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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Insurance Options for Texans by Rep. Ken Paxton

In this day of ever-skyrocketing health-care premiums and deductibles, ever-falling coverage, and ever larger profits for the health insurance industry, it's nice to know Texans actually DO have some options.

The below is from my good email friend State Representative Ken Paxton and his publication "Capitol Steps". It's valuable information for those people/groups he lists as qualifying.

Of course I never saw it in the mainstream press. I had no idea about the COBRA Federal and Texas extensions. It's too late for me now, but maybe not for you, the reader.

Thanks, Ken, for keeping us informed on this critical, often talked about, but never resolved issue.

From Rep. Ken Paxton's "Capitol Steps", May 2nd 2008

This week, the Texas Department of Insurance announced that its Texas Health Options website ( has been updated and enhanced to provide consumers with a comprehensive resource to use when shopping for health coverage. Estimates indicate that one in four Texans are without insurance, primarily because of insurance costs and an inability to find coverage.

This website is designed to help consumers learn about coverage options, compare and price these options, and find an agent to assist in the process. Information on the website is placed into one of eight categories, each dedicated to a different type of consumer. These consumer profiles include the following:

· Parent or guardian;
· Person with a disability or uninsurable medical condition;
· College Student;
· Individual;
· Senior;
· Unemployed;
· Small business employer; and
· Mid-sized or large employer.

The website offers a search option for consumers to find a list of insurance agents selling health insurance in their area. There is also a health issue page to educate consumers about various medical conditions.

The Health Compare page offers various tools for consumers to compare prices and features of various health plans and providers. This page also offers tips for finding affordable and qualified providers and directs consumers to the appropriate agencies for filing complaints against a provider.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) regulates the insurance industry in Texas. The Department encourages company competition to make insurance available and affordable. The Department also educates consumers to help them make well-informed decisions regarding insurance. For more information about this agency, please visit

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