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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon to Speak at Next CFIR Meeting

Citizens for Immigration Reform (CFIR) announced today that Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon will be speaking at their next meeting. Topics will include the Trans-Texas Corridor and the NAFTA Super Highway, immigration, border security and the sovereignty of the United States.

The CFIR Meeting will be held on April 10th at Fellowship Bible Church - 7pm 9330 N. Central Expressway - East side of Central - Park Lane

Oklahoma's recently enacted law heavily penalizing Employers for hiring illegal aliens is holding up against challenges and may be a major part of the blueprint for the States to accomplish what the Federal Government seems either helpless, uninterested, or actually unwilling to do: provide for the security of the United States.

Oklahoma's new law is cost effective because, without work, the illegal aliens will leave on their own, costing tax payers nothing. At the same time, if aggressively enforced, employer penalties are so strict that it would simply not be worth the risk of hiring illegals.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security is tied in knots over jurisdiction, "illegal alien rights" and spending millions to accomplish very little.

Slowly but surely, other States and municipalities are coming up with creative ways to encourage illegal aliens to leave or force them if they won't. Ways finally that activist judges, the ACLU, the mainstream media, Washington politicians and other pro-illegal migrant groups can't overturn.

According to City and State Legislators across the nation, despite the damper the mainstream press is attempting to put on the issue, there continues to be a groundswell of support by the majority of Americans to reverse the illegal immigrant tide.

The frustration with Federal in-action and the anger as the problem of illegal immigration grows by 10,000 per day is, as one official put it, "a simmering pot rising to a boil, just waiting to explode."

This issue is not going away, especially by issuing illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses as Mr. Obama is in favor of. States like Oklahoma coming up with common sense, cost effective, lawsuit-resistant laws will.

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