mr. Paxton's schedule that day. I honestly had no idea until I left that I had taken that much of his time.

Part of that, though, is Mr. Paxton's fault: a "typical politician" would have very adroitly while shaking my hand vigorously as he pulled me towards the door, ended the meeting after Ms. Thompson's first kick under the table.

And that's why I not only endorse for re-election as State Representative, District 70, but genuinely like Ken Paxton. There may be an issue or two we will have a different opinion on, but at least his opinions are based on what he truly feels is best for the citizens, not himself.

On one hand, he fights and fights hard for the people he represents. At the same time, he treats every citizen he represents as the most important person in the room when you turn to him for guidance, with an issue..... or just to "meet and greet". I think Ben Franklin would have liked Ken Paxton too.

The 2008 Election is a very important one and early voting in Texas was very high. When those of you in District 70 who haven't voted already do so on Tuesday, make sure to vote for Ken Paxton to Represent District 70. If for no other reason, just to say "Thank you, Ken."


Mr. Unloadingzone
November 1st, 2008

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