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Friday, April 18, 2008

Matt Lafata Ethics Scandal Continues to Grow in Frisco, TX

Frisco TX Mayoral candidate Matt Lafata's keeps making news, but not the type I'm sure his campaign is happy about. This story broke nine days ago on Citizen Journalism site and has now spread to the mainstream media:

The Frisco Enterprise Star published a front page story by Ann Marie Shambaugh entitled "Former City Council Member Files 2 Complaints against Mayoral Candidate".

This after a Dallas Morning News reporter blew the story off as a "smear". Wonder how he feels about getting "scooped" now?

What's fascinating about the whole Matt Lafata story is that it's like getting a close-up view of what we read about in Washington visa-vie political scandals. How the Complaints will play out will be interesting to see, but one thing that even Matt Lafata admitted: he's got some skeletons in his closet. I wonder if any more are going to fall out?

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Anonymous said...

Matt Lafata was also involved in a company called FriscoWare. Matt was president and involved in it with Tim Riley. Both scammed many people by getting them to invest in a company with no hopes of any money ever being retuned to any of them. Many have lost thousands of dollars in this scam. You can google FriscoWare and find this out on your own. I am one of these that lost almost $20,000 to these two crooks. I only lost a small amount compared to others. DO NOT vote for Matt Lafata.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Regarding the above, I'm calling it an allegation until I can (or someone can email me) substantiating information.

The charge is so serious I don't want to let it sit without this qualification, especially as the author is anonymous.

I thank the poster for passing it on, and if it can be substanciated, then action should be taken much further than a blog comment.

So for now, at least, it is an allegation.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Accept the part about NOT voting for Matt Lafata, of course.

Maher Maso for Mayor of Frisco!

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"