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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Think disaster can't happen to you?

"I once considered myself immune to destitution - until I became destitute" is how radio commentator Rawlins Gilliland began his "too close to home" opinion piece in the Dallas Morning News today.

You owe it to yourself to force yourself to read it. Because in these economic times, there by the grace of God go you.

I've talked a lot about the economy lately; stop the lies: we ARE and have been in Recession and could actually be heading for the biggest financial collapse since The Great Depression.

Thanks to the Federal Reserve, the 7 by 24 by 365 the Treasury Dept. spends printing new worthless dollars, a half Trillion Dollar Deficit, a President who wants to spend even MORE in Iraq, a Congress that's been completely fiscally irresponsible, Presidential candidates whose solution for everything is "spend MORE worthless money", 13 to 18 million illegal aliens receiving "free" health care, education, driving without licenses or insurance, gasoline prices skyrocketing.........real income down: It could VERY easily happen to you.

Gilliland only tells half the story. Then there's the human side. The constant stress, the constant stream of stress hormones, the emotional and psychological damage which sometimes never heals, the strain on the family. It can be devastating.

And it's happening to more upper middle class and above than ever before. We're not talking about the vagrant on the street: we're talking about people who used to make 6 figures: downsized corporate executives, companies collapsing and taking their whole employee base with them....all in one of the worst economic times for the United States since 1929.

Read the article. I'll bet you know at least one person who fits in this category. And then pray it doesn't happen to you.

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