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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why You Should Vote for Maher Maso; Frisco Mayors Race

Long-time Frisco resident Cheri Russell gives her perspective. Click on Read More after my comments for Cheri's very insightful and important views at the end of my comments.
I am go to take the liberty of prefacing Cheri's comments with my own, because it's my Blog.

Over 40,000 new voters are living in Frisco since the last election. They never saw the Maso accomplishments. They need to hear about them.

Tough times are ahead: we're in a recession. It is absolutely critical that the best possible candidates are elected, not only in Frisco, but around the country.

When it comes to Mayor, there is only one choice so clear you can't miss it: Maher Maso. The alternative is frightening. But just as frightening are those 40,000 new Frisco residents who don't know Maher Maso, who served for 7 years before running into term limits.

Learn all you can about him. Look at his opponent, Matt Lafata.

VERIFY what they both say they have accomplished.

NOTICE Lafata's lack of endorsements, despite 6 years on the City Council. As opposed to Maher Maso who has ben endorsed by more people than I can fit here. Important people. Important groups. Frisco Citizens.

Maso HAS SUBSTANCE. Lafata, a marketing manager, has Style.

Bill Clinton won on Style but at least he too was a policy wonk (agree or disagree with his policies, at least he understood government).

Lafata demonstrates at public debates time after time he's an empty suit. He even answered, in response to a debate question of why he was running for Mayor, was that because he was being term-limited off the City Council!
Lafata's proposal on a Frisco Arts Center, which he apparently never read in the exhaustive study, would be a financial DISASTER for Frisco, and his cavalier "Lets write off the $19 Million we already spent on the Regional Arts Center" leaves you stunned.

This from a man who went Chapter 7 Bankrupt in 2005 claiming $30K in income who, two years later, bought a $500,000 mansion for he and his new 2nd bride.

Frisco residents, get educated before you vote. Especially our new residents. You don't realize how critical this election is and how even more critical the SUBSTANCE candidate, Maher Maso, is there to guide us through the rough waters ahead.

Lafata has already said publicly that he will raise taxes. Maso, who Chaired the Finance Committee for years, says it's unnecessary.


The truth will become evident very quickly on who YOU NEED and WANT as your next Mayor. And it WILL be Maher Maso.

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