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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Epson CX6000: STILL the worst printer on the planet!

I usually put a picture or a logo at the top of my Blog articles on the subject I'm writing about. Don't look for one here. I know my Blog is not the most attractive out there, but I refuse to insult it with the Epson logo or a picture of my piece of garbage CX6000.

Long-time readers of The Unloadingzone (or if you're new, do a search or check the Table of Contents to the right) know the on-going battle I've had with this printer. Yes, I know I should have bought a color laser printer but I was trying to be responsible fiscally speaking and don't do that much printing (then).

I blame Best Buy to some extent, because for 35 minutes as I patently waited and read the specs off of different boxes, the Best Buy I was in could not locate ANYONE knowledgeable on printers. Apparently "he" was out to lunch.

So against my better judgement as I'd had a Canon Inkjet for years with no problems...but the Epson was 1. on sale and 2. cooler looking, I bought the Epson CX6000.

See my previous posts for the nightmare THAT purchase became......over and over again.

But lets move to today. Having resigned myself to being forced into buying their overpriced DuraBrite ink, I'd use the printer, sell a pint of blood when the ink got low, and go buy more.

One (I thought) advantage the Epson had over the Canon was that each color was individually replaceable. If I ran out of Cyan, I wouldn't have to throw out a whole cartridge with different color inks still available: I could just replace the Cyan.

I went through this cycle one or twice, and while biting my lip at the price and frequency, printed on. Until this month.

Three weeks ago I ran out of Black Ink. Changing the ink is easy: press a button, lift the cover, gently remove the old cartridge and snap in the new one. Cake!

Except this time, when I tried to print, half the lines were missing, the border alternated between green and was unreadable.

I went through the whole re-align the print-head routine which prints out an odd looking grid, tells you to pick the line that looks most uniform (the lines are not numbered) and enter the non-existent number into the printer. After you do so, it picks another number it likes anyway and goes through the whole thing again.

Eventually, and I REALLY don't know how, it just started working. So on I went.

Last week, it told me I was out of Cyan. I checked my ink levels, and sure enough, Cyan was empty, Black was half way down, and the other colors were almost full. I carefully installed the Cyan cartridge.

And when I went to print, have the lines were missing, the colors were off....same as last time. I realigned the print-heads but this time it didn't get better. I decided to clean the print nozzles and selected that option.

That's when my LATEST nightmare with this printer started. It told me I didn't have enough ink and brought up the ink level screen.

SUDDENLY, the two colors that were just full were now EMPTY, the NEW Cyan Cartridge was a quarter of the way down, and my Blank ink was EMPTY !!!!!!!!!!!

I took out each cartridge, carefully gave it a little shake, re-installed it, re-aligned the heads, and it STILL said I was out of ink!!!!

THAT'S IT! I'm am NOT going out and buy a whole new set of Durabrite ink cartridges to see if that fixes the problem. I'm not even going to risk that the "compatible cartridge" issue has been resolved. I'm not spending ONE MORE CENT of this Epson piece of garbage.

I'll use it as a scanner and print on my wife's CANON ink jet printer until I can find the right deal on a color laser like I should have in the first place.

Send it back to Epson for service? The postage costs more than a refurbished CX6000.....with ink!

When I get my color laser, you will see either a last picture or a link to a You Tube video where I smash the Epson cx6000 over and over until it's just a pile of tiny fragments and dust.

And in the meantime; buyer beware: don't buy ANYTHING Epson makes, ESPECIALLY printers. That's MY experience. Oh, and thanks alot, Epson.

Sincerely, Mr.Unloadingzone

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hpski said...

Oh "brother"! The brother MFC-3220C is an unmitigated P.O.S. The electronics, merely by observation of its responses (or lack of)to command functions, are a grade A cluster F! More satisfying than returning it will be to video its destruction with a forged steel axe, posting it on YouTube. I recommend staying away from anything made by this company.

Anonymous said...

Hoo haw. Yeah, i feel your pain, I found cheaper catridges, but about 1/4 of them don't work. I have two, fresh, out of the box black cartridges that aren't recognized b this damn machine.

And let's not forgget that all the other "cool" features are disabled while the ink is out: no card reading, no scanning, etc.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Anonymous!

I finally gave up a while back and bought a Samsung CLP-315 color laser for myself and a Canon MFC-4150 multifunction mono-laser for my wife. Neither one of us has run out of toner yet. The Canon can be a little finicky at times but the Samsung hums right along, prints great and I really like it so far.

Yes there is an odor when it prints but so what? I would have gone through 50 ink cartridges by now with the stupid Epson. The toner for the Canon is under $40 and all four toners for the Samsung are under $150.

Your comment has reignited my disgust and anger at Epson however.

My CX-6000 is sitting over my Samsung. Right now it has a bunch of crap on top of it, but I kept it hooked up in case I need to scan anything.

I DID NOT KNOW the Card Reader AND Scanner were disabled when it was out of ink !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THOSE LOUSY BASTARDS!!!! Imagine if I had a critical project and needed to scan something in. I would have been screwed (again)!!

Tomorrow is Garbage Day. My first thought was to destroy it in the driveway, take pictures of it's bloody remains, and be done with it once and for all.

Then I thought maybe I should donate it charity.......NOT! That would be a cruel joke to play on some needy person who would have to choose between food and Epson INK!

If I wake up in time tomorrow, I'm going to murder my CX-6000. If I over-sleep, then next Garbage Day!

I paid for that stupid piece of crap CX-6000: I didn't rent it!

WHO does Epson think they are disabling the Scanner and Card Reader unless I pay the Toll and put their insanely priced, only print 20 copies, proprietary INK CARTRIDGES in it??????

I PAID for the Scanner and Card Reader! They are MINE! Who the HELL do they think they are!!!!!!

The ink was bad enough. This is just TOO much. It can't be legal. I smell a class action law suit!!!

Hmmm. Maybe I better just put the inferior, worst printer on the market made by the worst and most arrogant company on the planet up in the attic for now........

Thanks for the info!


Mr. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"