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Sunday, March 9, 2008

$4 a Gallon Gas & I'm Supposed to Care About Polar Bears?

I've received a lot of Spam e-mails in my time as have all of you. But this one was just so RIDICULOUS that I have to share it with you. I'm intentionally leaving in their hyperlinks so you can see this site for yourself if you choose; kind of like watching a train-wreck.

Or if you disagree with my opinion, you can sign their petition: over 38,000 have, according to them, and I find that not only amazing, but absolutely frightening.

Because of rabid so-called environmentalists, not only is the United States dependent for the majority of it's oil on foreign sources, but have lobbied through so many regulatory restrictions, that it's practically impossible to build a new oil refinery or nuclear power plant (it's been 30 years!). Meanwhile the hated (by me) French use nuclear energy to provide 80% of their electricity.

There are a lot of other factors: oil company greed, coal mining interests, and the fortunes of other industries that play into our dependence on foreign oil. And because of it, we have to expend trillions of taxpayer dollars on trying to maintain stability in the middle east; or fighting their wars for them if that fails.

Because of that, we have to tolerate massive state-sponsored illegal immigration from Mexico for fear of PEMEX cutting off Mexican oil supplies to the United States.

We have HUGE reserves of oil in the Gulf of Mexico (environmentalists and their lawyers stopped that), off the coast of California (the Hollywood elite stopped that: they didn't want their home's ocean views marred with the sight of oil derricks), and the Alaskan people are BEGGING the Federal Government to allow oil drilling in the "pristine wilderness" (which can also be described as "desolate, useless, wasteland"). Again, the rabid environmentalists, 99% of which have never even been to Alaska, have up until this point stopped.

They ALL don't understand this is not the 1970's anymore. Thanks to primarily Japan but Europe too, Nuclear Power Plants are cookie-cutter constructions now. Each one does not have to painstakingly custom designed from the ground up. And they're a lot safer than 30 YEARS AGO.

Oil drilling technology has also advanced by leaps in the last 30 years. But these so-called environmentalists still live in the past. They won't look at or talk about the advances of the past 30 years. $4/gallon gasoline in the US doesn't bother them: they wish it was $15/gal so that NO ONE could drive and the air would be "clean".

Do you know where 90% of all the methane in the atmosphere comes from? Cow Flatulence! Scientifically proven, undisputed. So why aren't they advocating killing all the cows?

Gas never will reach $15/gal though. Once gasoline has reached a price that is just too unaffordable, Big Mega-Corporations will go down to the vaults in their basements and blow the dust off all the no-oil energy solutions they've been buying up from independent inventors over the years and introduce them.

Because they'll have made all the money they can on oil, and now it's time to make money on it's replacement. Do you REALLY think the story of the 100 mile per gallon carburetor developed 20 or 30 years ago which was purchased and buried by big oil is REALLY an "urban myth"?

Do you REALLY think in the 60 years since the first atomic bomb was dropped, all of the scientists on the entire planet have been unable to develop a fusion-powered reactor: completely clean, no radioactivity, and it runs off of water? Are we THAT Stupid?

But back to my Spam e-mail, the appeal to prevent drilling in Alaska that over 38,000 lemmings have already signed is to save.....the Polar Bear. Last time, it was the Caribou.

Frankly, if it opens up huge reserves of oil, I don't care if the Polar Bear AND the Caribou go the way of the Carrier Pigeon. We've survived just fine without Carrier Pigeons.

HERE'S THE BIG PLEA: Big Oil doesn't need the Arctic Refuge - polar bears do. Urge Congress to act immediately to protect the Arctic Refuge from drilling forever!

No, we don't need the billions of barrels of oil from the Arctic Refuge. It's more important that the Polar Bears have a place to romp and play.....or do they mean what that statement LITERALLY says, which is Polar Bears need the OIL more than the Oil Companies? You can never be sure with these folks. DO THESE PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING IN THE REAL WORLD?????

Why not move the Polar Bears to the SOUTH POLE and everyone wins? Short of that, just go shoot the damn things: what value does a Polar Bear bring to the world anyway? Kids like the cute stuffed ones, but the real thing will rip your head off in a second.

