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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Frisco Resident Receives Major General Strom Thurmond Award

The Reserve Officers Association of the United States announced (ROA): "Captain Timothy H. (Tim) Nelson, U.S. Army Reserve, has received the prestigious ROA Major General Strom Thurmond Award: presented to the country’s U.S. Army Reserve outstanding junior officer of the year." Only one Reserve Officer each year receives this high honor.

Nelson, a 9 year resident of Frisco, TX is also running for Frisco City Council Seat 5. Early voting is already in progress and the election is May 10th, 2008.

The reason I'm talking about this (because it's my Blog and I only talk about what interests me) is that Tim Nelson possesses, among other valuable assets, the integrity and especially the courage to stand up to the larger government entities and fight for Frisco.

His long and distinguished military service also shows a man strong on Ethics, something needed in greater quantity in government in general, but in Texas and, in some cases, in Frisco as well.

As you will read in the article below (click: read more), Tim Nelson brings a lot of knowledge, valuable experience, and integrity to the table and, as worthy all 4 candidates for Frisco City Council Place 5 may be, Tim really stands out as the type of leader and man of ethics and courage Frisco needs going into the future.

That's why he interests me and that's why I voted for him. He is someone I trust to stand up to special interests and protect Frisco's interests.

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