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Saturday, April 26, 2008

2AM Alcohol Causes Controversy at Final Candidate Forum....

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Joyner not only made the case against raising drinking hours in Frisco, TX to 2AM, but embarrassed Mayoral Candidate Matt Lafata by demonstrating Lafata really didn't understand the voter referendum Lafata himself was supporting.

More and more, Lafata (pictured) is proving strong in style but weak in substance. A series of recent gaffs makes evident Joyner's verification that Lafata spends most Council Sessions blogging or working on his newsletters.

This may explain why, when each Council Member has a computer build into their desk, Lafata is always seen banging away on his personal laptop, connected to the internet via the free hotspot the City Library down the hall provides.

As Maher Maher, Lafata's opponent pointed out to Lafata'a further embarrassment during closing in statements, In the 6 years Matt Lafata has been on the Frisco City Council, NOT ONCE has he ever testified at a Country, Regional, State, or Federal agency, committee or other governmental entity. NOT ONCE.

Contrast this to Maher Maso's enormous track record of representing Frisco around the State, and Lafata could only hang his head.

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