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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sen. Hutchison Introduces $500 Million Border Law Enforcement Legislation

Texas U.S. Senator and hopefully the next Governor of Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison released the following Press Release today. It would establish a Dept. of Justice Grant Program for border communities endangered by narcoterrorism.

With Mexican narcoterrorists already carrying out assassinations on the American side of the border, I hope her colleagues realize the severity of the situation and her legislation becomes law.

One only has to look to the chaos and killing in Mexico as the drug cartels fight for the "best" smuggling routes to bring their drugs into the United States, how it has moved steadily northward and now has actually broached American soil to see a very ugly potential future.

As to where the $500 million comes from? Ron Paul's one really good idea: accept the Cold War is over, close our 160 bases overseas, bring our troops home, and save a trillion dollars a year.

Let the United Nations and the rest of the world supply and pay for it's own police and military forces. It's not, and never really has been, America's responsibility or in most cases, been in our best interests to do so. And now we just plain can't afford it. Lets end Pax America and use the savings FOR America.

While I cringe at the $500 million price tag, what is that compared to the, what is it, $10 billion of dollars we spend every MONTH on Iraq and Afghanistan alone? Her plan is needed and should be supported.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), today filed legislation that would create a $500 million grant funding program at the U.S. Department of Justice with a direct focus on helping border communities fight narcoterrorism.

“Our border law enforcement personnel are under assault and the Congress must provide the funding they need,” said Sen. Hutchison. “Federal funding for combating narcotics trafficking must focus on the communities along the border that are on the frontlines.”

The Border Law Enforcement Relief Act of 2008 will create and authorize $100 million for each of the 2009-2013 fiscal years in federal grant funding, with two-thirds designated for border communities within 100 miles of the northern and southern borders. One-third of the grant funding will be designated for law enforcement agencies across the country that are affected by border-related criminal activity.

Funding from these grants could be used to obtain equipment, upgrade technology, hire additional personnel, and cover overtime and transportation costs associated with criminal activity along the border.

In May Sen. Hutchison secured $100 million in federal funding for domestic law enforcement in the Senate version of the Supplemental Appropriations bill, but the funding was removed during a conference with the House.

Also today, Sen. Hutchison sent a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman and Ranking Member (and the subcommittee of jurisdiction’s Chairman and Ranking Member) asking that $100 million be added to the second Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill ($85 million for domestic law enforcement and $15 million to fund Project Gun Runner).

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