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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Frisco Mayoral Loser and Ex-City Council Member Matt Lafata NOW Subject of STATE Ethics Charges!

Poor Matt Lafata: First he's term-limited off Frisco City Council, runs for Mayor and loses by a historic 77%.

He's hit with Frisco City Ethics violation charges, the most serious still pending.

Then people, possibly for the first time, start digging into Matt Lafata, and information on a history including lawsuits, property liens, and things (and pictures) I will NOT discuss in polite company.

He went Chapter 7 Bankrupt in 2005 claiming an income of only $30,000 with a wife and three children. Then he dumps the wife, marries his Campaign Manager (who was married at the time too) and buys a $500,000 mansion in 2007.

Poor Matt Lafata?

We will see as the investigations are JUST BEGINNING.

And NOW he is being investigated by the Texas State Ethics Commission for MULTIPLE violations of Texas Campaign Finance Laws. And this is only the FIRST complaint to be acted upon by the Texas State Ethics least one more is waiting to be processed and word on the street is a number are being written as we speak. And other actions are the works as well.

Will this election never end for Matt Lafata? Will he actually go through with his "subtle" hints that he's going to RUN AGAIN for Public Office next year? Will this guy NEVER get the hint?

Poor, poor (although apparently suddenly pretty well off financially) Matt Lafata. It's a saga beyond belief, and I fear far from over.

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