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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Joe Biden, I know Real Patriots. You are no Patriot...and this week, you weren't even a good Senator.

I've followed Joe Biden off and on over his decades in Washington and he never really impressed me. But this week he, and as a surrogate for Senator Obama just left me speechless...twice.

First, one of his debate statements in the VP Debate.

Second, what's happening in the Senate now, AS YOU READ THIS. And NO LEADERSHIP from either Biden or Obama; not in the Senate this week. And it's about something their campaign claims to CARE about!

Is this an example of what an Obama / Biden administration will be?

I posted this on my Anyone But Hillary in 2008 blog. I have been ignoring politics too much this year. At first because the group of candidates from both parties were so mediocre.

Then I started buying into Ron Paul, but his official campaign was so poorly run, his incredible grass-roots movement was wasted, and he was so ill-prepared for the press.

When they actually got interested in him and gave him coverage because of the grass-roots movement, asked him what was causing it, and he shrugged and said "I don't know"........ And then suspending his campaign to run back to Texas to make sure he didn't lose his Congressional seat? He lost me.

Some real good ideas; so not so good ideas, but those would have never gotten through Congress.
The sad thing is we really needed a Ron Paul in the White House right now.

No, what really disappointed me in the end is that Ron Paul himself never thought he would win the nomination. He was just using the primaries as a soapbox and (he thought) to help his Congressional campaign.

It's why I can't support Libertarians: winning is never a priority for them...and they rarely do because of it. Good ideas don't mean anything if you don't get elected. They never understood that.

And they never understood that fighting to win did not mean you had to compromise your principles. You just had to get in the mud with everyone else and slug it out based on your principles. That was offensive to them.

Anyway, I need to clone myself about 4 times right now to get everything I have in the works done. And subjects like politics and illegal immigration as well as wireless phones have suffered because of it.

I apologize to those readers I haven't lost already because of this.

That's why I'm building a website specifically for snus......the most comprehensive of it's kind. I am a Swedish snus fanatic and apparently so are an overwhelming portion of my readers.

But to do it justice, Snus has outgrown this blog and needs a home of it's own. But wait until you see the uber-Snus website I have under will Blow You Away!

In the meantime, please bare with me. I can't clone myself and I'm working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week on all this now. I just don't have the bandwidth to follow and write about everything that does interest me.

In the end, we all win.....if I don't drop dead from exhaustion first. So click "read more" below and if you like the article, click "digg it" after you're done.

Your very tired friend and host who is doing this all for you, my readers and friends,

Mr. Unloadingzone
Oct 5 2008

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Ray said... just added 3 new sites to their top 10 job site list. (networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to the perfect job)

Theres a perfect job out there for everyone!

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Ray!

Funny, I was just on LinkedIn. I was one of their first members. It's proven to be a great resource over the years professionally and I have a number of Best Answers; many more questions answered that didn't get best answer. I try to give back there too.

Indeed is probably the best job search site around these days. It's free and it aggregates jobs from other job boards so instead of having to check a number of boards, saves a lot of time. A friend turned me onto it about a year ago. I've never heard of but I will certainly give it a look.

There may be a job out there for anyone who wants to work, but not the perfect job. Not in every area and in every case. And not in today's economy.

I overheard a story waiting in line where a gentleman said that he had been multiply interviewed by a company, they liked him, and extended an offer to him at $90K. He accepted. (I don't know what the job was).

THE NEXT MORNING, they called him to say they found a candidate, not quite as good as him, but good enough and would do the job for $70K. They withdrew the offer.

I went through a similar incident. No ego: there simply could not have been a better candidate than I. Not only on skills and experience, But they have a very unique corporate culture and their major concern was if the candidate could work/survive/accomplish anything within their culture. VERY unique.

I had consulted for a year at a smaller company, but with the identical culture! We talked for almost 3 hours! I even knew senior people at this company...I'm a huge admirer of what they do and how they do it and had been trying to get in for 4years. This was the first position that fit.

Again, ego aside, NO ONE could have done for them with that position what I could have. No one.

I didn't get it. Reason? They found someone "acceptable" for less money. And the range I gave them when pressed was LESS than I've made in the past.

It may just be the Dallas/Fort Worth market compared to others. If you look in the classified ads (used to be a just a page) of the Dallas Morning News, under the heading Professionals, it would start with 5-6 columns for truck drivers. Then came accountants, lawyers, etc.

If you're an RN, hospitals were giving away cars to new hires, the demand was so great and still is. And there are plenty of minimum wage and 100% commission sales jobs.

Ironically, I even applied for positions at 30%-50% less than what I was accustom to and told I was "overqualified and would leave at the first better offer" so they wouldn't hire me.

I'm originally from the Northeast and NEVER experienced the Dallas job market or anything like it.

Maybe it is just geographic. Maybe my expertise doesn't fit.

Maybe they don't like the fact that I have a Dog's head...they could be cat people.

But what I have discovered, at least here, is that I'm not alone. And my profile is up on LinkedIn and I have networked with everyone I can think of.

I'm also 50 and anyone who tells you there isn't rampant age discrimination out there is lying.

In fact, on the Q & A on LinkedIn a while back, a person asking if they should get their Masters or even PHD to advance at their company was ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED by a number of respondents in HR.

The said in 2008, employers would rather hire newly minted BA and BS graduates with the latest knowledge, pay them cheap, and "mold" them to their liking instead of paying more for higher education or experience.

I'm having to create my own "perfect job" and hope it succeeds quickly enough to at least keep a roof over my head.

So with respect, I have to say that while there is a job out there for pretty much anyone willing to work...pick and pack warehouse jobs are big in South Dallas, the PERFECT job.... one that will not only bring measurable ROI to your employer but give you the personal and professional perfect satisfaction? Especially in today's economy? I don't think so.


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Mrs. Unloadingzone
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