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Monday, March 31, 2008

Citizen Journalism, Micro-Publishing, and Local Politics

Those interested in the Citizen Journalism are aware of the success of the site OhMyNews out of South Korea, that is widely credited with influencing the outcome of South Korean presidential elections in 2002.

Since we thought we had a "Free Press" in the United States, Blogging and Forums are big here.But in Frisco, Texas; Citizen Journalism complements of seems to be slowly catching on because of the major local elections being held on May 10, 2008.

But recently, someone running for City Council in Lewisville, TX was interviewed by a Citizen Journalist. Awareness is beginning. Someday, Frisco may be remembered as the City where Citizen Journalism first took root in the United States.

This is a fascinating article by the Founder and CEO of, the only true Citizen Journalism site on the internet, as they have no editorial control. This truly may be an article; and a CJ News Site, that history will look back on as visionary.

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