HERE'S THEIR SECOND ARGUMENT: Please act now to protect the Arctic Refuge forever from toxic oil drilling !

Note the use of the word "toxic". Wake Up, Tree Huggers: Oil drilling has become much cleaner and environmentally friendly in the last 30 years!

And finally, their CALL TO ACTION: Polar bears can't take much more abuse. Urge Congress to act immediately to keep the Bush administration's oily hands off the Arctic Refuge!

I wasn't aware Polar Bears were taking ANY abuse: The Oil Companies aren't drilling there because they're not allowed to. I haven't read one story about Alaskans beating Polar Bears. What the heck are they talking about?

And how do they know they entire Bush administration has "oily hands"? Maybe they just have oily skin? I'm sure they wash their hands. Is that remark supposed to be "clever"?

Here's the BOTTOM LINE: WE, Human Beings, are the Dominant Species on the Planet! Whatever benefits us is GOOD. I don't care about Polar Bears, which aren't even good to eat, from what I understand. We Need Oil. The Alaskan People want us up there drilling. End of Story.

As Promised, here's the text of their Spam e-mail, complete with hyperlinks. Go take a walk on the CRAZY, WACKED-OUT, LIVING in a FANTASY UTOPIA, wild-side....if you think your stomach can stand it or you have absolutely nothing better to do!


the Bush Administration from Destroying the Arctic Refuge

The noise and disturbance of drilling could cause mother polar bears to abandon their cubs.
Forward to a friend >>Read the petition >>
Hi friend,The Bush administration's assault on polar bears and their Arctic home is mounting.In his 2009 budget proposal, President Bush has once again called for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling by 2010. Please act now to protect the Arctic Refuge forever from toxic oil drilling »By now you've probably heard the bleak news: scientists predict America's polar bears could go extinct in 50 years.But drilling in the Arctic Refuge is not the solution to our nation's energy problems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy's own Energy Information Administration, oil from the Arctic Refuge would have little or no impact on oil prices.Big Oil doesn't need the Arctic Refuge - polar bears do. Urge Congress to act immediately to protect the Arctic Refuge from drilling forever!Protecting the Arctic Refuge has never been so critical. Even with a pending decision on protecting polar bears under the Endangered Species Act, the Arctic Refuge is the most important on-shore denning habitat for our declining polar bears.Polar bears can't afford to lose this land to oil drilling... or wait for the Bush Administration to protect this special place.Polar bears can't take much more abuse. Urge Congress to act immediately to keep the Bush administration's oily hands off the Arctic Refuge!

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DB said...

Get a clue: we're dependent on foreign oil because American's use 25% of the world's oil and we, as a country, possess only 3 percent of the world's proven oil and gas reserves. It has nothing to do with your so called "rabid environmentalists" who merely want to leave a little of god's creation behind for future generations.

More drilling will never be the solution. The Refuge represents merely one more fix for an addicted country.

It has far more to do with people like you who cloud the discussion with your drivel, fed to you by oil companies and their propaganda groups. WAKE UP and try reading through their lies.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

For the sake of argument and lack of time, I'll accept your figures.

Drilling ALONE will never be the fix. Then it comes to generating electricity and heat, we should be making a concerted effort to build as many nuclear power plants as possible. The so-called "clean" coal alternative, as you probably know better than I, is a farce.

Oil shortages are rising, not because of American consumption, but of Chinese and Indian consumption. Couple that with the fact the dollar is becoming worthless, and we need EVERY drop of oil we can get, domestically and foreign.

Our entire transportation infrastructure is built around the automobile and highways. That is not going to's too deeply ingrained in the American mindset.

If the price of oil/gasoline rises too high, The United States will suffer, not a recession, but a Depression and take the rest of the world which owns the majority of our debt with it.

If you want to be humane, move the polar bears to the South Pole...the inter-breeding will probably help the species.

Otherwise, wake up to the REAL world where Big Oil, Big Business, and the Military/Industrial complex dictate Reality. Are they lies? Irrelevant.

Washington isn't going to do ANYTHING, regardless of which party is in power.

Like it or not, you have to live in the REAL world, and in the real world, Polar Bears rank about 0% in this discussion. They are disposable: the Human World Economy is not.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"