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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maher Maso Endorsed by Frisco Mayor Mike Simpson!

Frisco, TX: In an early morning election day email, outgoing Frisco Mayor Mike Simpson, wife Sandy, and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Joyner emailed a strong endorsement of Maher Maso for Mayor of Frisco.

Maso's many, many endorsements include both newspapers of record, The Former Mayors of Frisco, the CCAR, and more.

This is a big blow to of Maso's opponent, Matt Lafata. Lafata has landed few endorsements and is struggling for credibility, after having to fight two Frisco Campaign Ethics Violations and just yesterday, a State Ethics Violation was filed against Lafata.

Maso is clearly the superior of the two candidates in terms of experience, knowledge and accomplishments, but Lafata, a marketing professional, has packaged himself very nicely and there are 40,000 new residents in Frisco since the last election.

he Unloading Zone is predicting a Maso victory, but it will be closer than a lot of veterans originally thought, despite all the negative news on Lafata.

Early voter turnout in Frisco was extremely high and today is Election Day. Maso supporters who haven't voted yet or who have friends that haven't voted need to get everyone out to the polls to vote for Maso.

A win is not good enough. With the string of embarrassing revelations concerning Lafata, the City of Frisco needs to demonstrate that it values ethics, integrity, and substance over a professionally orchestrated Lafata persona

The entire Region and the State of Texas is watching.

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